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Holistic Happenings - Are You Assertive Enough? and Healthy Wealthy Wise Gifts
June 16, 2012

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Table of Contents

1 - A Note from Val - Are you assertive enough?

2 - Wellness Tip - Have a health advocate

3 - Healthy Wealthy Wise Giveaway

A Note from Val - Are you assertive enough?

Here's an update and another lesson compliments of my mom and sisters. Yes, the same mom the ER doctor wanted to send home with a diagnosis of being deconditioned.

Mom had a pacemaker implanted last week. Her heart rate had slowed to the mid-thirties despite being taken off all meds. There was no waiting. Along with the doctor, we feared that waiting meant certain death.

No, this part of the story did not take place at the same hospital with the same doctors. That was one mistake we were not going to repeat.

My younger sister, who has the gift of assertiveness crossing over at times to aggression, decided to get into action while the first hospital scenario was unfolding. Fortunately she lives close to a highly rated hospital affiliated with a renowned right heart specialist. Through persistence, she was able to secure an appointment with Dr. B.. The usual wait is up to a year.

When it was clear that Mom's situation was becoming critical she persisted in having the appointment moved to the next day.

Thankfully, my older sister, who followed her intuition and retired last year, also got into action. She made the long drive from Wisconsin to New York to help out. She was there to drive Mom to Jersey.

And it's a good thing she did. Dr. B. said Mom probably wouldn't have lasted a few days, let alone two more weeks if that appointment didn't happen.

We had a similar experience around 12 years ago when my father-in-law was suffering from chest pains. He was sent home to wait it out while his doctors took their time scheduling and reading his tests. Meanwhile, we watched him get weaker and paler.

Finally, my husband stepped in, called another heart specialist, and would not take 'no' or 'two weeks' for an answer.

Three days later, Dr. A. took one look at him and had him transported by ambulance for bypass surgery. The scan revealed an almost total blockage. Had my husband not been proactive, and even a bit aggressive, Frank would have lost several quality years of life.

So I encourage you - Be assertive and persistent. If you are not assertive enough, have an advocate who is. When you are not satisfied with your medical providers, switch sooner rather than later. Trust your instincts and act upon them quickly. Act from your strengths and let others act from theirs. Your life, or the life of your loved one, may depend on it.

I learned that although I am excellent at research, asking questions and being supportive, I can be more assertive. Thankfully, that is my sister's strength. We all played a part and now Mom has a second chance at a good quality of life.

Next time we'll talk about researching and asking relevant questions as a patient and advocate.

Wellness Tip - Have Health Advocates

Even if you are knowledgeable, assertive, and proactive with regards to your health, it is a good idea to have one or more people who will advocate for you if you are unable to fend for yourself during a health crisis.

Choose someone who will hold your best interests and wishes at heart and can be very assertive in getting you the care you need. Have someone who can do research and ask important questions (more on this next time).

Make sure your advocates are up-to-date on your current health concerns, medications, providers, and other relevant information. Have a health proxy in effect and sign a release allowing your advocates to access your medical records. Don't wait.

Now it's time for me to follow my own advice and get this paperwork in order.

Healthy Wealthy Wise Gifts Giveaway

I wanted to let you know today about a Health and Wellness event I'm participating in that gives you the opportunity to download hundreds of self help gifts. And the best part is that it is absolutely FREE!

The 2nd annual Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Gifts will be open only for a VERY LIMITED TIME from 14 June to 5 July 2012. When you go there you'll find a multitude of products - all FREE - provided by Health, Fitness, Wellness and Prosperity experts from all over the world.

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And here's just a tiny sample of what you'll find there:
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And TONS (OVER 300+) MORE!

This "Giveaway" style event is sort of like a giant electronic trade fair where 100's of experts offer their products free to the public. So if you want to grab the largest collection of health, wellness and self-help products you'll find ANYWHERE - all FREE -

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Until next time,
Wishing you happiness, healing, and wellness by design.

Until next time,

Val Silver

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