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Recent Articles

  1. Why Meditate - 15 Mind Body Spirit Benefits of Meditating

    Feb 19, 18 04:17 PM

    Why meditate? Meditating benefits your mind, body, and spirit. It is a holistic practice that helps you relax and ...

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  2. Find Your Refuge: How to Effectively Meditate

    Feb 19, 18 03:52 PM

    During my addiction treatment, the number one thing that kept me stable was meditation. Whenever I was in a bad place or felt I was at risk for a relapse,

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  3. How Holistic Healing Can Reignite Hope in The Mentally Ill

    Feb 02, 18 10:26 AM

    When you’re at a low point mentally, your entire body suffers due to it. The most common symptoms of many illnesses that affect the mind end up taking

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