Human Biofields and Healing

Belief in human biofields, or layers of the human aura, have formed the basis of various healing modalities in many cultures long before scientists would even entertain the idea that a human energy field exists.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine and Ayureveda all have their roots in this belief. Energy healers speak of working in the field or seeing different colors and layers of the aura. These layers relate to physical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of our being.

New research is beginning to lend quite a bit of evidence to the fact that human energy fields exist. And just as taught by the ancients, it's becoming clear that those fields are comprised of light energy.

In the truest sense, you are a being of light.

A physician at the forefront of this research is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. He is known for his teachings worldwide and was awarded the Physician of the Year award in 2007 from the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine for his work.

Like many physicians mentioned on this site, Dr. Klinghart was disillusioned by the limitations of conventional medicine. In order to develop his holistic model of the five levels of healing, he drew from Eastern concepts learned in India and from his other studies.

If you are familiar with the concept of the human aura and the teachings of energy healers, you will recognize much of what is written here. This is especially true of the general principles.

To further your understanding, I encourage you to watch the three videos below. The illustrations and verbal explanations make the concepts easier to understand. In these videos, Dietrich Klinghardt explains the five levels of the human biofield and the healing methods related to each level.

Dr. Klinghardt's Basic Healing Principles

Before exploring the five layers of human biofields, here are some basic principles Dr. Klinghardt shares about healing at these levels.

  • Each level of the bio field follows its own laws and order.
  • What is being manifested in the physical body is happening in the other four levels also. Your perceptions and thoughts lead to emotions and other energy body changes (second level). These changes trigger changes in the physical body (first level). The section on the effects of stress on health explains this cycle in detail.
  • For true healing, you need to work on all five levels simultaneously. This is entirely consistent with the concepts of holistic health.
  • The energy we need to heal comes from the lower three levels. Dr. Klinghardt recommends that you put lots of energy into healing the three lower levels by eating nutritious foods, exercising, and getting enough sleep.You nurture the body-electric through massage, acupuncture, yoga, listening to good music, resolving mental conflicts, and grounding yourself by connecting with the earth. This helps you discharge high levels of electro-smog built up from our modern lifestyles.
  • There is some overlap between levels of healing and the associated healing methods listed below. Some methods, like hypnosis are useful at more than one level.

Five Levels of the Human Biofield

The first level of the human biofield is the physical body. 

This level is governed by the laws of biochemistry and mechanics. It uses the five senses for input and is subject to gravitational forces. It is our foundational connection to the earth and our source of physical energy. It ends at the skin and creates light emissions.

Low-dose homeopathics, chiropractic, herbal remedies, dietary changes, conventional medicines and surgery, vitamin and mineral therapy, homeobotanical remedies, and aromatherapy address health at this level.

The second level of human biofields is the energy body. 

This bio field is the realm of the autonomic nervous system. It is created by nerve cell currents. Their electrical fields create magnetic fields which extend beyond the skin. This energy field surrounds the entire body. The energy body is often the first area of the human aura someone can see.

Acupuncture, magnetic field therapy, microcurrent therapy, yoga, qigong, meridian exercises, breathwork, massage, meditation, and autonomic response therapy (ART) are useful at this level. 

The third layer of human biofields comprises the mental body.

The mental body is said to extend into infinity and beyond. It contains a record of all life events. Our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs are formed and organized here. Behaviors originate here.

All human biofields interact with each other at this level. It is an individual field and a 'consensus' field. These are often called the individual and universal levels of superconscious mind.

Muscle testing can be used to dialog with the subconscious mind to retrieve and heal suppressed memories stored in the mental body. Psychotherapy, hypnosis, past life regression, flower essences, and energy flow techniques are useful for mental healing.

Good health at the third level results from following simple natural rules. Raise your children in homes where they are nurtured, loved, safe, and can learn. Put effort into healing your own family and building love and respect between this and prior generations. This includes the living and dead, current relatives and those 'divorced', and extended family.

The mental body has an organizing effect on the first and second levels and vice-versa.

This eight minute video is a must see. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt goes into detail about the biophoton field and how we produce light energy as well as discussing the mental body. 

Level Four is called the dream or intuitive body.

This level of human biofields is beyond the mind. It is in the realm of quantum physics, the collective unconscious, and the metaphysical. This is the level where trauma and unresolved ancestral issues going back two or more generations are stored.

Therapies that address trans-generational issues still being played out in this generation, such as family constellation work, can lead to remarkable healing.

The fifth layer is the spiritual body.

This is the level of knowing, awareness and self-healing. It is our individual connection and oneness with the Divine.

Offering gratitude is important to nurturing the spiritual body. So is spending time alone to turn inward and meditate. Perhaps the verse, "Be still and know that I am God", is most appropriate here. 

Please note that the above mentioned examples of appropriate healing methods may have a positive effect on other levels of the human biofield as well. All levels of the field ultimately interact and flow together, so helping one part can help all parts. Although some vibrational remedies and techniques are specific to a particular level, others have the potential to positively affect multiple layers.

Thank you to Dr. Mercola for producing these videos and to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt for sharing his fascinating learning about human biofields and his approach to holistic healing with us.

Human Biofields to Holistic Energy Healing


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