Meridian Therapy

At one time, meridian therapy was primarily associated with acupuncture and acupressure. These techniques were mainstays in the east for thousands of years. This science, along with traditional Chinese medicine, influenced the practices of acupuncture and the martial arts such as tai chi and chi gong.

Each of these meridian energy arts evolved to remove energetic blockages causing pain and poor health and restore flow through the 12 meridians of the body. They tone and support the energy system to promote health and healing .

In recent years, these practices have gained some acceptance in the west. And with that acceptance and knowledge of the meridian system came the development of a variety of new meridian therapy techniques.

New meridian energy therapies such as Touch for Health, Brain Gym and Meridian Tapping Techniques work to release blockages and restore balance in mind and body. When this balance is restored, not only does physical and mental health benefit, but learning difficulties can also improve.

The 12 Meridians of the Body

According to TCM, meridian energy flows in pathways through the body. Chi energy flows continuously from one meridian to another. When the flow gets blocked or compromised in some way, vitality diminishes and corresponding tissues or organs may not function properly.

The 12 meridians travel along the arms and legs. Their names correspond to their biological functions and not the physical organs themselves. This can be a bit confusing. They are the lung, pericardium, triple warmer,large intestine, bladder, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, kidney, gall bladder, and liver.

There are eight extra meridians that function as energy storage vessels. Two that are commonly known are the central and governing meridians.

To familiarize yourself with your meridians, use your hands to trace each pathway. It's fine to go over your close or an inch or so above your skin.

Lightly smooth your skin in a long stroke along each line. Notice if you feel anything. You may feel the meridian energy in your hand as you slowly follow the pathway. You may feel a tingling or other feeling along the pathway itself. You may feel more energized or tingly in your body when you are finished. Or you may feel nothing at all.

It's important to remember that for the purpose of exploring your meridians, you trace in the direction that strengthens the flow. Going in the opposite direction weakens it. Follow along with the video and use the chart below.

This meridian system chart illustrating nine meridians is from the book Touch For Health: The Complete Edition by John Thie.

The little triangles show you the starting points. Trace from the triangle all the way to the end. If you can't reach a spot, that's okay, imagine it and switch hands when you need to. You can also practice with a friend.

meridian therapy

Meridian Therapy Self Care

Do the following meridian energy therapy techniques for yourself or someone else. Practiced regularly, they will help keep your meridian energy system in balance.

  • Trace the meridians according to the natural direction of flow as described above to give yourself a little "energy massage".
  • Energy flow techniques such as EFT, sometimes referred to as meridian tapping or emotional acupressure, help you release blockages in the meridian system caused by trapped emotions. Several minutes of tapping sometimes leaves your body "buzzing" with energy. This is easy to do yourself.
  • Zip Up. This popular meridian therapy exercise from Donna Eden's Energy Medicine book works by strengthening the central meridian. This meridian runs all the way up your torso to the cleft of your chin.The zip up helps you get energized and is a nice little "pick-me-up" if you are feeling tired and a little foggy. It helps protect you from negative energy.Step One - Rest one hand below your navel and with the other tap or rub under your collarbone a few inches from the center of your chest (the K-27points). Switch hands and repeat on the other side.

    Step Two - Place your hand at the beginning of the central meridian at your pubic bone directly in the center of the front of your body. Take a deep breath and bring one hand up to the cleft of your chin and touch your lower lip. On the next in-breath, repeat with the other hand. Repeat three times. This can be done with the hands an inch or so off the body if you prefer.If you've ever watched martial artists, you may have seen them swipe downward in front of their opponent's body. This weakens their central meridian because its natural direction is upward. You can experiment with this yourself if you know how to muscle test. Just be sure to "zip up" again.

  • Try these two Brain Gym exercises. As a bonus, both of these meridian therapy exercises are said to improve reading skills. 
  1. Space buttons - One hand rests above the upper lip while the other lays on the lower backbone. This activates the brain for relaxation and concentration, eye contact in communication and may improve motivation and interest. Take a few deep breaths while holding the pose. You can also move your eyes from a near to far focus and back again. Reverse hands and repeat. 
  2. Earth buttons - Place the fingers of one hand right below the lower lip and the other hand on the pubic bone. Take a few deep breaths and move the eyes slowly all the way down and up and back again. This exercise gives the sensation of a better connection between the upper and lower parts of the body, helping you feel more stable and centered. Reverse hands and repeat.

To use meridian therapy for specific health issues, try acupressure or acupuncture in addition to these general meridian energy exercises. Read an easy to understand holistic approach to health based on Chinese medicine and the 12 meridians of the body for children and adults.

Meridian Therapy to Holistic Energy Healing

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