Earth Energy Healing

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"Mother, hold this one."

These earth energy healing words were taught me in an advanced therapeutic touch intensive several years ago. As someone who feels at peace when connected to the earth, the words of this prayer resonate with me. Even today, I whisper this request to Mother Earth when grounding myself or as part of offering healing to someone else.

Grounding from an energy healing perspective is connecting to the energy of the earth. The earth supports us and holds us strong. This is an important part of the body mind centering prayer and healing methods of certain energy healing traditions. You become fully present in your body while opening to healing earth and cosmic energies. 

In addition to grounding as part of energy healing, you can use grounding techniques that will literally ground you (like your house is grounded). This is the other meaning of grounding. If you stand with your bare feet on the earth or touch a living tree with your hands, you ground automatically.

In the days before rubber-soled shoes, we were connected to the earth through our bare feet. Do yourself a favor and let the healing earth take the built-up static electricity and toxic gasses from your body by grounding at least a few minutes every day. If bare ground or wet grass is unavailable, put your hands on a tree.  Touch it with your bare skin, even with just one finger. You can also touch a metal pole secured in the earth or stand on unsealed concrete.

For earthing indoors, grounding mats and bed sheets are available. It is healthful to be grounded as much as possible, especially if you are ill. Use an earthing mat if you are touching plugged in electronics for long periods of time. They pass a lot of voltage into your body. When you are grounded, it will pass right through you into the earth.

Earth Energy Healing Grounding Techniques

Try this earth energy healing technique if you are feeling stressed, spacy, anxious or have a headache. It is good for times when you are too much in your head or have built up too much energy. Once you are familiar with the process, it only takes a few seconds to feel a shift.

1. Stand and just take a moment to notice how you feel. Do you feel like you have more 'weight' at your head than in the lower half of your body?  

Another way to get a sense of where you are holding your energy is to ask, "Could someone easily push or pull me over? Would it be easy to move me from this spot?  

If the answer to either question is yes, this is a good exercise for you. If no, you can try it anyway. What happens may surprise you.

2. Now close your eyes and bring your attention to your feet. Imagine that you have big strong roots growing down from your feet. See these roots extending deep into the earth, even to its core.

Imagine your energy going down into the earth. Feel the energy cord between you and the earth. Focus on the roots anchoring you to the earth.

This step is often part of the body mind centering prayer. Once you are familiar with the process, it is really the only step you need to do.

3. Notice: How do you feel now? Would it be as easy to push or pull you over? Do you feel more centered, or grounded?

Mindfulness-based stress reduction exercises also help you ground.

There is more to earth energy healing than grounding. Just as you can send energy down into the earth, you can bring healing earth energy into yourself.

When I was learning to do energy work, I was taught to bring in energy from the cosmos, but it always seemed more natural to me to bring it up from the earth. It also feels very natural to bring cosmic energy in through the top of the head and earth energy up through the feet at the same time. They mingle together at the heart chakra.

To receive earth energy healing, visualize drawing up energy from the earth through your imaginary roots. Don't try to force it, just set the intention and let it flow. Nothing can be forced in this work. 

Another way to do this is to lean against a tree (or put your hands on it) and receive healing energy from the tree. Ask the tree to share some of the energy  it draws from the earth, as well as the energy it draws from the sun to help you heal.

earth energy healing

Whether you are drawing energy directly from the earth, or from its crystals, plants or trees, have an attitude of receiving, not taking. Try this little experiment. Say, I take. Sense how that feels in your mind and body. Then say, I receive, and sense that. Very different, yes? 

Offer gratitude to the earth and the trees for taking care of you and supporting you. 

Now it's your turn to heal the earth. This is the other meaning of earth energy healing. You receive and you offer. 

  1. Repeat the body mind centering prayer or other grounding techniques if you need to reground.
  2. Take a moment to really feel sincere, heart-felt gratitude for the healing earth.  
  3. Receive energy from the cosmos. Let it gather in your heart, then offer it to the earth through your hands.  Offer energy to your healing tree.

You cannot do earth energy healing wrong. Your intention is more important than your technique.

Have no worries that you will lose energy as you give to the earth. As long as you are sharing this gift from a place of love, you always receive more than you give, even as you are giving it.

Here is my request of Mother Earth for your healing. Let the words sink in.

"Mother, hold this one."

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