How to Visualize and Affirm Health and Life Goals

Knowing how to visualize and affirm is an important skill for successfully achieving your goals for better health and a better life. Imagining what you want vividly and with feeling is a proven way of conditioning the subconscious mind.

A lot of people try using positive visualization exercises and affirmations only to give up, thinking they don't work. Sometimes things even appear worse, and they might be right about that! There is a reason this happens. Just like using any other tools, you have to know how to visualize and affirm correctly in order for them to help you get the results you want.

15 How to Visualize Tips

Whether you are using guided imagery and affirmation techniques, or using these tools on your own, the following fifteen tips will help you get the most benefit from your practice.

1- Choose a specific, realistic, believable goal.

Saying "I want to be healthy" or "I want to lose weight" is not  specific. What do you want exactly? How much do you want to weigh? How do you want to look? What do you want to be able to do? Create an image of what healthy looks and feels like  in your mind. Find a picture. Written words count as images too.

If your ultimate goal is truly outside your belief zone, that is okay. First choose a smaller goal that you do believe is accessible. Make this your goal. Then your images and affirmations will be believable. When you achieve that, move on to the next step.

When you break goals into achievable chunks, you boost your confidence and your belief, making this and the next steps easier to achieve.


If you do not believe in the power and benefits of what you are creating, neither will your subconscious.

If you really do not want what you are visualizing, your mind will not work to help you get it. Perhaps your goal is a should, not a true desire. Or perhaps someone else wants it for you more than you do. Perhaps you are confusing a means to an end as your desire. Perhaps there is another way to get what you want.

Your subconscious will only align with what you really believe.  Be very clear that you truly want what you are asking for and believe it is possible.

If  negative self-talk is popping up as you visualize and affirm, clear the path with energy flow techniques such as EFT or ZPoint as a first step. They can help you overcome these objections so you can move forward. Otherwise, you are likely to attract more of what you do not want.

how to visualize

3-Create vivid mental images along with positive emotion and feeling. 

Imagine yourself doing what you want with a big smile on your face. See, hear, feel and believe it in your mind and body as if it were already a reality. Create a mental movie with as much detail and vivid imagery and emotion as you can create. Literally, physically, do a celebratory dance as you imagine your new reality coming true. Anytime there is even the smallest shift or success in the realization of your new goal, celebrate and reinforce it like crazy. 

Sometimes an objection comes up when practicing how to visualize this way. It may feel like you are lying to yourself even though you feel aligned with reaching your specific goal. I solve this for myself by telling my subconscious mind that we are creating something together. I explain that I am giving it instructions for upgrading the system and rewriting old, outdated programs because, even though it does not like change, this goal really is in my best interest. 

When you are writing and speaking affirmations, a simple change in wording can make a huge difference in how you feel about it and whether your SCM accepts or rejects it. 

4-Keep in mind how the subconscious works. 

Use this information to your advantage. Knowing how to visualize and affirm effectively has a lot to do with the subconscious mind. Two of its main jobs are to keep you safe and in the right. It cannot be tricked into doing what it is not programmed to do or primed to accept new beliefs. It aligns your true beliefs with reality and vice versa. This is how it manifests.

Your subconscious mind can and does learn by repetition and association, especially when emotion is involved.  When enough emotion is involved, the subconscious accepts your images and affirmations quickly. If you have ever experienced a trauma, you know just how quickly this can happen. You can thank your emotional response for that. 

You can best influence your SCM when you are relaxed and focused. 

5-Commit to a twice daily visualization practice. 

Practice your manifesting techniques at least twice a day. If you are using tangible images, train yourself to look at them whenever you are nearby. The more often the better. Post your images and written affirmations in easy-to-see places.

6-Be as relaxed as possible when you visualize.  

This is really important because your subconscious accepts new information when your brainwaves are slower. At the very least take a deep cleansing breath or two before beginning. If possible enter a deeply relaxed state.

The moments prior to sleep and right as you wake up are naturally times when brain waves are slower and you are more open to suggestion. When you catch yourself daydreaming, capitalize on this naturally occurring hypnotic state of mind.

6-Practice with full, yet soft attention. 

Forcing is tense and invites resistance. If you are thinking about something else, that is what your subconscious will attend to. Be fully present to your images and statements.

8-Use tools to help you. 

Ready made guided imagery videos and audios can be a big help when you are learning how to visualize or need support. Vision boards are easy to make and are personalized to you. Mind movies make visualizing fun. They take a lot of pressure off having to create and hold mental images in your mind. 

Hypnosis, meditation, and audios that  entrain your brain waves are available to help you shift beliefs, engage mental imagery, and make suggestions to the subconscious about your goal. 

Continue reading tips 9-15 for How to Visualize and use Affirmation Techniques effectively.  

How to Visualize to the Mind Body Connection

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