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Jan 26, 2016

The Health Benefits of Pets

Scientific studies objectively measuring the mental, physical and emotional health benefits of pets may be sparse, but animals lovers know...

Continue reading "The Health Benefits of Pets"

Jan 23, 2016

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

What is the best diet for weight loss? These healthy weight loss tips will show you the best weight loss foods to eat and...

Continue reading "Healthy Weight Loss Tips"

Jan 23, 2016

Life Purpose and the Meaning of Life

Your life purpose and understanding the meaning of life are intertwined. They are..

Continue reading "Life Purpose and the Meaning of Life"

Jan 19, 2016

Natural Remedies for Insomnia

When you need extra help falling asleep and staying asleep, natural remedies for insomnia can help...

Continue reading "Natural Remedies for Insomnia"

Jan 18, 2016

Facts About Insomnia-Why Can't I Sleep?

If you are asking "Why can't I sleep?" the following facts about insomnia explain what insomnia is and what causes it.

Continue reading "Facts About Insomnia-Why Can't I Sleep?"

Jan 17, 2016

Healing with Sound

Healing with sound a natural mode of healing. Music and sound have a way of touching us deep within. As if puppets on a string, our hearts, minds and bodies respond...

Continue reading "Healing with Sound"

Jan 14, 2016

Help for Insomnia Tips

Is lack of sleep compromising your quality of life? There is natural help for insomnia. Give these time-tested insomnia tips a try and ....

Continue reading "Help for Insomnia Tips"

Jan 09, 2016

Top 10+ Superfoods List

Incorporating nutritious, extra healthy foods from the top 10 superfoods list into your diet every day is a great way to support your health.

Continue reading "Top 10+ Superfoods List"

Jan 03, 2016

Which Adaptogens are Best for Daytime Use?

Hi Val, Maybe you can help me.....and indirectly help many of my patients. It's about adaptogens. I read and read about them and I tried and still try

Continue reading "Which Adaptogens are Best for Daytime Use?"

Jan 03, 2016

How to Make Herbal Tea for Health

With quality organic loose tea herbs readily available, it is a breeze to make herbal tea for health and pleasure.

Continue reading "How to Make Herbal Tea for Health"

Dec 23, 2015

Anti-Cancer Herbs and Supplements

Anti-cancer herbs and supplements for cancer prevention lower your risks of getting this dreaded disease and help you...

Continue reading "Anti-Cancer Herbs and Supplements "

Dec 18, 2015

Natural Healing Herbs

Natural healing herbs are used for many physical and mental needs. Medicinal plants positively affect the organs, glands and systems of the body.

Continue reading "Natural Healing Herbs"

Dec 18, 2015

Exercising Tips for Health and Fitness

The following exercising tips will help you incorporate fitness into your work and home life with ease.

Continue reading "Exercising Tips for Health and Fitness"

Dec 18, 2015

Health Benefits of Exercise

Well researched health benefits of exercise show a clear relationship between physical activity and your health. Both body and mind...

Continue reading "Health Benefits of Exercise"

Oct 22, 2015

What Makes People Happy

What makes people happy? Not usually what they think! Authentic happiness is like a gift inside us waiting...

Continue reading "What Makes People Happy"

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