Meridian Tapping and Energy Flow Techniques

Meridian tapping and energy flow techniques may be relatively new terms, but their roots trace back to ancient China. The Chinese discovered body meridian lines and perfected the art of acupuncture to improve physical and mental health.

In the 1900's,  chiropractor George Goodhart, realized you could use acupressure on these points to aid physical conditions. John Diamond learned in his psychiatry practice that he could help people by making statements and stimulating acupoints at the same time.

These discoveries led to the development of Touch for Health and Brain Gym. Both methods use kinesiology (muscle testing) to access the wisdom of the bodymind without interference from the conscious mind. Body and mind are brought back into balance by stimulating acupoints with your fingers, moving energy along body meridian lines, and doing energy exercises.

At about the same time, Dr. Roger Callahan discovered that tapping meridians in certain sequences could alleviate fear. His complex system, known as Thought Field Therapy, uses muscle testing to determine tapping sequences. From Dr. Callahan's work, other meridian tapping techniques, known as energy psychology, were developed. 

More recently, there has been a move to change the term Energy Psychology to Energy Flow Techniques to avoid confusion with the medical practice of psychology. The term energy flow techniques more accurately represents the purpose of all these methods - to balance and harmonize the flow of energy within an individual's energy field.

The Emotional Freedom Technique

Gary Craig was a student of Dr. Callahan. In the mid 1990's, Gary introduced a simplified version of meridian tapping to the world. He named his method the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short. This has become the most popular of all the meridian tapping techniques.

EFT is used worldwide by therapists and lay persons alike. It is based on the fundamental belief that stuck negative emotions result from a disruption of the body's energy system. When you release the disruption using a series of statements and tapping, energy flow is restored and so is your innate ability to heal.

Tapping works because the bodymind has a lightning speed communication matrix throughout the entire body. When you tap anywhere on the body, the entire matrix receives the message to move energy.

eft tapping

By tapping on the beginning or end points of the body meridian lines while focusing on a disturbing incident or feeling, energy flow is balanced and harmonized.

You may still remember the event that caused the disruption, but the negative emotional charge is eliminated or greatly reduced.

Research suggests that when you tap on your body it sends the signal to your brain telling it you are safe and it is okay to relax. Otherwise you wouldn't be sitting there tapping on yourself!

Learn more about EFT and watch or tap along as Val demonstrates the basic EFT recipe.

Other Energy Flow Techniques

The Tapas Acupressure Technique, created by Tapas Fleming, is a lovely gentle method. You use both hands to hold points on your head while making a series of statements. Originally used for allergy relief, TAT has since been used to relieve emotional traumas and negative emotions. Research at Kaiser Pemanente has shown it's effectiveness as a weight loss aid.

Intention Based energy flow techniques, such as the Sedona method, ETHOS, and ZPoint were developed when healers discovered it wasn't always necessary to tap or even think about meridians.

For the most part I find tapping along the body meridian lines a helpful way to connect to my body. Most of us are so much in our heads. Tapping or rubbing points helps us ground and brings attention to the body. It communicates to the body that it needs to move energy and release stress.

Since my mind likes to wander, the tapping helps me stay focused. Even when I listen to the ZPoint process, I'll occasionally tap on the collarbone or other acupoint. It seems to be quite effective.

On the other hand, if I just feel like receiving a healing, TAT and ZPoint require very little directed thinking and activity, which is sometimes nice. You can read more about the Zero Point Process (ZPoint) and enjoy a sample session here.

The great benefit of knowing and using energy psychology, or energy flow techniques, is that you can check in with your bodymind to decide which one is most appropriate for you at a given time. Many practitioners have a repertoire of methods to help themselves and their clients.

Regardless of the which meridian tapping techniques you choose, you are likely to experience a good measure of emotional freedom as you consistently use them.

Important: Although thousands of people have experienced positive benefits using meridian tapping techniques, they are still experimental. Everyone is different and experiences different results. Please assume full responsibility for your well-being and consult your qualified health provider before making any changes to your treatment plan, including the use of MTT and other Energy Flow Techniques.

The Future of Meridian Tapping Techniques

Although the term Meridian Tapping Techniques is new, expect to hear it a lot more in the next few years. Many people who used to call themselves EFT practitioners now use the term MTT.

MTT acknowledges the broad base of meridian tapping techniques most practitioners use for tapping meridians and the energy system. It allows them the freedom to add, change or combine techniques as new discoveries are made and intuition guides.

As meridian tapping gains even more acceptance, it's likely to become one of the recognized forms of alternative medicine. Proponents of EFT have been conducting research and are working hard to get EFT into VA hospitals around the country. Already EFT is offered by some medical doctors and therapists. It's made its way into prisons and schools. It's exciting to see that such simple low-cost, effective wellness tools are entering the mainstream.

Professional organizations have formed and certification programs are being developed to ensure a high level of training and experience among practitioners.

Affiliate Resources

The Tapping Insiders Club is one of my favorite Meridian Tapping resources. You'll find many audios and videos by expert and master practitioners covering a range of physical, emotional and abundance tapping sequences. There's something for everyone - from beginners to advanced practitioners. If you are serious about moving forward with your health and life goals, you owe yourself a visit.

Visit The Tapping Solution Blog to tap along with several free audios and videos.

Energy flow techniques and meridian tapping techniques are a type of energy healing particularly targeted toward improving disrupted energy flow due to emotions. When the flow is restored, it is not only possible to experience physical healing and emotional freedom, but for you to move forward with your health and life goals with more ease. 

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