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Welcome to our virtual store. Holistic MindBody Healing is proud to partner with several exceptional venders to offer you a variety of quality products.

These partnerships create a Win-Win-Win for everyone. When you click on an affiliate link you are often offered valuable video, audio and/or written gifts. When you make a purchase, Holistic Mindbody Healing is credited with a small portion of that sale at absolutely no extra cost to you. These credits help cover the expenses of running this site. Your support in this way is greatly appreciated.

My Promise to You:

Featured affiliates have been specifically chosen because of the value they offer to visitors of this site. In many cases I spend hours reading, listening to, watching and using their material before deciding to partner with them. Some of their products and programs are purchased with my own funds for review and personal use.

These folks are highly respected in their fields and often spend much time and money on self and professional development. Their products reflect their level of commitment and passion. In my opinion, these people provide great value and products. But if for some reason you are not happy with them, please send me a comment and return your purchase using their no-risk refunds.

Visit these affiliates using the links below and throughout the site to take full advantage of their quality products, newsletters, and/or free audios, videos and written materials.

Have fun shopping!

Val's Book

Rescue Me is a book with 12 heartwarming, emotion-filled stories that celebrate the human-canine bond and the power of second chances.  It is a book with a mission- to encourage lifelong, loving pet guardianship and to fund raise for animals in shelters and rescues. Your purchase sends a message to rescuers that their commitment and sacrifices matter. Together we can help them make a difference - one book, one dog at a time. Click on the image below to take a look inside and purchase on Amazon. 

Get you autographed paperback copy of Rescue Me  for $12.50 USD. Whether you order one or more, books ship to the same address in the same shipment for $3.95 (US and Canada only). To request a large print book (no extra charge) or a personalized message (ie: To Jane), use the Special Instructions section of the PayPal form. As my gift to you, you also receive the Be a Hero for Animals (and people too!) companion course. Enjoy and thank you. Please Note: No refunds will be issued on autographed books. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Also available through Amazon and B&N in digital and paperback formats.

The Tapping Solution 

If you love the tapping and the Emotional Freedom Technique, or are new to it and want to learn more, these are terrific resources.

Freebies: Choose one or both.

Tapping Solution Books- click the book image to learn more about these books and to get the bonus audios with your purchase.

The MindBody Training Company

Free Meditation E-Course Reveals The Secrets Of Your Health And Happiness. Discover how to quiet the mind, supercharge your level of energy and manifest anything you want in your life. Click here now to enroll for FREE

Free Audio Shows You How To Release ANY Unwanted Thought, Feeling Or Belief. The "Core Energy Technique" works on negative emotions like anxiety, anger, depression and guilt. You can use it to connect with your heart and your true purpose.

Brain EV

The Brain Evolution System is a brain wave entrainment program that uses a highly specialized audio process. It creates sounds that assist in achieving advanced states of meditation effortlessly. Research shows that brainwave entrainment can increase energy, improve learning and memory ability, and ease stress and negative emotions.

Free: The folks at BrainEv offer a 15-minute demo that you can download for free. When you use the demo, put on your headphones, sit back and relax. Enjoy!

Sleep Salon

Troubled by insomnia and sleepless nights? The Sleep Salon is an audio program that works by using special tones and pulses that help influence your brainwave patterns. Sleep Salon safely and gently lulls you to sleep by gently taking your brain waves from awake patterns to a deep 'delta' sleep. 

Just hit the play button and listen to Sleep Salon as you fall asleep. No headphones required. 

brainwave entrainment


If you're struggling to reach your weight loss goals or to quit smoking for good, professional medical hypnosis programs can help by retraining your mind. Click on the images below to learn more and get started risk-free. 

quit smoking hypnosis
weight loss hypnosis

The Food Cure

What you eat is the number one factor in getting healthy and staying healthy. The Food Cure will teach you how to specifically and deliciously tame the health foes commonly found in your diet. 

Guilt-Free Desserts

Want to be leaner and healthier, but your sweet tooth sabotages you? Not when you indulge in delicious healthier goodies. With Guilt-Free Desserts you'll have 50 new dessert recipes and all the information you need to makeover your favorites with the latest baking ingredients and inexpensive, readily available products… with just a few simple substitutions.

healthy desserts

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