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Holistic Happenings - One Degree of Shift and Special Bonus
March 06, 2011

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Table of Contents

1 - A Note from Val - Thoughts on the Tapping Summit

2 - Featured Article - One Degree of Shift

3 - Quick Health Tip - Sit Less, Move More

4 - Special Offer - Free Session and Summit Upgrade

A Note from Val

Wow- it seems like the Tapping Summit flew by. Over 300,000 people attended. I think that's rather amazing for something as woo-woo as a tapping technique! Congratulations to those of you who attended. I would love for you to share what you learned or experienced, even if you only attended one session.

This year I decided to listen with an ear to how a presentation on one topic could be applied to another. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are interwoven and touch so many aspects of our lives. For example, the protocol for mastering anger works for any emotion. You don't have to stretch far to see how this affects your relationships, happiness, and emotional eating habits. If you've ever eaten to 'stuff' your emotions, you know what I mean.

Now I'm looking forward to wading through my many pages of notes and playing with some of the protocols. Basic EFT works great, and with some of these expert techniques, you can go even deeper.

Watch for future ezine issues summarizing some of the major points from the presentations.

In the meantime, keep tapping. One tip that came up repeatedly was: don't worry about your wording. You can just tune into any emotions you are feeling and tap. That alone will help you make positive shifts.

Speaking of shifts...

Featured Article - One Degree of Shift

A recent email from Mary Morrissey really got me thinking. She mentioned how even a one-degree shift in our thinking can cause massive change in our lives. Now one degree seems quite small. We may not even notice such a tiny shift. We may even be disappointed because it is so small and dismiss it as insignificant.

This is a big mistake. Don't hang your star on the wish and belief that only big shifts are valuable. Sometimes they even backfire.

Consider this visual.

Imagine a big traditional wall clock. Use your imagination to draw two lines up from the center of the clock. One line goes through the 12 and one through one minute after. At first, and for a time, the lines will be very close together. But as you extend them further and further up the wall and into space they diverge further and further until they are nowhere near each other. They are clearly heading in different directions. This is the possibility of one degree.

Now imagine how much your thinking shifts with just five degrees. This is true whether you make the five degree shift all at once, or in one degree increments. LINK REMOVED.

Quick Health Tip - Sit Less, Move More

Here's a shift in thinking and behavior worth making. Make the connection between sitting too much and the increased risk of heart disease and death.

A 6.5 year Australian study of 8800 adults revealed that for each hour participants spent sitting in front of the TV, the higher the death rate. People who sat for four or more hours a day were 80% more likely to die of heart disease. Mortality was 50% higher overall than those watching TV for less than two hours.

The problem isn't just weight gain. When you sit for even an hour it affects how our bodies process blood fats and sugars. It's important to move and use your muscles.

Obviously, this problem extends beyond TV watching. No matter what you are doing, get in the habit of getting up and moving around for a few minutes every hour.

Want to make an even bigger shift? Make an agreement with yourself to incorporate exercise with TV watching. Put your exercise equipment in the same room as your TV (and use it!). Get up during commercials and do some resistance training, march in place, or do some chores. Ok, time for me to practice what I preach and get up from this computer!

Special Offer - Free Tapping Session and Upgrade Package

If you already purchased the Tapping Summit Package I have a surprise bonus for you. My desire is to support you as you make life-changing shifts using tapping. So as a special bonus, I'm offering you a free EFT tapping mini-session. If you get stuck, want a fresh perspective, or you want to experience personalized tapping, contact me between now and May 31st to schedule your free session. Please include a copy of your 2011 Tapping Summit invoice. For HMBH members only.

If you want to purchase a package, you'll have to act fast. They are only taking orders for a few more days.

Based on over 60 pages of testimonials, these are some of the most valuable recordings you'll ever listen to. The upgrade package includes the audios, workbooks,transcripts, bonuses, and of course, the benefits you actually get from doing the Tapping itself.


Until next time,
Blessings and Healing Energy,

Val Silver
Holistic MindBody Wellness Coach

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