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Holistic Happenings - Ease Overwhelm and Self Healing with QiGong
May 06, 2014

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Table of Contents

1 - A Note from Val

2 - May Wellness Challenge: Easing Overwhelm

3 - Upcoming Event: Self-Healing with Spring Forest Qigong

A Note From Val

Happy May!

I think this month's Wellness Challenge will resonate with many of you - I know it does with me! Our topic is feeling overwhelmed, which also translates into feeling very stressed! If that sounds like you, be sure to check out the wellness challenge article to discover ways to ease that chronic modern lifestyle complaint.

You may also really enjoy joining Master Lin for the free six day on-line Spring Forest Healingfest. This fest has been very popular for a reason - the qigong exercises and meditations with Master Chunyi Lin are very relaxing. And as you know, relaxing equals healing. Learn a bit about qigong and sign up for the event (begins May 19th)below.

May Wellness Challenge - Ease Overwhelm

Last month we talked about alleviating several tolerations in order to feel more at ease in our environments and to plug up some of our energy drains. One toleration many of us put up with on a regular basis is overwhelm. I know I fall victim to overwhelm more than I’d like to say-there are too many things to do, too much responsibility, too much information, too much of everything except maybe time and sleep!

The result of this kind of stress is exhaustion, ‘shutting down’ emotionally, or getting stressed out, anxious, burned out, and crabby.

Does this sound like what you are feeling, too? And if so, what’s the answer to this chronic modern lifestyle condition?

Continue reading 5 ways to deal with overwhelm this month and beyond

Upcoming Event: Self-Healing with Spring Forest Qigong

"You were born a healer"

Teacher and healer Chunyi Lin believes you possess the innate ability to help heal your own sickness and disease—and to help heal your loved ones—using nothing more than your own natural energy. It may sound a bit implausible, but we assure you, it is not. In fact, almost 250,000 people, just like you, have learned to help heal diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia and diabetes, relieve chronic and acute migraines, ease depression and anxiety, and alleviate allergies.

Chunyi Lin would like to teach you how to use his system of healing free of charge in the upcoming online event called the Spring Forest Healingfest.

You will have complimentary access to 10 professionally produced audio sessions and two video sessions for six days beginning May 19. You will learn to harness Qi energy, you will see exactly how to practice Qigong, and you will experience powerful and beautiful meditations—all designed to raise your energy and help you heal.

Register here

Chunyi's system of using your mind to take away stress, pain, and sickness is based on an ancient practice called Qigong. He is a Qigong Master, himself. Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) has been around for over 5,000 years and is actually the grandfather of Chinese medicine, including Tai-Chi, acupuncture, and Shiatsu. It works with your body's energy, or "Qi."

As Dr. Richard Gerber puts it, "…by moving Qi through the body, you can heal yourself of many ailments."

According to Chinese medicine, when your Qi isn't flowing freely, you can get sick, stressed, or emotionally out of kilter. Disease, pain, and negative emotional conditions are symptoms of blocked energy. That's why Chunyi Lin says, "Sickness is nothing to fear."

Qigong is a way to gently and thoroughly release nearly all energy blocks and eliminate most causes of illness and imbalances. It involves a simple combination of breathing, focused concentration, gentle movements, and healing meditations.

Dr. Deepak Chopra said, "Like Yoga, Qigong teaches you to balance energy in your body. Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program that will allow you to incorporate the health benefits of Qigong into your daily life."

The natural healing process of your body involves unblocking Qi and allowing it to flow to where it is needed. Practicing Spring Forest Qigong can accelerate the body's natural healing process and often result in a level of healing that some consider miraculous.

Dr. Bill Manahan from the University of Minnesota Medical School said, "I would place Qigong equal in importance to the incredible discoveries in the forties called antibiotics and in the fifties called immunizations."

Get your Free Pass right here.

If you suffer from any pain, disease, fatigue, stress, or the effects of aging, or if you'd simply like to increase your energy, we believe you will find great satisfaction in the online event that begins on May 19.

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Until next time,
Wishing you happiness, healing, and wellness by design.

Val Silver

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