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Are you, or someone you love, in need of holistic healing and wellness?

If so, you are in the right place. Welcome! This site is a rich source of no-nonsense, reliable, easy-to-follow holistic healing information and techniques designed to help you improve your physical health and renew your spirit whether you are ill or keeping yourself well.

No matter what your situation, I want you to really know, to really believe, that there is always hope. When your mind and body are nourished with what they need, and what harms them is taken away, you can feel better. You can get well. This I know from personal experience. Don't  give up. It doesn't matter how you got in the condition you're in, what matters is that today is a new day and you can make a new choice starting today. 

And, yes I know, by choice or not...

A single word has the power to change your life.

You know those words: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus. Words like those strike fear in your heart. They threaten your quality of life and possibly life itself. Sometimes the treatments are even scarier than the disease.

Those aren't the only words that shake you up and turn your life upside down. You know those words too - death, divorce, downsizing, loss.

Maybe your words rise up and call from within. Emotions and feelings long pushed down shout in your head, demanding to be heard. You tell yourself something has to give, to change. You can't go on like this.

Although these words appear very different, they are in ways very much the same. They make it clear, often in an instant, that like it or not, life as you know it will never be the same. And like it or not, to get better, you and your life have to change. With that realization comes feelings of stress and fear and pain from deep inside.

There is good news.

As scary, shocking and painful as times of upheaval are, when navigated consciously they can open doors leading to profound holistic healing and transformation. If you have ever heard survivors say that cancer or divorce was the best thing that ever happened to them, this is what they were talking about.

When the wake up call comes, it rouses you from your comfort zone and places you at a crossroad that demands choice and action.

Ultimately, only you get to choose your path.

Do you fight change and stick your head in the sand? Do you follow a road of bitterness or give up?

Or do you choose the road of opportunity and holistic wellness by design?

If holistic healing is your choice, you are in the right place.

Know that you do have the power to influence your health and your life for the better. Know that you are not alone. Know you do not have to stay stuck. Know that you do not have to be 'perfect'. All of life, including how well you take care of yourself, is a journey of meandering paths. And when you lose your way, no matter how often, you can always find it again. 

The beauty of life is that each moment brings new gifts and new beginnings.

The first step is to take a deep breath. Reorient yourself. Prepare for your mind body healing journey. Take another deep breath. Yes, there will be twists and turns and bumps along the way. It's okay.

I'm here to tell you it is so worth it.

As you progress on the path of holistic wellness you will hear and tell yourself affirming words, maybe for the first time in a long time. The past cannot change, but words like healing, joy, acceptance, love, peace, compassion, serenity, wellness, and bliss can become your present and future reality.

You may be very pleasantly surprised to realize that progress can happen with less struggle, more ease, and greater joy than you ever thought possible.

Holistic Mindbody Healing is here to help.

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The course was great! It's fantastic having things presented in this way. I'm 50, and growing up this kind of holistic living wasn't on the table. Steak, vegetables and antibiotics were all I knew until the past few years. I've been so search for answers led me to your site. Thank god, I love your site. All the info I get is helping me learn daily and fast!! Im so grateful...Thanks again.

Then continue reading Holistic Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit Health

May you be blessed with joy, peace

and a renewed sense of hope and purpose

on your holistic healing journey.

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Welcome! I'm Val Silver and I'm so happy you're here. Please take your time, look around, perhaps sip some tea while reading the articles and watching a video. I've done my best to make this site a rich source of reliable, no-nonsense, easy-to-follow holistic wellness information and techniques. I hope you enjoy it and that you feel a bit better in mind and spirit for having visited. Do come again!

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Hi Val! I just came across your web site a couple days ago and I absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing so many important and life changing ways to benefit body, mind and spirit. Brook

This is a wonderful site with so many opportunities to bring about change...I can't wait to finish reading and learning all there is here. I felt when I found your site, it was meant to be. Sharon

I like the site a great deal. It is very easy to understand. Cool information and well written! Dr. Tina Medina, Wise Writers and Speakers

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