8 Keys - A Special Delivery Message From The Angels

by Linda West

Submitted by Dyan Garris, Arizona, USA

Briefly tell us what this book is about.

In "8 Keys" Linda West weaves her life story around timely and valuable information from the angels who are guiding us through the transition process we are now going through. Linda's story is touching and poignant and many people will see themselves reflected in it.

The 8 Keys that Linda brings forth from the angels are simple and straightforward, yet have the power to transform our lives. They are: Believe, Trust, Detachment, Love, Humility, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Connection.

Knowing how to put these Keys together gives you the blueprint to transform your life. That is what Linda West teaches us in her book.

Share a helpful tip or two from the book and/or an insight that you gained.

Sometimes we have all of the ingredients but don't have the recipe for combining them. Sometimes we read words, but we don't assimilate them.

"8 Keys" makes things seem very simple and in fact, that's one of the things Linda puts a lot of emphasis on. Things should just be simple and easy. When they aren't, we have to look to where we are in our own way and why.

How did this book help you?

"8 Keys" is a book you can really identify with. No matter who you are, you can see yourself within these pages. There is a great deal of wisdom and truth here.

Somewhere along the way, it dawns on you that this is a blueprint for you to change your life, rather than someone telling you about their own. It draws you in and helps you connect not only with your angels, but with yourself.

Who else do you think would benefit from reading this book?

All those who are looking for real, practical answers and the way forward without the fluff and hype will benefit from reading 8 Keys.

Anything else you would like to share about this book or your experiences from using it.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is this:

"In order for clothes to get clean, they first have to go through a cycle of agitation."

The power of even one of these keys by itself is amazing. Put all eight together and you have a wealth of timely, integrative information that is capable of completely changing your life. Interwoven throughout the book and Linda's personal story are special meditations. When you put everything together you have a quintessential blueprint for profound change.

Highly recommended.

Which key most speaks to you?

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Thanks Dyan
by: Val

Thanks for sharing with us, Dyan. I noticed that sample pages are available for viewing on Amazon if readers want to check this book out in more detail.

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