Emotional Release Techniques for Mental Healing 

Healing for damaged emotions is possible with the help of emotional release techniques that shift thought patterns interfering with your happiness and well-being. They work wonders for easing painful thoughts and irrational fears whether your memories go back 50 years or a very recent.

Negative, painful emotions keep you in a state of stress cause harm not only to your mental health, but your physical health as well. You cannot enjoy optimal holistic wellness while health harming stress hormones keep you physically and mentally in fright fight mode. Healing mode requires a relaxed, calm mind and body.

An emotional release technique can work for you because it helps free up stuck emotional energy. When a trauma happens, no matter how big or small, its memory can get lodged somewhere in your body. When it is triggered, you get caught in a loop of painful thoughts and distress. As you let go of the emotional pain, a shift often occurs in your thoughts about the incident.  The energy flow is unblocked and so is the distress that accompanied it. You are then free to integrate the memory in a healthy way, or surprisingly even let it fade away, and use that energy for healing, creativity, and purpose.

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Choosing an Emotional Release Technique

Most popular emotional release techniques work well, so you do not have to worry about choosing just the right one. If you are just starting out, choose a few that appeal to you, learn more about them, and sample them.

At first, it is best to choose one to learn better and apply to your emotional challenges. Over time, you can add a variety of techniques to your toolkit. This will serve you well because at different times and with different circumstances you will find yourself resonating with one method over another.

Here is one of my favorite methods for feeling better quickly in the moment. 

This very effective, easy to learn, easy to use method comes to us compliments of Abraham-Hicks.

Using shifting statements works well for changing negative inner talk to more positive thoughts and feelings so you instantly feel better. With daily (or hourly) practice, this process will become almost automatic. As you shift to a better feeling thought, you quickly reduce the stress and limitations you were experiencing because of resistance to what is. With practice over time, your thought patterns will change for the better and you will be less stressed and more open to possibilities.

A better feeling thought is as simple as changing your language. For example, when you find yourself thinking or saying, " This situation is just terrible"  change it to, "All right, we have a challenge here."

One caveat. Lying to yourself will not work. The new thought has to feel better than the old one, yet still ring true. Then, when possible, reach for the next better feeling thought. Perhaps your challenge can now be seen as an opportunity.

One of my favorite shifting statements is one I learned from Abraham-Hicks.

You shift from your negative thought to Wouldn't it be nice if...? For example, instead of saying, "I'm not going to eat any junk today because I'm getting fat" (feel the stress and negativity?) I say, "Wouldn't it be nice if I just ate healthy snacks today?"

Feels better, doesn't it?

As Esther Hicks says in the video below, "Find any reason to feel good."

Send your negative, painful thoughts packing. 

This is another simple technique you can play with. Choose this fun visualization to engage the child in you. Create and image that sends your negative feelings away. For example, imagine removing your negatives from your mind and body and stuffing them in a suitcase. Send them on a long trip, without you. Or turn them into a rocket ship and launch them off. Give them a shape, texture, color and even a sound before releasing them. Engage your senses and a sense of humor if that appeals to you. Bye, bye.

Healing a Painful Past with Emotional Release Techniques

The following emotional release techniques shine in the realm of healing for damaged emotions and releasing stressful, longstanding painful thoughts and memories. Experiment and find what works for you. 

Make one or more of these methods part of your everyday life to clear out old emotional wounds and to deal with new challenges. Some techniques combine beautifully, such as incorporating forgiveness work with EFT.

Note: If you have suffered a serious trauma, it is wise to work with a professional instead of delving in on your own.

Click on the following images to learn more.

Choose meridian tapping and energy flow techniques for in the moment and long standing painful thoughts.

These techniques are becoming increasingly popular because they can bring quick relief when dealing with emotional pain whether from yesterday or old past traumas.

  • The Emotional Freedom Technique is the most well-known of these methods. This is the first emotional release technique I learned, and it is still my personal favorite. I use it for healing emotions reaching back to my childhood, divorce trauma, and to more current limiting beliefs. The rule of thumb for EFT is to try it on everything.
  • The Personal Peace Procedure is an EFT process for shifting limiting beliefs, painful thoughts, and healing negative emotions. Simply take ten minutes or so and make a long list of 50 or more memories that still disturb you. No memory is too big or too small.  Rate the negative charge/feeling of each memory on a scale of 1-10, ten being terribly negative. Commit to using EFT or another emotional release technique on one or two memories a day until you are through with your list. Work with an experienced practitioner for any memories that are too difficult to bring down to zero by yourself.
  • The ZPoint Process for Peace is an effective, gentle, relaxing energy flow technique that is very nice as a guided process.
  • Other emotional release techniques, such as the Sedona Method, Be Set Free Fast, the Tapas Acupressure Technique are also effective. I sometimes use TAT by itself or to take the edge off before tapping. Very comforting.

Practice Forgiveness for yourself and others.

Forgiveness is a great healer. It is sometimes included in other emotional release techniques. I don't know if you can really truly completely heal, physically or mentally, if you do not forgive. The past is gone. The only person you poison with lack of forgiveness is yourself.

Forgiveness is something you do for yourself. The chronic stress and energy drain of holding onto grudges and resentments, no matter how deserved you think they are, will eventually ruin your quality of life and your health.

Shift negative thoughts and emotions with gratitude.  

Gratitude may not sound like an emotional release technique, but it is actually quite effective alone or as part of another process. Catch your negative self-talk and quickly shift to thoughts of gratitude. You will be amazed at how much more peaceful you feel. If you are spiritually minded, you can pray something like this: Thank you for protecting me from that crazy driver. I am so grateful I am safe. OR I don't know why I have to experience this difficult situation, but thank you in advance for helping me through it and for all I will learn and how I will transform my life because of it. 

Try Hypnosis.

Stage antics aside, hypnosis can be an effective emotional release technique. It helps you relax so your subconscious mind accepts suggestions to release painful thoughts and limiting beliefs and to replace them with better feeling thoughts. Visit a certified hypnotherapist or use readily available audios created by a trusted source.

Meditate with the Core Energy Release Technique.

Do you enjoy guided meditation?  If so, you may enjoy the core energy release technique. It helps you let go of the energy of your limiting beliefs and negative emotions. It is a nice way to experience meditation and energy healing while dealing with emotional pain and thoughts that no longer serve your highest good. Try it here:

Keep in mind that releasing a lifetime of emotional pain, limiting beliefs and negative thinking habits is not something that you do once. Even when it only takes one time to release one specific memory, you may have many memories, feelings, and negative thinking patterns waiting to be addressed.

Emotional release techniques play an important role in emotional and mental healing. Used faithfully, they offer healing for damaged emotions. They help you shift unproductive, painful thoughts and create a more positive mental attitude. You will have less stress and more joy and peace. You may even find yourself walking on the sunny side of the street.

What is your favorite way to get rid of negative feelings? Share in the comments below.

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