Herbs and Health

There may be thousands of drugs available for whatever ails you, but the connection between herbs and health care has still prevailed. To this day, people the world over understand the connection between nature, herbs and healthy living.  

Herbs are used for food and are an important part of spiritual and healing rituals. Herbal healing remedies made from local plants are used for everything from curing the sick to preparing women for childbirth. Mindfully using herbs and spices for medicine and food strengthens your connection with nature. They empower you to nurture and care for yourself naturally. 

Although modern medicine temporarily led us away from our partnership with medicinal plants,  interest is rekindling. The use of herbs for health and healing has grown more popular than ever as a form of complementary and alternative medicine - and for good reason.

Modern research is proving what indigenous people have always known. There is a positive relationship between herbs and health. Research is validating many health advantages of spices and natural herb remedies. Some pharmaceutical drugs are made from herbs or are synthetic copies. One famous example is aspirin, which was originally made from willow trees. In some countries, natural herb remedies are carefully researched, profiled, and even prescribed by medical doctors. 

On this page you will find information and text links to pages related to making and using herbs for health and healing, herbs for specific needs, flower medicine and aromatherapy. 

Herbs for Health and Healing

Herbs and spices are very valuable for a wide variety of health and healing needs. Many of them, like these four herbs, have multiple actions, which provides broad spectrum benefits. For example,  help ease the symptoms of cancer treatments, boost the all important immune system, and or directly affect errant cells to help you get well.

Some herbs are helpful for managing moods, stress and emotion. Others are rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish your body. Others are potent detoxifiers while others uplift your energy in the short and long term. 

Anti-inflammatory herbs ease pain from injuries by blocking pain signals to the brain, reducing inflammation and/or calming your nervous system. They ease health damaging chronic inflammation in the body, making them important for overall health and healing. Anti-inflammatory herbs are also useful as anti-cancer herbs.

Specific Herbs and Health Conditions

Important Note: Please consult your health provider before using herbal healing remedies. Certain herbs interact unfavorably with medications. Some are contra-indicated with pregnancy, certain health conditions and may cause complications during medical procedures. Always review the herbal profile before using medicinal and follow suggested doses. It is usually best to start with the lowest dose.

Healing with Flowers

Flowers are used for physical and energetic healing. They are often used in herbal healing remedies along with stems and leaves, but may also be used alone or in combination with other flowers. Medicinal flowers used for healing the body, are used in much the same way as other herbs for health and healing. Flower essences are believed to be of the highest vibration of herbal remedies. They are used for vibrational or energetic healing and evolution of mind and spirit.

How to Make and Use Herbal Healing Remedies

Herbs and healing remedies don't have to come from the store. You can grow your own or carefully wildcraft them from local fields. You can also buy bulk herbs to make your own remedies.

It may seem intimidating, but most herbal healing remedies are fun and simple to make. You can make your own teas, infusions, syrups, balms and tinctures. You do need to follow certain procedures to retain the most nutrients or medicinal value, but it is not difficult and is nurturing to your spirit.

All you need are fresh local herbs or high quality dried herbs, a few accessories such as glass jars, tea infusers, and a strainer. You will need a solvent such as vodka, vinegar and/or water depending on what types of remedies you are making.  For syrups, some honey or other sweetener is needed. Herbal remedies for topical use may need additional ingredients such as beeswax, carrier oils or lotion. 

If you prefer to purchase ready made products, no worries. Herbal companies offer an amazing variety or herbs for health and healing in capsule, liquid, pastille and tea form for internal use and creams, lotions, salves and oils for external use.

In addition to herbal remedies that work purely with the physical body, you might like homeopathic remedies, homeobotanical remedies, flower essences and aromatherapy that may also affect mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself.

aromatherapy healing
  • Homeobotanical Therapy-herbal combinations that access the physical and energetic potential of herbs and homeopathy for specific organs and systems. 

The herbs and health connection is an important way for people to experience the nurturing power of nature and its ability to help us heal.

The herb and healthcare connection continues to be validated and strengthened as anecdotal evidence and research validates their effectiveness. Remedies are more readily available and people want to steer away from toxic pharmaceuticals when possible in favor of safe natural medicine. When safely and properly used, herbs can support your health in mind, body and spirit. 

If you are want to get well and stay well, the plant kingdom has a lot to offer. Whether partnering with one whole herb with a broad range of action, or choosing several herbs in combination for whole self wellness physically and energetically, the plant kingdom provides holistic healing in its most natural form.

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