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Table of Contents

1 - A Note from Val - DeStress for Health and Happiness

2 - Featured Article - How Does EFT Work?

3 - Events - Clutter Cleanse and 2012 Tapping Summit

A Note from Val - DeStress for Health and Happiness

April is stress awareness month. What a perfect time for the Tapping World Summit to launch! This is one of my favorite tools for quieting stress and anxiety.

Most of us live lives of high stress and its accompanying exhaustion. You may have such a high threshold of daily stress that you aren't even aware of how stressed you are.

Sometimes to cope we learn to set up a pattern of fueling ourselves with adrenalin. People who do this may feel really energized for a while. It feels great rushing to appointments and you have plenty of energy to burn the candle at both ends. This habit can be quite addicting. Unfortunately, if all this energy is coming from your adrenal glands, the ultimate price to your health can be high. If those glands burn out, the resulting energy crash that can take years to recover from.

It's really important to check in with yourself each day and assess your stress levels. Ask yourself, "What can I let go of and what do I need to make more space for relaxation in mind, body, and spirit?

A good stress test is to notice if you are breathing. You'll be surprised how often you will catch yourself holding your breath. When that happens, stop for a moment, drop your shoulders and your jaw and take a deep breath for instant de-stressing.

If you need help with stress relief, be sure to visit the Natural Stress Relief Primer for a variety of natural stress relief techniques.

Featured Article - How Does EFT Work?

EFT is a wonderful tool for calming feelings of stress in your mind and body. This is why EFT is helpful for so many 'problems' and why you can literally try it on everything.

If stress is draining your energy, or distressing thoughts keep you awake at night, give tapping a try. It calms your body when it is hyped up with stress hormones and that in turn lets your mind relax too.

Read about how EFT works here.


Sign up for the free Empowered Goddess Clutter Cleanse telecall taking place on April 24th at 8pm (recording available for 48 hours). Listen in as I interview Kathy Fitzpatrick about reducing clutter in your life. Learn four secrets for taking the stress out of de-cluttering while reclaiming control of your mental and physical space.

Don't miss the video launch of the 2012 Tapping World Summit. These videos are great! Learn how EFT works and how it helps you relieve the number one threat to your health - stress. Cheryl Richardson covers three important topics - how tapping helps you quiet a racing mind, how to use EFT to set personal boundaries, and tips for sensitive people. The overarching theme is quieting stress and anxiety, self-care, and stepping into your personal power to move forward in your life.

Watch the videos and sign up for the 2012 Tapping Summit here

The 10 day summit begins May 7th and ends May 16th.

Topics include:
*Pain relief
*Overcoming negative childhood programming
*Weight loss and food cravings
*Procrastination and Perfectionism
*Creating better relationships
*And more...

Don't let this opportunity to improve your health and your life pass you by. It's totally free and so worth attending.

Watch the videos and sign up for the 2012 Tapping Summit here

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Wishing you happiness, healing, and wellness by design.

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Val Silver

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