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Table of Contents

1 - A Note from Val - Two Phone Calls

2 - Featured Article - [Video] A Positive Start to the New Year

3 - Special Limited Offer - Resolution to Reality Program

A Note from Val - Two Phone Calls

2012 started with a bang at my house. One Thursday night my husband and I got two phone calls. The first call from my sister informed me that my mother was in the hospital with severe anemia.

Thankfully my sister was visiting, and made her go to the doctor because she could barely breathe or walk.

The second call came only a few hours later from my mother-in-law. She ended up in the hospital with congestive heart failure and failing kidneys.

Needless to say, two mothers going into the hospital on the same day was quite a shock.

A few days and several blood and plasma transfusions later, my mother was sent home to recover. My mother-in-law went home around the same time, only to return to the hospital for another week. Thankfully she is home again. I am most grateful that we have doctors and nurses skilled at this type of intensive care, who can give people a second chance to make it.

What I heard more often than not as I shared this story was how important it is to take care of ourselves and how precious life is. That's why I do this - to encourage you, and myself, to not take your health and your life for granted.

Take care of yourself, do what it takes, you are worth it. Remember, every day you can enjoy good health, and your loved ones have you with them healthy and happy is a good day for you and them.

A Positive Start to the New Year

Earlier this month I received an email containing several questions that encouraged me to look back at last year and to explore what went well, as well as what didn't and why. Then the questions turned to this year and how I could get off to a good start with goals for this year.

I liked them so much that I modified and expanded on them in a video so that you could experience them as a guided exercise for yourself. The questions and time for reflection create a positive discovery and learning process. You will bring closure to last year and then take what you learn and use it to move forward with more confidence this year.

Give yourself the gift of thirty minutes and enjoy One Look Back and Two Steps Forward into the new year. I know you will benefit from this exercise. Do share what you learn and what steps you will be taking on the blog.

The Resolution to Reality Program

Are you determined to make your resolutions and life goals for 2012 stick? It's not too late.

I have a vision for transformative personal growth, and a greater sense of holistic wellness for the new year. If you want that for yourself, and you want one-on-one assistance from me to help you create what you want, then I invite you to check out this special offer.

There are two slots open for participants in my new Resolution to Reality Coaching Program. Each participant will receive a significant financial scholarship for the program.

Even if the three month program isn't for you, that's fine. Get your year off to a good start with a complimentary consult. I'd love to talk with you, get to know you, and help you get more clarity about your personal wellness and life goal and any challenges you might be facing.

Find all the details here.

Wishing you a prosperous and happy new year.

Until next time,
Blessings and Healing Energy,

Val Silver

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