Healing with Sound 

Healing with sound a natural mode of healing. Music and sound have a way of touching us deep within. As if puppets on a string, our hearts, minds and bodies respond immediately to their nuances. For example, try this quick exercise:

  • Imagine the sound of chalk scraping across a chalkboard. Does your whole body cringe?
  • Now think about the sound of ocean waves, singing birds or other sound you find relaxing. 
  • Hum a few bars of your favorite upbeat song. Is your body "dancing" to the beat?
  • Finally, imagine the cackling of a laughing baby. Did that just bring a smile to your face? 

 The vibrational energy of tones, music, chants, song, even the spoken word, move through your body and aura with ease. Your cells respond to these frequencies in a positive or negative way. 

Like other forms of vibrational healing, sound therapy is based on the principles of harmonic resonance. It is effective because it introduces relaxing and health-promoting frequencies to your mind and body. Your body responds to those sounds and entrains to that healthier frequency. 

Vibrational Healing with Sound

The idea behind healing with sound is to provide your mind and body with frequencies that promote relaxation and health.

These frequencies pass through space and you at the speed of sound. As your body resonates with a needed frequency, it reminds the body's energy field of its original blueprint and helps restore harmony to the system.

At times, you can consciously feel this vibration. When the bass is turned up you hear the speakers vibrate and feel the vibration going through the floor and through you. A loud, piercing tone is made as you circle a crystal goblet with a moist finger. A nearby goblet or bowl may resonate with the sound and chime in. 

Research suggests a relationship between the atomic weight of elements and specific frequencies. This means that if a specific frequency is low in an individual, the corresponding element, such as selenium or zinc, is also low. Once the frequency of the mineral has been received by the body, it will resonate with this vibration and absorb the mineral.

To determine which frequencies are needed, sound healers might use a dowsing instrument like a pendulum, or more sophisticated equipment. They may record and listen to the voice to determine which tones are deficient.

If you listen carefully as people talk, you will notice their voice quality change as their emotional states change. It sometimes sounds as if their voices are being choked off, or that something is missing. Most of us would probably benefit from having a voice analysis so missing frequencies can be reintroduced into the field.

Healing with sound has achieved good results when the missing frequencies are played back at a low octave. They are played at cycles corresponding to brain wave frequencies. This stimulates the brain to promote healing. 

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tuning forks and singing bowls have long been used to encourage healing with sound.

Both the quartz crystal singing bowl and metal Tibetan singing bowls are instruments of sound healing, meditation, ritual, prayer and trance induction. Depending on the size and composition of the bowls, they vibrate at specific frequencies and produce different tones.

Antique Tibetan singing bowls were made from several kinds of metal. This caused them to produce multiple harmonic overtones at the same time. You can feel these tones in your body. New bowls can produce these complex chords if they are made with high quality bronze.

When using Tibetan singing bowls for healing, one sound may be introduced or multiple bowls will be played to provide needed frequencies.  A bowl may be held near you or passed over the body. 

For meditation, focus on the tones as they are played. Another way to use the bowls in meditation is to produce the tone and then follow it until you no longer hear any sound at all. This brings you into a space of restorative relaxation and silence. To give it a try, play the video below. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and follow the tones. Notice how you and where you feel them in your body.

Music and Healing with Sound

Music is processed in the older, deep parts of the brain. It profoundly affects emotion and thought. Music activates the amygdala, where the brain stores emotional memories and tells us how we feel about incoming information. Emotional and cognitive memories are stored and retrieved in parallel. This is why emotions are tied to old memories.

Music has the power to instantly transport us mentally to another time and place. It can make us feel melancholy or happy and energized. It induces primal feelings or spiritual states of mind. Our bodies naturally move to the rhythm.

Health is also affected by music. Studies show that plants moved away from heavy metal music and didn't fare as well as those that drawn to more soothing music.

Professional musicians create healing music. Eric Berglund creates beautiful healing melodies on his harp. Steven Halpern also has several albums for healing with sound. His famous Chakra Suite  focuses on specific frequencies related to your seven energy centers.  Here's a sample.

