Restoring Your Digestive Health

Are digestive troubles making you miserable? Restoring your digestive health with natural indigestion remedies and sensible strategies can help. You do not have to suffer with chronic gas, heartburn, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and food sensitivities. You can feel better and enjoy better health by getting your digestive system working at its best.

restoring your digestive health

Your Digestive System

Your digestive system runs from your mouth to your anus and fills a lot of space in your torso. It is responsible for getting nutrients into your body, digesting and assimilating those nutrients, and getting waste and toxins out.

Your intestines are home to a few pounds of bacteria, helpful and harmful, and yeasts. Almost all your serotonin is made in the intestines to regulate its movements. 

Lymph tissue lining your digestive system produces over 60% of your immune cells.When this lining is compromised, so is your immune system. This increases your risk of infection, autoimmune diseases, gut flora imbalances, joint problems, skin issues and faster aging.

When something goes wrong in the digestive system, whether it's in the stomach, gallbladder, liver, intestines or elsewhere, trouble can ensue.

Natural Indigestion Remedies and Strategies for Restoring Your Digestive Health

Billions of dollars in sales of indigestion remedies reflect how common tummy troubles have become. Often these remedies only mask symptoms without correcting the problem and can make it worse. The good news is that easing discomfort and restoring your digestive health is possible with the help of natural remedies for indigestion. 

  • Listen to your body. If you draw a connection between a certain food, beverage or lifestyle habit that upsets your digestion or elimination, avoid it. Something as simple as drinking too much tea or coffee can cause constipation because of the drying tannins and caffeine. 
  • Do not overeat during meals and in general. Leave room in your stomach for your foods to churn and mix with the acids and enzymes. Chew well. Digestion starts when you break down foods and mix them with the salivary enzymes in your mouth. Too much belly fat pressing on your organs can cause heartburn and other digestive issues.
  • Reduce sugar consumption. The average American downs over 100 pounds a year. Intestinal yeast and bad bacteria feed on sugar. When their population overgrows, good bacteria are crowded out. Balanced gut ecology is a key factor in restoring your digestive health.
  • Eliminate aggravating foods.  When your gut is imbalanced, food does not break down efficiently. Try an elimination diet for 21 days of the following foods: added sugar, peanuts, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, and glutenous grains. If you feel better at the end of the trial, add back one offender every few days until you find the culprits. Keep those out of your diet. If you have reflux or heartburn also experiment with eliminating citrus, chocolate, spices, peppermint, alcohol, carbonated beverages, coffee and non-herbal teas. If symptoms flare, stop eating that food. Blood tests are available to identify food sensitivities.
  • Reduce inflammation. Commonly diagnosed digestive troubles are due to inflammation caused by problematic foods. Experiment with the elimination diet. Cut out trans-fats permanently and keep animal foods to less than 15% of your diet. Anti-inflammatory herbs such as ginger and boswellia, and Omega 3 rich foods help reduce inflammation. 
  • Eat fiber-rich foods. Most Americans do not get enough fiber. Freshly ground flax seeds, chia seeds, whole grains, berries, beans, and vegetables are all good choices. Ground flax and chia seeds can be incorporated into many recipes or stirred into a big glass of water. An added benefit of flax is that the oil lubricates the intestines, making it easier to eliminate feces after a few days of use. Fiber slows digestion so you feel full longer, traps toxins and makes feces easier to pass. Be sure to drink plenty of water with fiber or you can get plugged up.
  • Support natural detoxification. Limit toxic exposure as much as possible. Good bacteria, fiber, water, and super green foods such as spirulina and chlorella promote healthy detoxification in your intestines. If they are not eliminated there, toxins are reabsorbed into your bloodstream.
  • Eat probiotic-rich foods or take supplements.
natural indigestion remedies

Always follow a course of antibiotics with plenty of probiotics for at least to months to replenish friendly bacteria and keep the other bacteria and yeasts in check. Friendly gubacteria support the immune system, digestion, and detoxification.

Enjoy a few spoonfuls of probiotic-rich cultured vegetables, raw sauerkraut, tempeh or miso with meals. If you tolerate dairy, you can drink kefir or eat live culture yogurt. Avoid sugar-rich varieties. If none of these foods are acceptable to you, take high quality probiotic supplements.

  • Reduce stressAn important part of restoring your digestive health is being mindful of the connection between body and mind. Too much stress wreaks havoc on your ability to absorb and assimilate food. Excess cortisol inhibits blood flow to the digestive system and may lead to constipation. Do not eat when your stressed. Calm down first.
  • Use natural digestive aids. Many people swear by antacids which neutralize stomach acids. Antacids are problematic because without acid food cannot be properly digested and assimilated. The real problem is often too little acid. Experiment with the following digestive remedies and see if they help: Take a dose of Betaine HCL before a meal or drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with your meal or add to a salad. Take full-spectrum digestive enzymes at the beginning of a meal. Take a dose of bitter herbs tincture right before a meal get your digestive juices and enzymes flowing. Chamomile, gentian, fennel, dandelion root and peppermint are popular herbal indigestion remedies. Many people do not have enough digestion-stimulating bitter foods in their diet.
  • If symptoms persist, see your doctor. You may have a serious health issue causing your digestive distress. If you are on medication, that could also be the problem. 
  • Troubled by constipation? Prunes are a wonderful remedy. Eat two prunes twice a day or drink an eight-ounce glass of juice and see if that helps. Or try a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in the morning to quiet your stomach and get your intestines moving. Lemon juice is another remedy. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into warm water and drink first thing in the morning. The Vitamin C and acid detoxify the body and break up intestinal blockages and ease bloating. 

Restoring your digestive health is possible when you follow these healthy habits and use natural digestive aids. Good digestion promotes optimized nutrient absorption, waste elimination, neurotransmitter creation, and healthy immune function. Your rewards are overall better health, a happy gut, and improved energy.

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