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December 2019 - Holiday miracles
February 06, 2020

Thank you for being a member of my email community. I appreciate you and wish you a happy, healthy, holiday season.

Our topic this month is holiday miracles. Plus, if you missed the chance to order my new book, One Creation Under God, at its discounted price in October, you can get it at a special discount this week (see below). December ushers in the joys and stressors of the holiday season, the onset of winter, and the shortest day of the year. We may not like the dark days of winter, but the beauty of the darkest day is knowing that this too shall pass. The following day, the light overcomes the darkness by a few unnoticed seconds. And a few seconds more the next day and the next until one morning a few months later, we wake up in the light.

This is an apt metaphor for times in our lives that feel bleak with unhappiness or illness. We can have faith and hope that brighter days will follow. This, I believe, is part of the magic of the holiday season. It is a time when people are more willing to take down walls and welcome miracles of love and healing for themselves and others.

Holiday Miracles

Miracles occur all around us, at any time. Sometimes we welcome even the "smallest" of miracles, at other times they bless us unawares. It has been said that the holidays are a time of miracles because the veil between the material and spirit world thins and angels draw near. I like that.

What is a miracle?

A miracle is defined as something most welcome resulting from a highly improbable, surprising, or extraordinary event or achievement. Miracles are often attributed to the divine or supernatural because they seem to occur outside the realm of natural laws or beyond rational explanation.

Other miracles are not as spectacular but are no less special. They are what I call co-created miracles because they require a person to bring to pass.

What might these co-created miracles be?

They are actions that may seem ordinary and small except for one major point. They manifest from inspired promptings of your heart and soul, not your ego of shoulds and oughts. The acts may appear the same, but because miracles originate from a higher source and energetic nature, the outcome will likely be better; both giver and receiver will be blessed. Sometimes, even though you may be prompted to act on behalf of others, the one who receives the true miracle from taking the action is you.

Some examples:

*The miracle of reconciliation restores your relationship with the Divine, yourself, and friends and family. Don’t wait to let go of your resentment, guilt, shame, blame, and self-righteousness. Make the first move. Seek forgiveness, grant forgiveness. Some people have received miraculous healing of physical or mental ailments when they forgave those who transgressed against them. For others, an "I'm sorry" from an estranged sibling is an unexpected miracle.

*The miracle of heartfelt compassion extends acts of kindness to yourself, your loved ones, people beyond your circle, and fellow beings in all forms, especially when the receiver seems “undeserving” and/or you feel an inspired impulse to be helpful. Make a habit of doing random and planned acts of kindness in word, thought, and deed as the Spirit within moves you every day. I will always remember the story of the young woman who did not commit suicide because a stranger smiled at her as they passed on the street. A miracle. For a lonely single, an invite to your family dinner can seem a joyous miracle.

*The miracle of bestowing blessings, seen and unseen, on one and all spreads goodwill and creates peace within and amongst others. Bless those around you. Bless our Earth home and those that live upon it. Offer an abundance of “infinite love and gratitude” silently, in prayer, and aloud. Open yourself to receive these blessings. Feel them. Bask in them.

I encourage you to believe and trust that healing mind, body, spirit, relationships, and the environment is possible when you are willing to be a co-creator of miracles for yourself, your loved ones, and all of us.

What miracles have you experienced in your life?

Video: Energist Silvia Hartmann guides you through her style of tapping on opening your energy system to receiving a Christmas Miracle - Christmas Stress? Christmas Miracle! with Silvia Hartmann

One Creation Under God

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Love, light, and healing blessings to you and yours,
Val Silver
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Wishing you a wonderful day filled with happiness and healing of mind, body and spirit.

Val Silver

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