Researchers at the University of Helsinki (Kanduri et al., 2015) discovered a connection between emotionally evocative music and gene expression. All 48 people in the study listened to Mozart's third violin concerto in G major. Depending on their musical aptitude, between 45 and 97 genes were turned on.

Genes affected by Mozart's concerto support the health of neural networks, transmission of signals in the brain, and learning and memory. One strongly affected gene was SNCA. This gene is involved in the secretion and transport of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Have you ever noticed how certain music motivates you to get moving or make better choices? That's dopamine at work. 

Spiritual Sound Healing

Whether or not you ascribe to particular religious beliefs, the principles of healing with sound can be used to enhance spiritual well-being.  Spiritual music enriches spiritual experiences regardless of religion or culture. It raises your vibration and fosters connection with Source energy. 

The sacred and mystical sound of Indian religions is "Aum" or "Om". The syllable is elongated and toned in prayer and meditation.

There is a theory that ancient languages like Greek, Sanskrit and Latin, contain sounds and tonal vibrations affect your neurology.  When chanted, the vibration of the word itself has the same frequency as what is being spoken of at the deepest level of the chant. This expands neurology by making new connections in the brain that attune it to spirit and expand consciousness.

Chanting opens the heart. Perhaps this is why Catholics feel reverent and connected to God during the Latin Mass even though they consciously understood little of it. The Solfeggio frequencies of Gregorian chants are beloved for their spiritual overtones. When sung in harmony, it is believed that they bring transformation and blessings. The six different tones are associated with different benefits. For example, UT at 396 Hz is believed to liberate guilt and fear. SOL at 741 Hz is credited with awakening intuition. 

Sunlight shining through stained glass windows brings light and sound therapy together for even more benefit.

How to Use Music and Sound for Well-being

Healing with sound and music can help you boost your gene expression, happiness, health and sense of relaxation. To realize these benefits, it is most important is to choose tones and rhythms you like and those that support your purpose for listening. 

Notice how you feel when different types of music are played. For example, listen to the music videos below. Both the Mozart piece and Halpern's music elicit  physical and mental responses, but they are quite different. 

If you dislike certain music or tones, you will feel irritated. That stress is counter to healing with sound. However, you might be surprised to find that what irritates you during the day is lovely when trying to sleep, and vice versa, so experiment.

Touch your spirit with music that opens your heart and makes you feel good. Chant, sing or tone sacred words and sounds that are meaningful and take you to a higher place. As you feel inspired, make up your own words and tunes.

To get uplifted and energized, choose uplifting music, faster music. Music with a faster beat energizes your body and uplifts your mood. Music played over 150 beats per minute will get you moving during exercise time and make you very alert. I like to play drumming CDs while cleaning the house. The beat gets me going. Want to know the BPMs of your favorite song? Search the name of the song plus BPM.

For relaxation, choose music that is slower and calming, but not melancholic. Ambient music and nature sounds like ocean waves or rain are soothing because you can just listen without singing or following the beat. Slow, relaxing songs have 100 beats per minute or less. 

For emotional healing with sound, notice which music and songs bring you down. Instead of going to that dark place and staying there, use the song as a healing opportunity. You don't consciously have to understand the connection.

From my own experience, I enjoy the benefits of a technique dubbed Tapping with Tunes. One morning, while driving to work, I decided to do EFT tapping to songs that made get emotional. After a few times, I found myself happily singing along to these same songs instead of crying. 

When you are in pain, listen to your favorite music with focused attention. Put your mind on the music instead of the pain. Does that help?

Loll yourself to sleep with soothing sounds. Try slow chants or ambient music playing softly in the background. 

Do you make your own music? Playing a musical instrument or actively engaging with played music activates the whole brain. So sing along and dance. Whole brain activity is linked with more happiness and calmness. 

Light and sound therapy affects you on every level.  Whether you work formally with a healer, chants, tuning forks,  Tibetan singing bowls, or use your own voice, drums and audio devices as intuition guides you, healing with sound is a form of vibrational energy healing that is good for mind, body and spirit.

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