EFT Tapping for Emotional Freedom

The emotional freedom technique, or EFT tapping, has become an immensely popular tool for healing damaged emotions, easing pain, shifting limiting beliefs, improving performance, relieving stress and more. 

It is s a very flexible healing tool that can be tried for just about everything.

EFT is one of my very favorite energy flow techniques because quite frankly, it works!

It is amazing how you can feel freed of so much emotional baggage, often in only one session. I know from my own experience that using eftapping consistently for myself has helped me release the stress and energetic disruption around situations that trouble me for years.  As my energetic patterns were brought into balance and harmony, feelings of deep inner peace replaced my negative feelings and stress.

It's a total joy for me to also help others move from tears to laughter, sometimes within minutes, as they experience a balancing of their energy fields. I love to hear them say,

"I can't believe I'm laughing about this!"

EFT Tapping Points and Sequence

This illustration shows the locations of the shortcut EFT tapping points on the face and upper body.

Other points on the sides of the fingernails, inside of the wrists and ankles, and under the breasts may also be used.

The set up statements are said while tapping the karate chop points on the outside of the hand under the little finger or by rubbing the sore spots on the upper chest.

emotional freedom technique

The following short video demonstrates my version of the original EFT basic recipe. Just watch if you like, or agree to take full responsibility for yourself and tap along to experience the EFtapping process for yourself. In this video, I do my best to stay true to the original basic recipe as taught by Gary Craig.

Note: Some concerns require that you be consistent and persistent before noticing a change. You may also want to use a more spontaneous flow of words once you get comfortable with the basics. 

How Does EFT Work? 

The Emotional Freedom Technique was created by Gary Craig as a way to simplify the very effective, but complicated Thought Field Therapy and make it accessible to all. 

This meridian tapping technique is based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, TFT, and Nuero-Linguistic Programming.  It uses EFtapping points on the body and  specific, individualized statements to gently realign the body's energy system and flow, without the needles.

The theory is that negative emotional experiences lodge in the body and disrupt the energy meridians that flow through the body creating disharmony and imbalance. 

When properly applied, the emotional freedom technique affects the energy structures underlying emotions that may create physical conditions and negative feelings. It disconnects the tension and physical discomfort that we attached to the memories, rerealigns the disrupted meridians, and quite often brings relief.

Think of it like a rock in a stream. The water still flows, but it slows or alters its natural course. The physical changes these disruptions may cause, like nausea or anxiety, become attached to the memory of that experience and affect the way we see the world... until we release that disruption. Then you feel relief or your body can naturally heal itself. 

The beauty of the EFT technique is that you can use it on yourself and get really good results, even if you are just learning. 

Sometimes you may have trouble rebalancing your energy flow around an issue yourself. Seeing our own blind spots is just too tricky or a situation is just too difficult for us to navigate by ourselves.

That is when you may benefit from the help of an experienced practitioner. Even experienced EFT practitioners sometimes need a 'tune-up' or a helping hand. Getting help is not a sign of weakness or being flawed. It's a sign that you are empowered and are taking responsibility for your healing. 

New research is showing the effectiveness of eft tapping, and it is gaining acceptance from the conventional medical community.

As this method evolves, experienced practitioners develop new ways to improve and streamline the process. One of my favorites is the Choices method developed by Dr. Carrington. After the energetic charge around an negative emotion is significantly released, a positive choice is added to the set-up statement. For example, "Even though I am afraid of heights, I choose to feel comfortable on the 3rd floor of the building."

Some advanced methods, like Matrix Reimprinting, have you go into the memory and tap on your self in that time and space. Others incorporate inner child work. Energy healing methods combine well with eft tapping, as do other techniques for releasing emotions.

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