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Holistic Happenings - I Believe...Spring Cleaning for Your Mind
May 07, 2013

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Table of Contents

1 - Article - Spring Cleaning for Your Mind

2 - Book Launch Party - I Believe by Eldon Taylor

Spring Cleaning for Your Mind

Giving your mind a good spring cleaning is just as important as cleaning up your physical environment. If feelings of happiness and abundance elude you, it is likely that you have old limiting beliefs running the programs in your subconscious mind.

Just like the piles of clutter and old stuff tucked away in boxes, your subconscious mind stores and runs outdated belief files, many from early childhood. These programs cause you to act and react in ways that do not serve your highest good and your current dreams. Beliefs about health and healing can make the difference between getting well and staying ill.

When you find yourself asking why you can't stick to your healthy eating plan, why you say awful things to loved ones and ruminate on old hurts, or sabotage your chances for health and success, look no further than your subconscious mind. Every belief you have, conscious or unconscious, big or small, single or tangled in a big web of beliefs influences every aspect of your life, from your health to your wealth in ways we have yet to fully understand.

When these beliefs seem to sabotage your efforts for a better life, your subconscious mind is not trying to hurt you. Just the opposite. It is trying to protect you from future hurts and new situations that might be 'dangerous'. The problem is, it looks at everything new as a potential risk to your safety. That can keep you in a pretty small box!

Fortunately, you can clean out old beliefs and spruce up your belief system with new programs that better serve you. Emotional releasing techniques such as EFT, hypnosis, the Sedona method help clear out outdated beliefs and help you install new ones.

Here’s a tip for getting started. Using judgment-free awareness and absolute self-acceptance, make a list of all the negative memories you can think of. Add to this list all the degrading statements you tell yourself as well as all the things you tell yourself in order to avoid action and transformation. This will give you a peek into your programming. You may also want to look at your really positive experiences and self-talk, and give these a much more prominent place in your mind!

While you're cleaning mental house, don't overlook applying a dose of good old forgiveness to yourself and others. It will cleanse your mental field of stagnant energy and false perceptions, At the same time, your physical field will be cleansed of stress toxins dumped into your system from ruminating on old hurts. Remember the saying, "To hold a grudge is to drink a little poison each day and expect the other person to die." You suffer most when you nurse old wounds.

When you do forgive, add one more step. Look for the lesson and any good that came out of the experience. Focus on these positives and the health-damaging beliefs with their constrictive energy will shift and expand your awareness and your energy into a positive force in your life. I believe Genesis 50:20 echos this truth. "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done..."

Book Launch Party - I Believe

Last year, NY Times best selling author Eldon Taylor released his well received book, I Believe. This gem shows you how to access the controller within that dictates success or failure in every aspect of your life. The strength of this solution is literally coded in your mind.

For newcomers to the concept of how beliefs every aspect of your life including health and relationships, this easy to read book will help you grasp the concepts. For all of us, the stories, Dr. Taylor's sharing of his beliefs, and the thought provoking questions he asks help shine a light on our own beliefs.

I'm happy to announce that I Believe has just been released by Hay House as a paperback (available on Kindle also) and is now available for only a fraction of the original cost. The book includes an I Believe subliminal music CD.

I wrote a short commentary on the book and highlighted what I learned about the relationship between balance, fear and beliefs that tie into fear (a real aha for me!). Find it in this community page wellness book post. I would so appreciate reading your thoughts and beliefs about this topic in the comments. - Thanks!

"The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus taught his students that what happens to them is not as important as what they believe happens to them. In this engaging and provocative book, Eldon Taylor provides his readers with specific ways in which their beliefs can lead to success or failure in their life undertakings. Each chapter provides nuggets of wisdom as well as road maps for guiding them toward greater self-understanding, balance, responsibility, and compassion."
~ Dr. Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., author and Professor of Psychology and Humanistic Studies at Saybrook University

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Until next time,
Wishing you happiness, healing, and wellness by design.

Val Silver

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