The Mind Body Spirit Connection

Understanding the mind body spirit connection, supporting it, and tapping into its power are three pillars of holistic healing.

The concept of the mind and body as one has been part of the belief and healing systems of indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Their healing systems along with sometimes elaborate rituals took advantage of the power of belief or mind over body. But there was more to it. It was also understood that a healthy mind helps create a healthy body and a healthy body is important if you want a healthy mind.

It is not only the body that needs healing, but sometimes the mind or spirit. The body may be sick, but the mind or spirit may be the reason. When that is the case, healing the mind brings healing to the body. These understandings have also shaped modern day mind body medicine as well.

Despite the impact of the philosophy of mind body dualism, meaning that mind and body are separate entities, made popular by Descartes in the 1600's, some religious philosophies, and conventional allopathic medicine's bent to treating parts instead of the whole, people seem to have an innate knowledge of their mind body spirit connection.

You have probably heard or used expressions like these, "He has a broken spirit" or "I knew it in my gut" or "I feel it in my soul." If your hair ever stood on end when you felt afraid or excited, or felt love in your heart, you have experienced the mindbody connection.

Young children who have not yet learned to cover up their feelings demonstrate how the body and mind integrate in perfect synergy with every shade of emotion. Shrieking screams, tears, red face and flailing arms and legs are clear expressions of their anger and accompanying isolation. Sparkling eyes, full rosy cheeks, cackling laughter, and perhaps clapping hands accompany their delight as they socially engage.  

mind body connection

Manifesting and the Mind Body Spirit Connection

The beauty of working with the mindbody connection is not only in its ability to help you manifest improvements in your health, but to achieve more of what you want in other areas of your life, as well. 

Fans of the law of attraction and manifesting techniques understand that unless the energy of your mind, body and soul are really, truly aligned with your purpose, you can affirm all you want, but what you are actually magnetizing energetically will win every time. That is why their techniques often include relaxation to take the gatekeeper of the subconscious off alert and slow brainwaves to a suggestible state, suggestions and images to influence the now open unconscious mind, emotion to make the suggestion seem real, along with feeling it in every fiber of your body, followed by action which engages brain and body. 

Although there is still much to learn about harnessing the potential of the mind body spirit connection, doing so offers great potential for healing and making your dreams a reality. As anyone who has ever experienced a spontaneous healing knows, this can and often does happen without any conscious effort on our part. The same is true of people who believed they are cursed. They can literally act as zombies, writhe in pain, or be scared to death for no other reason than a suggestion and the subconscious belief in its power.

Two increasingly popular ways of attempting to positively and purposely tap into the power of the mind body spirit connection are through subconscious mind power techniques like visualization and hypnosis and emotional releasing techniques. These techniques are used to deprogram and shift outdated patterns and limiting beliefs, offer new suggestions to your mind, and neutralize the charge of emotions related to negative experiences so your mental, spiritual and physical energy can be used for creating a healthier, happier future. 

Mind Over Body?

Although your brain, clearly exerts a powerful influence over your body, there is much more to the mindbody connection. The belief that mind powers and consciousness belong to the brain alone is a belief of the past. 

Our intelligence goes far beyond the power of our brains. Not only does the brain communicate with the body, the body also communicates with the brain. Each affects the other on a continual basis.

Cell biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD likens cells to miniature people. They have the same systems and receptors as skin so they can perceive their environment and the community of cells at large.

Cells are constantly communicating with each other via photons of light in the layer of the human energy field right outside the body. They receive information from the brain and energy field and respond accordingly.

When we experience an emotion, our cells also experience it through the energy vibrations and chemistry of the body. Each cell in the body functions independently and as a member of the community that makes up your body.

Other fields of study revolve around the innate intelligence of the heart and immune system. Scientists have found brain-like structures in systems throughout the body. The electro-magnetic field of the heart is many times stronger than that of the brain.

Some metaphysical practitioners use muscle testing or pendulums as a way to access the wisdom of the subconscious mindbody connection for information about anything from which remedies and techniques are best to which foods are harmful, and so on.

This mind-body connection can work in your favor.

Experts used to believe that the mind was another name for your brain. Now they realize that your mind is also in your body. Our language has long represented this reality. When you feel anxious or stressed, you say you have butterflies in your stomach. Babies who have not yet learned to mask their feelings show every nuance in their faces, bodies, and behavior at the same time. You can watch how quickly their emotions change, ebb and flow by what their bodies are doing. 

Because your mind, body and spirit are entirely connected, you can purposely influence your health and well-being. For example, resolving negative mental and emotional patterns frees up healing energy. If there is a direct connection between the emotion and the dis-ease, healing effects can be profound. When you reduce or eliminate mental and emotional garbage, you relax and align with healing instead of distress. 

Likewise, you can purposely influence physical and mental healing by using the healing power of your mind. Techniques such as visualization, hypnosis, energy flow techniques and more to get your subconscious mind to accept suggestions that you want to heal or improve a life situation. Sometimes, this healing happens spontaneously when you forgive and release negative emotions, or when the healing power of your mind is triggered by a placebo.

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The mind body spirit connection is more than just an abstraction or a way to get what you want. It is who you are as a wondrous whole being. When you see yourself as a whole being instead of conglomerate of parts, the philosophy of holistic healing and health make perfect sense. The need to support and care for your whole self becomes as obvious as the need to feed, clothe and wash your body. When you love and care for mind, body and spirit, your whole self will benefit.

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