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Holistic healing is based on a philosophy of promoting mind body wellness. How well-being is restored, to what extent, and which methods are used are as varied as the people seeking to be healed.

What does not vary is the ultimate aim to achieve optimum whole self health. To make that happen, unbalanced or unhealthy aspects of mind, body and spirit are all taken into consideration and addressed. It also means that the power of mind and spirit may facilitate physical healing and issues in the physical body may be focused on to facilitate mental well-being.

What is Holistic Healing?

What is beautiful about holistic healing is that it puts the responsibility and power for healing in your hands, not in those of a "healer", even though you may wisely be seeking advice and help from others. It empowers you to make choices and take actions on your behalf and addresses you as a whole person.

Holistic healing is not a cookie cutter approach. People with the same 'dis-ease' may end up with completely different treatment plans based on their motivation, symptoms, lifestyle, resources, stress levels, and emotional and mental history. You may get amazingly quick results, or it may take months to notice a meaningful shift. These shifts may be in the direction of health, but may not be what you were specifically hoping for. If you ever heard a cancer patient say she was healed even though death is near, you know what that means.

Whole person healing is about bringing your mind and body back into balance and nurturing that balance over your lifetime. It is not about cure, although that would be wonderful and may very well happen. It is about returning to wholeness. That is an abstract concept which basically means that you feel complete and at peace within yourself. You deeply understand yourself, accept yourself in mind and body, and love yourself in the healthiest of ways. This is not about complacence. Real love often requires taking action to improve your life. 

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Whole person healing is about addressing causes. It is not about controlling symptoms, although that may be necessary and beneficial at times. It is about addressing the whole as much as possible, not just the vulnerable, 'dis-eased' part. The understanding is that something within the whole is stressing the part, which needs help, not suppressing, bypassing, or cutting out unless absolutely necessary. If not too far gone, the part will recover when the whole is restored.

There is a common misconception that holistic healing is natural healing. This is absolutely true, but not necessarily in the way it is meant, which is usually about methods. It is about your naturally self healing body and mind, which naturally seeks balance when given what they need and what is harming them is removed. The body is always striving for balance and will maintain it so long as nothing goes awry.

It is also true that lifestyle adjustments and natural methods and remedies are preferred. However, it is also true that modern medical assistance may be necessary and a best choice at times. It may also be beneficial to include help that is not medical at all. That might mean taking advantage of spiritual counseling, financial management classes, relationship therapy and/or a career change. Who you choose to assist you, and the methods you work with will depend on your changing needs and preferences.

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Understanding the mind body spirit connection, supporting it, and tapping into its power heal are three pillars of holistic healing and the cornerstone of manifesting techniques. 

The field of alternative and complementary medicine has been around for thousands of years. Some methods are ancient, while others are being developed even as you are reading these words. Some forms of CAM have gone mainstream, while others are used outside the realm of recognized modern medicine. To say that some of these methods provoke a lot of controversy is an understatement.

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Allopathy is the approach modern medicine generally takes to health care. It is a system that primarily deals with parts instead of the whole and addressing symptoms rather than the cause. Modern medicine has remarkable strengths and weaknesses. Although some people may argue this, it comes under the umbrella of holistic healing when used as part whole person healing plan.

Another more esoteric area of whole person healing is maintaining and restoring balance and well-being to human energy biofields. As more is learned, this field of study is growing and becoming more accepted and popular.

The philosophy of energetic and mind body wellness using natural methods, conventional allopathic medicine, and mental and spiritual wellness practices is the basis for the information and techniques shared on this site.

Are you looking for a starting point on your path of holistic healing and wellness? The following pages offer a good place for you to begin your journey.

  • If you are generally healthy and want to stay that way, start here
  • If you are facing a health crisis or are in need of a major mind body wellness upgrade, start here.
  • For a structured tour of this site and a comprehensive education in the holistic approach to wellness, sign up for the free 7 week HMBH Natural Health and Healing E-Course. You can view course information here, and you sign up for the course in the

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