Natural Herbal Healing

Natural herbal healing is an important part of your complementary, alternative wellness plan. For thousands of years people have partnered with plants and trees for food and healing.

Wise women, shamans and medicine men were keepers of the keys of traditional herbal medicine wisdom for natural healing with herbs.This wisdom dictated the preparation and use of herbs for health, healing and ritual. Plants were wildcrafted, or harvested, reverently. Care was taken to only take what was needed, and to always leave enough to preserve the stand for years to come. Plants were honored as healing allies and thanked for their gifts of powerful medicine. Today, you can still find herbs treated and prepared in this way by reputable companies, or better yet, make your own. 

On the other end of the spectrum, some medicinal herbs are standardized and processed to the point of being drug like. The problem with this approach is that when compounds are isolated and adjusted for certain properties, you lose the synergistic benefits of the whole plant. You are more likely to experience side effects or no effects. In some countries, herbs prepared in this way are considered prescription pharmaceuticals.

Do you remember when St. John's wort was hailed and sold as a wonder herb for depression and it didn't work? The problem was that the wrong compound was being standardized and some parts discarded. St. John's wort was and is an effective natural healing herb for mild depression, just not the way it was being processed.

You really can't fool Mother Nature.

Herbal Medicine Tips

When used properly and as nature intended, natural herbal healing is effective and infinitely safer and less expensive than most synthetic drugs.

Natural healing with herbs is both an art and a science. Educate yourself in the ways of herbal medicine. Educate yourself about which medicinal plants and spices would be most helpful for you and how to best prepare and use them. Consult the herbal profiles to read about traditional and contemporary uses, suggested doses and precautions.

  • Dried herbs are readily available for medicine, seasoning foods, or as relaxing teas. They are used as nourishing herbal infusions that energize and nourish deeply with their healing vitamins, minerals, herbal constituents and energy.
  • Purchase bulk dried medicinal plants from a reputable source and make sure they look and smell fresh. If they are browned, they are no good. Choose organic or wild crafted plants to avoid herbicides and pesticides. Mountain Rose Herbs sells high quality organic herbs and herbal products.
  • Educate yourself to learn if the herb is best prepared from dried or fresh herbs or either. Read the herbal profile to make sure the herb is a match for your needs and is safe to use. Always consult your doctor before using herbal medicine if you have a pending medical procedure or are on medication. Herbs and medication do interact, sometimes unfavorably.
  • Liquid tinctures and extracts are great for natural herbal healing. They are easily absorbed by your body and are convenient to carry with you. Take straight or add to water. Unfortunately, the taste of some tinctures is unappealing. Add to herbal tea if you cannot stomach the taste. 
  • Tinctures and extracts can be expensive. Fortunately, they are very easy to make at home using dried herbs or local plants. Most plants tincture very nicely in 80 or 90 proof vodka (40-50%). Choose potato vodka if you have trouble with grains. Learn how in the following video.
  • Capsules are a popular and convenient way to take your herbs for health and healing. People who are not willing to take herbs in other forms may be willing to take capsules. Some herbalists dislike capsules because taste communicates to the body that a specific food or medicine is in it.  Also, it is difficult to determine the quality of the herb inside. Always purchase capsules from a reputable company and pay attention to the expiration date. Open capsules if you want to taste the herb.
  • Enjoy herbal teas for pleasure and as herbal remedies. They are readily available in bulk at health food stores and on-line. Boxed teas are available for a wide variety of natural herbal healing needs. For a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, drink infusions regularly.
  • Expand your horizons. Herbs for health come in many forms. Give flower essences a try for natural herbal healing support for negative emotions and stress. Homeobotanicals are safe, gentle remedies that offer support for physical or emotional conditions and can be used by just about anyone. Aromatherapy essential oils are lovely to inhale and use for baths and massage for physical and emotional support.

Herbal medicine supports health and healing and is wonderful way to connect and partner with Mother Nature. Natural healing with herbs is one of her gifts to you. Use it wisely and with gratitude.

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