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Holistic Happenings - Intentions and Healthy Weight Loss
January 11, 2015

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A Note from Val

Happy January 2015!

January is often the time of resolutions and good intentions. Things like losing weigh, exercising and quitting smoking top the list.

We all know what usually happens to resolutions, so we're not going there. I prefer to think of intentions. One of my intentions is to take good care of my body. I confess this is sometimes a struggle, especially because I have a wicked sweet tooth and love junk food as much as most people do. I also tend to get too sedentary during dark, cold, snowy winter days.

So, once again I am realigning with my intention. That prompted a visit to the diet and weight loss section of the site. While there the pages got some updating and sprucing up. You'll find the links in the short article below. Be sure to click on the links in the pages for a book full of info. You'll find some really helpful resources in the right hand column, too.

Do me a favor, please? If you find the pages to be of value, would you please 'like' them and share via facebook, twitter, google+ and/or other social media you use. Social media is becoming really important in page ranking in search engines and that would help me and the site. Thanks much.

Healthy Weight Loss

Does your diet look more like this?

Or this?

Perhaps it looks like a combination of both. If so, what percentage of each? Hmmm, be honest.

I'll be the first to confess. Yeah, too much of picture #1. The result? The same 15 pounds I lost last year is back. Uggh. Instead of berating myself, I made up this little ditty to the tune Snow White's dwarfs sang as they marched to work.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to weigh I go. I ate too many treats I see, Oh no, Oh no.

And there's a big crock pot full of yummy bean soup brimming with mushrooms, tomatoes and brown rice simmering on the kitchen counter.

What I love about the Healthy Living Diet is that it favors whole, nutritious, tasty food, but also allows for some not-so-good for you treats, too. By following the 80-20 rule, you should be able to enjoy a healthy diet and maintain your weight for years to come.

To release a few or more pounds or when dealing with serious health concerns, you may have to adjust that to 90-10. If cravings derail you, you may even have to go 'cold turkey' for a while. These dietary tips for weight loss should help you get and stay on track.

If you have ever tried to lose weight before, or lost it only to gain it back and then some, you know there is a lot more to it. Shedding pounds and keeping them off is also about exercise. And more often than not it's about what goes on between your ears than how and what you eat. These weight loss tips show you how to positively affect your mindset and your metabolism.

What is Your 2015 Intention?

What is your intention for 2015? Resolutions usually fall by the wayside. An intention is more about setting a direction for yourself, a course of action, a mindset.

Mine is to be the healthiest version of myself I can be - to honor my souls expression on this planet, physically and spiritually. All else falls under that.

Please share yours here. I'd love to read it and cheer you on.

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Until next time,
Wishing you happiness, healing, and blessed holiday season.

Val Silver

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