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October Holistic Happenings - Healing yourself and others with your mind, right breathing, more
October 07, 2015

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Table of Contents

1- A Note from Val
2- Can You Heal Yourself and Others with Your Mind?
3- The Right Way to Breathe
4- In Perspective - The Night Sky

A Note from Val

Happy October!

Is it just my imagination or is time flying by? Everyone around here seems to be asking the same question-where has summer gone?

With cool temperatures come a change in eating habits. I love soups and stews, or as Rachel Ray says, "Stoup". Yesterday I filled a big pot full of vegetables,shiitake mushrooms, and lentils supercharged with kelp powder and curry and in stock and set it to bubble away. I admit it wouldn't win an award for best tasting stoup, but nutritionally it's a winner.

You do want to let the seasons shape your diet and health habits to some extent. It's natural and good for you to eat fresh, raw cooling foods in warm weather and cooked warming foods in cold weather. It's also natural to want to rest and sleep more when nights are long and cold. Listen to your body and honor its rhythms just as the earth and non-human beings do.

Can You Heal Yourself and Others with Your Mind?

Recently I received an email linking to an article about healing with your mind. As is well established, the article noted that there is no doubt that your mind heals your body when it is able. It mobilizes forces that heal you of infections and wounds. By the power of the placebo effect it heals people on their way to the doctor's office, when they are given fake medicine and even when they are under the knife during fake surgical procedures. What is a mystery is why the mind heals at some times and not others, and why it heals under certain circumstances for some people and not others.

What was intriguing was a question asked in a subheading, "But Can Your Mind Heal Someone Else's Body?"

The answer is yes. Psychologist William Braud and his colleagues at The Mind Science Foundation of San Antonio, Texas conducted 37 distance healing experiments over a 17 year period to see if senders could mentally influence the nervous system of remote participants. His studies involved 665 sessions, 449 people and 13 experimenters. What Braud found was that at the exact moment the sender was asked to think of their receiver, the receiver would show a change in his or her physiological condition.

The research didn't stop there. Studies were also conducted to see if distance healing was as effective as medicine. In medical tests the effect size of aspirin on reducing heart attack is three out of a hundred additional survivors.The effect size of propranolol was four out of one hundred. These sizes were sufficient enough proof for the government to authorize the drug manufacturers to state that their products prevent heart attack. The effect size of distant healing in Braud’s experiments was a surprising twenty five additional survivors.

There were more surprising discoveries. Braud found that the effect of distant healing was strongest when the person on the receiving end had a serious need for healing. He also found that agitated people calmed almost as well through distant healing than when using relaxation techniques on themselves.

In statistical terms this means that other people could have the same mind-body effect on you as you could have on yourself and vice-versa. These findings are profound and cautionary. They suggest you have the power to bless or curse, heal or harm. If you can influence someone else so strongly, consider the power of your thoughts over your own body, including your emotional states. The lesson here is to send positive loving thoughts to yourself and others as much as possible for the benefit of each of you.

Find the complete article and get a free 16 minute Silva Mind Healing Audio (no opt-in required) here.

Note: the ticking noise you'll hear on the audio are beats to facilitate the alpha state of mind.

The Right Way to Breathe

Okay, I know we have a nose to breathe with and there's a cold remedy commercial airing that makes fun of mouth breathers, but I can't help it. I confess. I am, for the most part, a mouth breather, always have been. Since reading about the ill effects of this habit I have been making a concerted effort to keep my lips sealed. But I have to say, it's sneaky. There are times I think I'm breathing with my nose only to find the tiniest opening between my lips to let air in and out. My nighttime dry mouth is all the evidence needed for how I breathe most of the night.

So what's the big deal? The problem is that mouth breathing lets in too much air. This is even bad for you when you exercise. Overbreathing, or hyperventilating, is breathing in excess of your body's metabolic requirements at the time. This adversely affects your cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, muscular, gastrointestinal, and psychological systems. Dysfunctional breathing can cause palpitations, headaches, allergies, exhaustion, acid reflux and a myriad of other health issues because your carbon dioxide levels are too low and your tissues and organs are not getting enough oxygen.

Do yourself a favor and do a breathing checkup. This in depth article (and short videos) includes information about overbreathing, a simple self test to measure your carbon dioxide levels, and how to improve your breathing.

In Perspective

Did you see the lunar eclipse on September 26th? I watched most of its progression before the cloud cover became too thick. Looking up at the sky is a wonderful way to keep ourselves in perspective. There is something profoundly centering about standing outside and looking up at the night sky. Watching the twinkling stars reminds me that even though we are very tiny in the grand scheme of things we are also part of something magnificent.

Everything we are and everything in the universe, including the planets, originated from stardust from exploding stars. This dust floats through us, connects us directly to the universe, and continually rebuilds our bodies. The same star atoms that made people, plants and animals thousands of years ago make up the people, plants and animals alive today.

Here is other facts to ponder: We are all on this big ball orbiting around our star at 67,000 miles per hour in a solar system whirring around the center of our galaxy at 490,000 miles per hour. The earth's surface moves over its center at roughly 1,000 mph to bring us day and night. Oh yes, and most of us are standing some version of sideways! All this goes on outside our awareness as we live our lives. How amazing is that?

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Until next time,
Wishing you happiness and healing of mind, body and spirit.

Val Silver

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