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Holistic Happenings - Grief, Healing and Meta-Medicine
April 07, 2012

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Table of Contents

1 - A Note from Val - New Beginnings

2 - Featured Article - Grief, Healing and Meta-Medicine

3 - From our Members - Two Tips and a Question

4 - Upcoming Events - Clutter Cleanse and 2012 Tapping Summit

A Note from Val - New Beginnings

Spring is here and with it comes new life and new beginnings. Thanks to two summery weeks in March, signs of spring arrived early here in the North Country.

A few eager Amish farmers are getting an early start plowing their fields. Several species of birds are back and the geese are honking in the marsh. The tom turkeys are strutting their stuff to the ladies. It won't be long until we see tiny animal babies out for the first time.

Another long awaited 'rebirth' is the updated SBI web hosting platform. This will allow me greater flexibility and more up-to-date features on the site. Be watching for a new look and feel and new features over the next few months.

If you've been chomping at the bit to post an article on the site, hold tight a little longer. That's in the works too. I'll keep you posted!

Also...we now have a facebook page. If you are on facebook please visit and 'like' us to stay updated and share.

Featured Article - Grief, Healing and Meta-Medicine

Spring may be all about new beginnings, but as the trees began budding, and the first brave wildflowers of an early spring bloomed, on that last hot March day, I was faced with an ending.

My beloved French bulldog, Louis, suddenly succumbed to a large ruptured tumor we didn’t even know he had. One minute he was his normal demanding self, and the next… And even though the loss of an aging loved one is never totally unexpected, it is painful all the same, regardless of the physical form they take in life.

To say this sudden turn of events threw me for a loop would be an understatement.

I felt like I was in shock. My mind didn’t have any time to process the vet’s words before having to make the painful decision to end his suffering. It was the one final act of unselfish love I could do for him. Actually, it was more like the entire experience was happening to me and through me, as if I were caught in some cosmic play...(continue reading)

From Our Members

After the March issue about improving nutrition and tweaking our eating habits, I received this note from Penny, one of our fellow members. Here are two tips she shares with us:

1-Hi Val - I want to thank you for your magazine. I am a 56 year old grandmother of 2 and while I'm thankfully healthy and can move well, I still practice healthy eating and try to exercise daily. This month you recommended two forms of eating healthier.

I belong to a Shape up team, and have found that if I put a bowl of fruits and vegetables on the table Sunday night, by midweek it's gone, no more searching for snacks and eating non-healthy foods, just grab a healthy snack right on the table...Also, peanut butter on celery kept in the fridge, is a quick, healthy treat as well.

Thought you might like these quick and easy ways to eat healthier to share. I do enjoy your magazine...Penny

Thank you Penny! 2- And from Maureen K. What a really great program. I go back to it again and again. Thank you for putting it together.

Thank you all for sharing. I love when you ask questions, share your wisdom, and take a moment to comment and say thanks. It really means a lot to me and enriches the experience for all of us.

Upcoming Events

I am very excited to announce two upcoming events.

It's coming - the 2012 World Tapping Summit! Watch your email on Monday, April 16th for the details. In the meantime, if you are new to tapping, get The FREE Tapping eBook, Tapping Your Way To Health, Happiness and Abundance now. Then when the summit starts you will be ready to tap along.

And finally - Our very own Kathy Fitzpatrick is offering a free Clutter Cleanse teleseminar on April 24th. I will be joining her on the call. This is the first teleseminar for both of us! (Tap, tap, tap!)

Kathy frequently comments and shares her wisdom on the blog and that is how we got to know each other. Be watching for an email from me next Wednesday or Thursday announcing the call and sign up details.

Until next time,
Wishing you happiness, healing, and wellness by design.

Until next time,

Val Silver

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