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March Holistic Happenings - Are you in pain? [Resend- corrections]
March 07, 2015

My apologies for sending twice. This ezine contains the correct header and link for reading on the web.

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Table of Contents

1- A Note from Val- My two minute pain relief miracle
2- Holistic Pain Relief
3- Healing with the Masters
4- New to the site - commenting

A Note from Val

Happy March!

I hope you made the time to attend the EFT Tapping World Summit this year. I know I'm glad I did. I got to experience one of those "one minute EFT miracles". Along with it came a big insight about how we cause ourselves physical pain as a result of emotional pain.

Tapping is one of my favorite techniques, but for some reason, I am resistant to using it at times (when that happens, tap on the resistance) That happened to me recently.

Several days ago, I was sitting at my desk when I noticed my thumb nail was cracked at the edge. I knew I could pull it off and that it would be painful for days if I did.

That night, as I lay in bed with a stinging, throbbing thumb, I chastised myself. Fortunately, the Summit interview about tapping for pain relief was still fresh in my mind. With nothing to lose except pain and sleeplessness, I began tapping. "Even though, I made the choice to rip off my nail, knowing full well it would hurt, I deeply and completely accept myself..."

In total, I tapped for about two minutes before all the pain vanished.

That's not all that happened. As my personal mini-session progressed, up surfaced the realization that I subconsciously did this to myself on purpose. You see, I was in emotional turmoil over a recent choice that I believed made me look bad and hurt someone. This was my way of punishing myself. It was the way my psyche brought my emotional pain to the surface.

What surprised me, though, was the mental image of someone cutting herself that came with it. "Whoa", I thought. Now, I understood why people do that to themselves. In a way, that's what I did to myself.

The next day decisively to make the precipitating situation right. And I'm happy to report the pain stayed gone.

Holistic Pain Relief

I wish I could tell you that all pain is that easy to handle, but unfortunately it isn't. There are times I have tapped and done every other technique I know and gotten no relief at all. Other times I've been amazed. My admonition to you is to never assume. Try it on everything.

What I can tell you for sure is that there is always an emotional component around pain. Either emotions caused or are contributing to your discomfort, and/or you experience stressful emotions about having pain and how it is affecting you. These emotions cause stress and biological changes in your body that can make your pain worse and further diminish your quality of life.

That is why I highly suggest incorporating your favorite emotional release techniques into your pain relief protocol on a regular basis.

Read about using exercise, natural remedies, professional support, and relaxation to help control acute and chronic pain on the Holistic Mindbody Healing Pain Relief page. Be sure to click through to the linked pages with more detailed information.

Do you have another tip for dealing with pain? Please share in the comments at the bottom of the Holistic Pain Relief page.

New to HMBH

We want to hear from you! You can now comment on any site page you wish. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and tell us your thoughts. If you have more insight into the topic or questions, please share what's on your mind in the comments.

Note: Your comments will only appear on-site. They will not appear on Facebook unless you check the box that says, "Also post on Facebook."

I would really appreciate if you comment on a few pages and help me test out how this will work on the site. Thanks much.

Healing with the Masters

When most of us think about new technology we think about cell phones, computers, and cars, but did you know there is new tech for YOU and your personal healing?

Healing with the Masters is an amazing, free event that will show you the most advanced, personal transformation technologies like…

*A unique device that clears and heals water, transforming it to increase healing and hydration AND rid pollution from our lake, rivers and streams.

*Engineered products that change our food to improve vibrational nutrition and clears pesticides and other pollution.

*A real laser designed for personal healing use that puts you into a healing still point state to create miracles of transformation

*AND, experience healing activations that can instantly release chronic pain, chronic disease and physical upset.

CLICK HERE to join this powerful community of like-minded individuals and change your circumstances right now.

*Discover how to turn off the bad genes and turn on the good genes. In this powerful, week-long workshop on Epigenetics, you can work directly with scientists and inventor Matt Riehman to hear how he cured himself of a terminal genetic disorder.

*Interact directly and receiving personal healing sessions for your issues with the hottest, cutting-edge healers and coaches on a live workshop show… absolutely free.

This programming is brought to you by my friend Jennifer McLean. I've had the opportunity to personally experience healing work with Jennifer and can tell you that is committed to helping you discover your light, your power, and your gifts. She is committed to helping you heal what is possible for you.

In Healing with the Masters, Jennifer doesn't just interview her guests. She gathers us into a community that heals together, shares together, and co-create together in a live, interactive format. She makes it personal and fun.

REGISTER FREE HERE and dive into these amazing, live workshop shows.

This series is here to support you in transforming your body to wholeness, balance and alignment.

I hope you join us.

P.S. Check out Jennifer's personal and moving story of how this program helped her overcome the direst of life circumstances and change HER life to grace, well-being, and freedom (like it can for you too):).

On Facebook? Like Holistic MindBody Healing with Val Silver for wellness tips and more.

Until next time,
Wishing you happiness and healing of mind, body and spirit.

Val Silver

NOTICE: I search out and recommend products I feel will be beneficial to my readers. You should always assume I will be compensated when purchasing recommended goods and/or services. With that said, always perform your own due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone. Thanks for supporting HMBH and being part of what we do. I appreciate you so much.

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