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September 10, 2019

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Hello and Happy Summer,

Summer took a while getting here, but now that the days are warm and sunny I hope you have been enjoying the outdoor air and feeling the ground under your bare feet as much as I do (when I pull myself away from the computer, that is.)

Table of Contents

1-What's all the ruckus about 5G
2- How search engines are manipulating you.
3-Watermelon goodness
4-Guest Post: Conditions That CBD Can Help
5-Free Ebook on Weight Loss and Body Confidence

I hope you enjoy this issue.

What's all the ruckus about 5G?

What's all the ruckus about 5G?Recently, my inbox has been deluged by an onslaught of health articles with headlines smacking of apocalypse and conspiracy theory. The dramatic subject line "The most dangerous health threat since the atom bomb was invented" is referring to the 5G technology being put into service around the world. Like its forebears, this level of electromagnetic energy has not been researched for long-term health effects before being unleashed on the public.

So what's the problem?

5G is a “thicker, denser” net of radio waves used to ferry internet and phone traffic quickly. It uses a different part of the radio spectrum- high-frequency millimeter-wave signals to the current low- to mid-frequency range signals already in use. Supposedly, it can handle one thousand times as much data as 4G.

Although the idea that EMF waves might damage our bodies is considered “far-fetched”, the U.S. Congress exempted the telecommunications industry from the liability of its health effects. And insurance companies regard 5G as “high risk”. Hmmm…

According to Martin Pall, PhD, over a dozen scientific reviews cite eight harmful side effects of these EMFs including infertility, life-threatening cardiac events, oxidative stress, and free radical damage, cell mutations, cancers, disrupted hormones, and central nervous system disturbances- that means it can contribute to insomnia, dementia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and depression. He said,

“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.” - Martin Pall, PhD, Molecular Biochemist, University of Washington

Dr. Pall is not alone in his concern. More than 240 scientists and doctors from 41 or more countries warn about the dangers of 5G and the huge involuntary exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Keep 5G transmitters out of your home and request that they are kept out of schools, places of worship, and offices.

Turn off your wireless router (2-5G) while you and your family is sleeping.

Keep your cell phone away from your body when not in use. Keep it away from your head when using it. Cellphones emit radiation.

Want to learn more: Watch the movie “5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event"(Expect some conspiracy theory along with the solid science.)

Search Engine Manipulation

This one hits home since Holistic Mindbody Healing has taken a traffic hit along with other fine natural health sites.

In recent months, some of the Internet’s long-standing, respected natural health and wellness sites have seen dramatic drops in traffic due to Search Engine Manipulation. This happens in a few ways:

Scrubbing or downgrading sites or certain pages on a site from being seen. Sites and pages that showed up on page one or two are now dropped altogether or so far down in priority that no one sees them.

Auto-search is set to deliver skewed results. IE: holistic medicine is...fake, dangerous..., anti-vaxxers... kill, bring back disease, and so on.

Why should you care?

Search engines are being set to purposely censor information or promote fear in order to manipulate your mind and behaviors. This prejudices you against exploring natural alternatives and learning all the facts about vaccines and other conventional health practices. It plants suggestions in your mind that you may not have considered (not be a bad thing if you have access to all the facts, not just skewed ones.) If manipulators succeed in this arena, they may also begin to align with other political and corporate bigwigs with deep pockets at the expense of your/our well-being and freedom of choice. Something to think about.

What can you do about it?

Visit your favorite wellness sites and subscribe to the newsletters. Like pages of interest and post a comment if you have something to say. Send a strong signal to Google and Bing that you want to read from sites other than the ones they approve.Read a variety of articles on a topic from a variety of sources. You may not agree with an article, but being educated about all sides of an issue is necessary to make informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Some good sites are,, (and of course, this newsletter and others you find helpful with your friends and family members. Ditto for articles and posts. Social sharing makes this easy.

Watermelon Goodness

Now for some sweet news...Among the most enjoyed foods of summer, watermelon is a sure favorite. Some people shy away from this delicious summer superfood for fear of calories or sugar, but no need. Two cups of watermelon contain 24 carbs and less than 100 calories, not much more than a regular slice of bread. In addition, watermelon is a good source of Vitamins A and C, as well as potassium and magnesium. Its high water content aids detoxification and helps you feel full. The lycopene in watermelon helps prevent prostate cancer in men and is good for the eyes.

Enjoy a refreshing slice of watermelon "as is" or add to smoothies, fruit water. Make a healthy salad with watermelon chunks, arugula, and feta cheese. How about a watermelon pizza? Simply pile slices of your favorite fruits and berries atop melon triangles and enjoy. Yum!

Guest Post: Conditions That CBD Can Help

CBD oil is all the rage as a natural remedy right now. I even saw a shop opening in the mall dedicated solely to CBD.

Amelia Noble, a researcher with the CBD Awareness Project, writes "CBD oil has become a popular natural remedy for the treatment of everything from headaches to epilepsy. Though it's not going to cure cancer, it can offer relief for symptoms of chronic and temporary conditions." Read more here.

Free E-book

It's time to become aware of the beliefs that disempower and empower us so we can feel better in our own skin whether weight is a concern or not. My affiliates at the Tapping Solution are offering you a free copy of 103 Disempowering Beliefs About Weight Loss and Body Confidence and How to Eliminate Them in Minutes written by the lovely Jessica Ortner. She struggled with both of these issues for some time, so she knows what it's like and how to shift her mindset and behavior in these areas.

Get your copy here.

Through the Beliefs Discovery Process, you'll learn exactly which beliefs are holding you back. You'll be given step-by-step instructions on how to use the scientifically proven Tapping Technique to eliminate any negative beliefs you have and install positive ones! Plus you'll get 103 Empowering Beliefs that you can start using immediately to ingrain new beliefs that bring you the body confidence and weight that you deserve!

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Until next time,
Wishing you a wonderful day filled with happiness and healing of mind, body and spirit.

Val Silver

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