Holistic Weightloss Tips

When it comes to shedding extra pounds, we can all use a little help. These healthy holistic weightloss tips show you how to lose pounds and keep them off. Regardless of your age and physical condition, there are effective ways to manage weight. Food and exercise may be the cornerstones, but if you've dieted before you know there is a lot more to it.

As with any type of goal setting, success is primarily determined by what happens between your ears. That is why the following healthy weightloss tips have little to do with food.

Holistic weight loss programs focus on mindset as well as diet. They encourage you to build wellness while losing pounds. They include exercise, control stress, tasty, satisfying foods and support. Perhaps most importantly, you establish habits and best practices for maintaining a fit trim body for life. Goodbye yo-yo dieting.  

The Best Weight Loss Plan

Quite simply, the best weight loss plan for you is the one you can stick with. It is easy and do-able enough that you sustain the changes and new habits as part of your routine. A good pan takes a holistic approach. It supports you mentally and physically in the short and long term.

For a diet to work with your mindset and your physical body. It has to help you healthfully release excess weight and then maintain your ideal weight. If it is too restrictive or unpleasant, you may be able to keep at it for a few weeks, but then end up with all the weight back and more as you return to old habits. Better to take an approach that helps you make changes you can live with. 

The following  weight loss tips will help.

Mindset Weightloss Tips

Your mindset is perhaps the most important part of any holistic diet and exercise plan. The best weight loss plan will put a lot of emphasis on what happens between your two ears. 

It is important to know that your subconscious mind does not like the idea of losing anything, including pounds. Extra fat means a better chance of surviving lean times. Primitive, perhaps, but that is how our brains are wired.

To get your brain on your side, change your thought process and language from losing weight to releasing excess weight. Visualizating and affirming what you want and how good you will feel, will get your SCM on your side. Make it about how much wonderful, tasty, healthy food you will be eating, not deprivation. Focus on how good exercise makes you feel and how wonderful your fit, trim body is to live in. Get into the positive emotion of it.   Do this often, even if just for a few seconds a day.

Have a plan. Following a two week crash diet is a plan for quick weight loss and most likely an equally quick rebound. For long term success you want a long range plan with short term goals build in.

  • Set an intention. What is your target weight? Aim for a realistic, healthy weight. Set interim targets, perhaps at every 5 or 10 pounds.  What is your target waist? Waist size is more important than weight. It indicates the amount of abdominal fat you have around your organs.  It is linked with inflammation and insulin resistance, two saboteurs of weight loss. It is suggested that your waist measures no more than half your height in inches. That means if you are 64 inches tall your waist measure 32 inches or less. Write these goals down.
  • Know your why. Why do you want to lose pounds? What's in it for you? Health? Self-esteem? Fitness? This has to be about you, not what someone else is telling you what you should do or look like.
  • Know your how. What is your plan? What will you eat? When and how often? How does exercise fit in your plan? What support will you have? What else do you need to be successful? How will you adjust your mindset? What will you do or say to yourself in the face of temptation? How will you reward yourself (not with food) when you reach your targets? Write everything down.
  • Commit. Set a starting date and begin. When you falter, begin again. Tweak your plan.
  • Make it do-able. Feeling deprived and forcing yourself to do something are recipes for subconscious kickback. The best weightloss tips will not work for you if you are still struggling or feeling negative. If you continue to feel that way after the first week or so, tweak your plan or get support. 

Accept yourself.  Practicing self acceptance is a top priority healthy weightloss tip. Hating yourself for gaining weight or how you look creates an undercurrent of stress that undermines your efforts. You may get a temporary burst of motivation, but your chance of going back to old eating habits is high. Hurling insults at yourself is counter-productive. Choose to lose pounds because you love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Do it because you believe you deserve to look and feel great. 

Try this exercise:

Step on the scale while looking in the mirror. Factually state what you see, how much you weigh, how you feel about it. If you find this difficult (or impossible) because of negative feelings and self-judgment, try it without the mirror first.

Do this every day until you have no judgments about it. You simply accept the facts for what they are. This doesn't mean you are happy about your weight or body shape, it just is what it is.

Even better, send love to your image in the mirror. When you can honestly do this, you are ready to start your program. Your mind and body are able to support your intention to lose pounds of excess weight with ease. 

Get support.  The best weight loss plan is of no use if you don't follow it. Having the support of a counselor, wellness coach, support group or friend makes all the difference. A professional can help you design a plan and implement weightloss tips in the right way at the right time. They can support you with mindset and sabotaging behaviors.

Support comes in other forms, too. One example is hypnosis for weight loss. An expert hypnotherapist is skilled at implanting relevant suggestions in your subconscious mind. This makes it easier to take on new habits and overcome emotional eating and mental resistance. High quality audios, like this doctor-endorsed hypnosis program, are effective, especially if you listen to them multiple times for continued support.

