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Holistic Happenings - What are You Tolerating?
April 15, 2014

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Table of Contents

1 - A Note from Val

2 - April Wellness Challenge: What Are You Tolerating?

3 - Favorite Facebook Wellness Posts

A Note From Val

Happy April!

It feels so good to feel the sun shining and temperatures above 50 degrees for a change. It was a long, cold, snowy, icy winter here in the North Country, and I am not sad to bid it farewell (although they are hinting at a chance of snow this week!)

Springtime has always been associated with new beginnings, and it is wonderful to see the grass greening and most of the trees looking not too much worse for what they went through during the ice storm. However, when the snow and ice finally left, it uncovered its reminders- tree limbs scattered around the yards and road sides, sometimes in big piles.

Much like the trees, this is how we are at times, especially after a particularly ravaging life storm, or a series of storms that keep us from recouping. We survive, but there are parts of us that need to heal, parts of us that need to be pruned away, and other parts that need to be discarded. Sometimes this work can happen right away, and other times we need to wait until the time is right.

This clean up, regrouping, recommitting to wellness in all areas of our lives is part of making a new beginning. One way to gain momentum is to zap tolerations, which is our wellness challenge this month.

April Wellness Challenge - Zap Tolerations

You know those things you put up with, tolerate, try to ignore, and sometimes pretend you are okay with? Things like a never-ending laundry pile, closets choking with unworn clothes, piles of unfiled papers, nagging pain, naughty children, and a long commute to work? Those are just a few items on a long list of what the late Thomas Leonard termed tolerations. They annoy and preoccupy you, and sap your energy like a drain without a plug, maybe without you even realizing it.

Zapping those easier, manageable tolerations is one of my favorite stress busters and energizers. It feels good to see the pile gone, the to-do list finally complete, and the difficult conversation over with. Zapping tolerations may be stressful (or fun) in the process, and the end result is often relief.

What are you tolerating? Learn more about zapping (or at least negotiating) these energy and happiness suckers from your life and start crossing some of them off your list today.

Read the article, post your list of tolerations, and share here.

Facebook Favorites

I'm sorry to say that Facebook has decided to limit who gets to see page posts, meaning the information I post doesn't always get seen by people who 'liked' the page in order to read my posts. Why? They want us to pay to 'boost' posts. Not happening.

Even though numbers are down, these three posts had the most views. Do visit the page to read more, see videos, etc. If you engage with the page, they will (at least sometimes)show up on your feed.

Get in a few extra hugs. A 20-second hug increases levels of the “love hormone” oxytocin, which is beneficial for stress levels, heart health, and more. A 10-second hug a day may fight infections, boost your immune system, ease depression and lessen fatigue. (

Did you know that the heart starts working in a fetus about 21 days after conception, making it the first functioning organ? (the brain takes 3 months) And your heart does more than pump blood. Every time it beats it sends out electromagnetic waves of information to all the cells of the body, helping them function. This electromagnetic field is much larger than the brain's field.

Avoid these seven negative, and sometimes permanent effects of sleep deprivation.

On Facebook? Like Holistic MindBody Healing with Val Silver for wellness tips and more.

Until next time,
Wishing you happiness, healing, and wellness by design.

Val Silver

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