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June Holistic Happenings - How to Help Yourself Heal
June 09, 2015

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Table of Contents

1- A Note from Val
2- How to help yourself heal
3- Spring Forest Qigong

A Note from Val

Happy June!

Three more weeks 'til summer vacation - yay! Then I'll be singing my favorite last day of school song - Alice Cooper's School's out for the summer... BTW-I do love my students but it's time for vacation:) Are you a fan?

On a more serious note, last month I shared with you a little bit about the Matrix Assessment Profile I took in March. The assessment analyzed how well my biological system is functioning, what my primary imbalance is, and how quickly my cells are aging.

All I can say is "Yikes-wake up call!" Since I got those results I've been on a serious mission to heal myself through diet, proper breathing (that's a real challenge to my mouth breathing habit), supplements, and stress management.

As promised, here is my review of the assessment and a look at my results and progress so far. The charts are pretty cool so check those out.

If you have unresolved health issues, this assessment may just provide you the information you have been searching for.

How to Help Yourself Heal

Do you know you have the power to help yourself heal?

Sure, most of us believe that nutritious food, diet, exercise, sleep and stress management keep us healthy and help us recover from illness. Even the most died in the wool medical researchers and doctors have to acknowledge the placebo effect - the ability of our subconscious minds to heal just about any ill.

But what about energy healing and mind body practices? Do you believe they can help you heal, too?

Energy healing and mind-body practices such as meditation, qigong, and yoga have stood the test of time with good reason. Many studies show that by promoting deep relaxation, they affect you positively on every level.

Herbert Benson, M.D., professor of medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and author of The Relaxation Response co-authored a study to see how relaxation affects over 22,000 genes. Blood samples from 26 adult relaxation practice "novices" were taken before and after listening to a daily relaxation response recording for 8 weeks. A similar set of samples were taken from people with years of experience in meditation, deep breathing, prayer and yoga.

Beneficial changes were noted immediately after practice and profound changes were noted over the long term in many areas of gene expression. Telomeres (DNA end caps that protect your chromosomes) and genes involved in energy metabolism and insulin secretion were favorably affected while those involved with inflammation, trauma, stress, and cancer were suppressed.

Qigong master and healer Chunyi Lin, believes we are born healers who have the innate ability to heal our own dis-eases and help our loved ones heal. He teaches people how to use their own natural energy, most of which comes from proper breathing, to heal and benefit from healing practices in their daily lives. This energy is the key to longevity, energy, healing, and calm peaceful feelings.

Master Lin offers this advice to get the most out of your relaxation practice:

*Slow down your breathing. This brings more oxygen to the body and brain. Studies have shown that slowing our breathing rhythm to 10 times a minute helps to dramatically reduce stress and be healthier.

*Focus on your lower dantian, the energy center located behind the navel. This is the center of vitality and energy.

*Breathe through your skin. Concentrate on your skin as you visualize energy coming into your body, every cell, and to your lower dantian. The skin belongs to the lung system, which delivers energy to the kidneys, digestive system, and heart.

*Breathe through your nose. This brings more energy directly to your brain.

*Put a smile on your face. When you smile, you automatically activate endorphins, a morphine-like brain chemical that decrease feelings of pain, modulates appetite, releases sex hormones, enhances the immune response, and leads to feelings of euphoria.

Spring Forest Qigong

Chunyi Lin would like to teach you how to use his system of healing stress, pain and sickness free of charge in the upcoming online event called the Spring Forest Healingfest.

Chunyi's system of healing is based on an ancient practice called Qigong. Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) has been around for over 5,000 years and is actually the grandfather of Chinese medicine, including Tai-Chi, acupuncture, and Shiatsu. It works with your body's energy, or "Qi."

Qigong is a way to gently and thoroughly release nearly all energy blocks and eliminate most causes of illness and imbalances.

Practicing Qigong and using it to help yourself heal involves a simple combination of breathing, focused concentration, gentle movements, and healing meditations.

According to Chinese medicine, when your Qi isn't flowing freely, you can get sick, stressed, or emotionally out of kilter. Disease, pain, and negative emotional conditions are symptoms of blocked energy. That's why Chunyi Lin says, "Sickness is nothing to fear."

The natural healing process of your body involves unblocking Qi and allowing it to flow to where it is needed. Practicing Spring Forest Qigong can accelerate the body's natural healing process and often result in a level of healing that some consider miraculous.

You are invited to learn this free of charge during the upcoming Spring Forest Healingfest.

Beginning June 22nd, you will have complimentary access to 10 professionally produced audio sessions and two video sessions for six days. You will learn to harness Qi energy, you will see exactly how to practice Qigong, and you will experience powerful and beautiful meditations—all designed to raise your energy and help you heal.

Dr. Deepak Chopra said, "Like Yoga, Qigong teaches you to balance energy in your body. Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program that will allow you to incorporate the health benefits of Qigong into your daily life."

Get your free pass here.
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Until next time,
Wishing you happiness and healing of mind, body and spirit.

Val Silver

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