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Table of Contents

1 - A Note from Val - Synchronicity

2 - Featured Article - Why Can't I Set a Goal and Achieve It?

3 - Wellness Challenge - #4 Non Toxic Personal Care

A Note from Val

Wow - my summer is off to a busy start! I made a major dent in my summer house cleaning (gotta love seeing through a nice clean window)and even took some time for bike riding and lounging in the sun.

Today I taught a class about how to achieve your goals at the local college. I very much enjoyed the ladies, and the class ended with an amazing example of synchronicity. Let me tell you about it.

One of the ladies expressed the goal of wanting to do art therapy with sick children as her next career. Another woman suggested that she look into a college that grants credits for life and professional experience. Since she's a graphic designer that's a great idea, right?

So who comes walking out of her office as I'm stepping into the hallway but an old colleague who tells me she is now the representative for that college. I quickly hooked her up with my student. If that's not coincidence enough, get this - the representative shared that her son also wants to pursue art therapy.

I don't know about you, but I just love synchronistic moments like those. And it was a perfect example of the point I made in class about the Law of Attraction and how the subconscious mind opens our awareness to what we've been focusing on. I just didn't expect it to happen so fast!

Featured Article - Why am I not able to set a goal and actually achieve it?

If you aren't able to even set a particular goal, there's a good chance it's either something you really don't want or it's something so big that you fear what might happen if you do.

Either way, because you are experiencing resistance to even setting the goal, let alone achieve it, it's safe to say that this isn't the right goal for you right now.

Is this a 'should' goal? Setting goals you don't want just to please someone else or fulfill a 'should' seldom inspire you and don't usually last long. You may even feel resentful.

In order to be successful with a goal long term, it's best to choose something that inspires you and is in line with your core values. It's a goal that comes from your heart's desire. Ask yourself, "What do I really want?" What inspires me and touches my heart? Is what I think I want really what I want, or is it just a vehicle for getting me there?

For example, you may say that your goal is to lose 40 pounds. Is that your heart's desire or is it that you want to feel fabulous in your body and clothes and to improve your health so you can get off your medications? Feel the difference?

If you really do want the goal, but it feels so big that it's scary, take a look at what's bringing up resistance. Are you afraid your friends won't relate to you anymore? Are you uncomfortable investing time and money in yourself? Is the goal Are you afraid you'll fail so why bother? Remember, your subconscious mind doesn't like to change, it likes to keep you safely in your comfort zone.

To help overcome this resistance, you may want to chunk the goal down into smaller steps. Then as you meet those milestones, you can up the ante. Eventually you'll get closer to that big goal and it won't seem as daunting. You may even feel excited about it.

Another tip is to write down a list of pros and cons before taking action on the goal. Make a long list of pros. How will you benefit if you achieve this goal? List everything even if it sounds silly. Then list the cons of achieving this goal. Make sure you have at least twice as many pros on your list as cons. If not, reevaluate the goal. Then, read your list of pros every day for motivation.

Wellness Challenge - #4 Non Toxic Personal Products

How are you doing with the first three challenges? To recap, our last three goals are:

Add only natural sweeteners to beverages such as stevia, a little raw organic sugar, and lo han. Avoid adding artificial sweeteners containing aspartame and sucralose to your beverages. The challenge was to start at home and eventually eliminate artifical sweeteners from your life entirely.

Use non-toxic household cleaners. As you use up your chemical cleaners (or dispose of them safely), replace them with safe, natural, chemical-free cleaners. These cleaners can be made at home with common ingredients such as vinegar, castile soap, and essential oils. Or purchase green cleaning products. Products you use often are great starting places: laundry soap, dish soap, countertop and bathroom cleaners.

Use a BHA free refillable water bottle, water filtration pitchers or faucet filters. Avoid using pre-filled plastic disposable water bottles which are very expensive, contain chemicals, deplete natural resources and create a landfill nightmare.

You may notice a pattern here. We have been focusing on reducing the amount of toxins going into your body. Each action by itself may not seem like much, but as they build on each other, the benefit to your health and the environment becomes greater.

This week we will continue to reduce your intake of toxins by switching to non toxic personal care products. (Continue reading and comment on the blog..)

That's all for now. Stay tuned for your next issue when we answer the question- Why do I not follow through with a goal I set?

And please do let us know when you accept a challenge. It really is more fun for all of us if you join in. The more the merrier. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take these steps toward a healthier, happier you!

Until next time,
Blessings and Healing Energy,

Val Silver

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