Words of Affirmation for Well-Being

Speaking words of affirmation on a daily basis is a lovely way to support your healing and bring life to your goals.  

Affirming helps you influence and reprogram your subconscious mind so it works with you to attract and manifest what you want. 

When you meditate and reflect on positive sayings, your thoughts, beliefs, and self-talk will naturally begin to shift to what is possible and positive.  

When your subconscious mind accepts your words of affirmation as truth, it aligns with your conscious mind and even the universe to bring what you desire to pass. Medical folks call this the placebo effect. Spiritual people call it a miracle.

Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay, made healing affirmations popular. Based on her work with many clients, she observed a correlation between mental causes and physical illness.

She paired specific healing affirmations for each condition in order to help shift to a positive, mentally supportive state.

For example, she says that coughing is a desire to bark at the world in order to be seen and heard. The corresponding words of affirmation are: I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive ways. I am loved.

Whether you agree with Louise's process, or not,  it is definitely worth your time and effort to explore possible causes for your illness and craft a daily positive affirmation that will help you heal.

Positive sayings can be crafted and used in much the same way to help you improve your health habits or achieve life goals. 

Tips for Using Words of Affirmation

  • If you want to write your own life or healing affirmations, you might enjoy tapping into your mind body connection through hypnosis or meditation to see what your inner wisdom brings up. It may have just the right daily positive affirmation for you.
  • Use positive, present tense words that clearly describe what you desire. Your subconscious tends to ignore words such as 'no' or 'not.  Do not worry that you are telling yourself lies.  You are stating what you desire as if you already are receiving it. I like to think of it as giving my mind instructions. 
  • Be attuned to your inner talk. Listen to what you tell yourself when you repeat your daily affirmation. If a negative tail-ender follows, no matter how fleetingly, you can be sure that this is the truth your subconscious hears, believes and reinforces. 
  • If you follow your positive affirmation with negative self talk, revise your saying to something you can believe. For example: If saying, "I am vibrantly healthy" is too big of a stretch, try, " I am creating vibrant health". 
  • Afformations are a new twist on positive self talk. Instead of repeating positive statements, you ask a question. "Why am I vibrantly healthy?" or "Why does my body release weight easily?" The idea behind afformations is that your subconscious mind loves questions and it will set itself to finding the answer or solution. You do not consciously try to answer them. Asking questions reduces resistance from the subconscious. Play with this technique and see how you like it. 
  • Really focus on your positive affirmation or afformation as you repeat it at least three times. Say it slowly, hypnotically, with belief and positive emotion and deep feeling. And/Or...Sing your daily affirmation and/or tap it in using EFT tapping.
  • Your daily affirmation can be one positive, meaningful word, a short phrase, or a longer prayer. 
  • Make written copies of your words of affirmation and place them in strategic places such as your car, office and around your house. Place visual reminders near your bed  and say them with feeling and belief before sleep and right after waking. Do this even if you have your affirmation memorized.
  • Do you want to add more 'umph' to your healing affirmations? Combine your daily affirmation with afformations and visualization.  The more you bring in emotion and vivid imagining with affirmations, the faster and more likely the subconscious is to accept the new program. 
  • Subliminal affirmations or background recordings of positive sayings may appeal to you as way to listen to verbal messages.

Examples of Healing Affirmations

Speaking words of affirmation that support health and wellness is a great way to inspire you to take good care of yourself.

If you resonate with one or more of these messages, feel free to use them or modify them as you see fit.

  • My body moves freely and easily.
  • I eat five servings of vegetables and fruit every day. I drink five glasses of pure fresh water today and every day.
  • My (organ/s-name) are healthy and function perfectly according to the divine intelligence that designed them/it.
  • I feel joy and gratitude to be alive and full of life today and everyday.
  • Everyday, in every way, I am better and better and better.

Words of affirmation can take the form of a prayer. This healing prayer affirms your partnership with Spirit/Divine Universal Energy and taps you into the high vibration of expressing words of gratitude - a powerful combination.

I love my healthy wonderful mind and body. I thank my mind and body for taking care of me every day, in every way. I feel the deepest gratitude for the way my mind and body heals and renews itself every day. I relax and open myself fully to the healing power of the divine universal energy (God, Spirit...) that sustains me. It provides me with an abundance of assistance from within myself and through the wisdom of others. I listen and trust my intuition as it leads me in caring for my mind and body in the best possible ways. I rest in the knowing that life is good. I am at peace. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Read healing, nurturing words of affirmation with a beautiful song of gratitude. It will have you singing throughout the day. What a powerful way to raise your vibration, engage your whole brain, and heal your spirit.

I am so blessed, I am so blessed, I am so grateful for all that I am...

Words of Affirmation to the MindBody Connection


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