Keep emotional eating at bay.  Emotional eating is often triggered by stress and anxiety. Upset and worry make you are more likely to chuck healthy eating habits for your favorite comfort foods. Stress makes you want to eat carbohydrates and junk food. 

Occasional emotional stress eating won't derail your diet unless it happens too often. When you do eat something fattening and unhealthy, enjoy it without guilt. Any kind of stress, including guilt, interferes with digestion and assimilation.

Take a few deep belly breaths before eating to calm your nervous and digestive system. As a bonus, you may eat less get more nutrients from your food.

Physical Weightloss Tips

If you have a lot of weigh to lose or are under a doctor's care for health conditions, it would be wise to visit your doctor before beginning your weight loss plan. Get the green light on your plan and advice on what weightloss tips are most appropriate for you. You may also want to:

  • Discuss the best foods and exercises for you.
  • Request a full thyroid test. Even if your thyroid is just on the slow side of normal, it makes gaining pounds easier than losing them.
  • Find out if you are a candidate for bio-identical hormone therapy. Tiny doses of these hormones can help you quickly lose pounds gained because of hormonal imbalances. 
  • Ask for a food sensitivity test if you suffer from bloating, water retention, low energy, or gas after eating certain foods. This test is also a good idea if you have auto-immune or unresolved health concerns.

Enjoy healthy weight loss foods. Let's face it. You can do everything else right, but if you overeat junk foods and consume too many calories you will sabotage your weight loss program. To be successful, you must eat a nutritious portion controlled diet. This diet is preferably low in simple carbohydrates and high in nutritious food. Choosing nourishing, tasty, satisfying foods and beverages help you lose weight and keep it off without making you feel deprived. 

Think waist, not just weight. Your waist size is about more than looks and how your clothes fit. The size of your waist is an indicator of how much abdominal or visceral fat you have. Some fat in the abdomen is necessary to protect your organs, but too much can imbalance hormones, stress your organs and circulatory system and make you fatter. 

A good rule of thumb is that your waist measurement be no more than half your height. So if you are 5 foot 5 inches, your waist should measure less than 32.5 inches. 

Avoid obesogens. These chemicals and natural substances cause weight gain and other health problems.


It is almost impossible to completely avoid these chemicals. Limit them by choosing naturally raised foods and non-toxic cleaning and personal products. 

Soft plastic is a major offender. Rigid BPA free plastic is better. Ditch plastic wrap and disposable containers that leach these chemicals when heated or scratched and cracked.

Use stainless steel, ceramic or glass containers for storing wet or acidic food and beverages. Choose fabric over vinyl.

Boost your metabolism.  As you age and become more sedentary, your body slows down and burns fewer calories. Inactive women in their 40's and 50's lose muscle and decrease metabolism by ten percent.

Eating nutritious real food while purposely increasing your metabolic rate are two healthy ways to lose pounds and counteract this problem. 

  • Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep. In one study, dieters who slept for 5.5 hours felt hungrier than those sleeping 8.5 hours. They also held onto 55% more body fat. Lack of sleep negatively affects your health, hormones and metabolism.
  • Do intensity exercises two or three times a week to accelerate fat burning and boost human growth hormone production. Exercise on an empty stomach and limit carbohydrates for two hours afterwards for better results. Alternate 30 seconds of all-out speed with 90 seconds of slower movement plus warm up and cool down. Work up to 6-8 cycles if you can. Four is okay. You can alternate walking with running, slow cycling with faster cycling (or skiing) or alternating walking with stair climbing. Only start interval training when you can easily walk for a mile.

  • Move your body every day. Playing sports, house cleaning, walking, all count as exercise. One hour of brisk walking burns approximately 250 calories. Sitting on the couch burns 60 calories.
  • Strength training two or three times a week to build and tone muscle. Muscle keep you strong, and pound for pound, burn three times more calories at rest than fat. Yoga, pilates, push-ups, and weight lifting work all your muscles. Ironically, 15 minutes of super slow weight training once a week boosts human growth hormone as much as interval training. 
  • Here is one of my favorite weightloss tips. Overindulge once every week or two. If you regularly eat a controlled calorie healthy diet the rest of the time, this big meal will boost your metabolism. Sticking with the other dietary weightloss tips will be easier, too. Make this part of your plan, not your reward.
  • Use caffeine wisely. Research shows this stimulant burns calories. Green tea contains metabolism revving polyphenols and caffeine. Matcha tea gives even more of a boost. Do not overdo to avoid negative health effects. Excess coffee is acidic and causes you to store fat faster if you are on thyroid medication. Enjoy one or two cups of coffee and/or two to three cups of matcha or green tea daily.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight enhance your quality of life and physical wellness. A well designed holistic weight loss plan helps you look good and feel good. With effective weightloss tips as part of your lifestyle, a trim healthy body can be yours.

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