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May Holistic Happenings - Spring Cleaning for Home and Health
April 28, 2016

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Table of Contents

1- Greetings from Val
2- Why Spring Cleaning
3- Spring Cleaning Meditation Exercise
4- 10 Spring Cleaning Tips
5- Spring Cleaning Upgrades

Greetings from Val

Happy May!

Spring has finally sprung in the North Country, yet despite the emergence of tiny flowers and dandelions, mornings are still frosty and the other day we had snow! Spring vacation is this week-it's a good time to catch up and clean up. Must be these words echoing in my head.

“I have to do my spring cleaning this week," said my grandmother, my aunt and many housewives in my childhood years. It was as if beating rugs, washing windows, and swapping heavy linens for lighter ones was an unbreakable ritual ushering winter into summer. I wondered why and how spring signaled a massive house cleanse, or why you would want to. To me, their homes looked clean enough already.

As an adult, the need for and timing of spring cleaning makes sense. In all of nature it is a time of rejuvenation, of new beginnings. In rhythm with nature we do the same. We clean, reclaim space and add new touches. We welcome fresh air through opened windows. Until the age of ever-ready food, it broke a long fast from fresh nutritious, cleansing greens such as nettles and dandelion.

In the spirit of this tradition, I'm doing something a little different with the newsletter. Instead of overwhelming you with information about mind, body, home spring cleaning all at once (phew, that would be too much!), each topic will be highlighted every two weeks. We’ll start with home, since your environment affects you mentally and physically. Then body in Mid-May. June’s topic will be mental/emotional cleansing. Each issue will include tips for clearing out what no longer serves you and tips for bringing in new, positive energies to support you in creating a healthier, happier life. Sound good?

Why Spring Clean?

Our environment has a profound effect on our well-being energetically, mentally, and physically. You may believe in the rules of Feng Shui, but there is something to be said about the very real impact things we have in our space, where things are placed, and how clean and well maintained everything is has on us.

Clutter, mess and dirty spaces make for dense heavy stuck energy that causes, constriction, overwhelm, chaos, and stress, making it difficult for you to relax, heal and be your best self. Cleanliness may or may not be next to godliness, but a tidy, pleasant space certainly makes for the freer flow of higher frequencies and a greater sense of calm, happiness, and focus.

If your space is already clean and tidy, congratulations and enjoy. If not, let's get started.

Spring Cleaning Meditation Exercise

Before beginning your spring cleaning, set your intention with this short exercise. Really allow yourself to visualize and feel it in a mental space of judgment-free awareness and calm. Have pen and paper ready.

1-Tune in to your space. Scan for areas of mess, clutter, dirt or dinginess you have been blind to, have been tolerating or find irritating. Notice in your mind and body how they make you feel. Where does energy feel stagnant or depressing? If it were someone else’s space, what would make you say, “Oh, my” in a not-so-good way. Ask yourself how the physical state of your home is a manifestation of what is going on inside you-the emotions, beliefs, and stories you don’t allow yourself to feel and heal.

2- Pretend you have a magic wand or are granted three (okay 10) spring cleaning wishes. Tune in and prioritize. Don't think perfection (which doesn't exist), think upgrade. What would make the space look and feel better? Write your wishlist now.

3-Okay, ready? Close your eyes and see those areas magically transform into cleaned, organized, better looking spaces. You want this space to nurture vibrancy, your authentic self, and your purpose. See and feel it as a space you enjoy and share with loved ones. Jot a few notes about what you saw and felt that upgraded the space.

4- Do one thing, anything, immediately to make your visualization a reality. Do not skip this step. Pick up a dirty dish, dust one end table, etc.. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking your action.

Here's my still to do list (graphic image) and yes, I'll be happy to get it done and some clutter gone.:)

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

1- Make two lists - a "to clean" list and a "let go" list. Commit to tossing or re-homing 5-10 items a day for the next six weeks. If you do not like and/or use an item,send it on its way with your blessing. Include all the undone craft project stuff purchased years ago. Give yourself permission to let them go.

2 - Resist all or none thinking. You don’t have to clean your whole house or closet at once. Focus on priority areas. Pick one zone at a time. Celebrate your progress.

3 - Delegate. What can you do? What are you willing to do? What can other members of your family do? What would be best to hire out?

4- Do double duty. What can you pick off the floor as you walk by? Is there a drawer you can clean out and reorganize while sitting in the recliner watching TV?

5- Make cleaning a game. Set a timer and see how much you can get done in 5 focused minutes. 10 minutes. 25 minutes. Play upbeat music and get to it. Put muscle into it you’ve gotten your exercise for the day, too. Do this every day and you'll be amazed at how much gets done.

6- Schedule a massive cleaning party with family or friends. Plan a meaningful reward such as dinner and a movie out for a job well done.

7- Smudge your dwelling with a sage stick. Fan the smoke into corners and all around to dispel negativity and stagnant energy.

8- Disinfect with great smelling antimicrobial essential oils. Add a few drops of thyme, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, pine, and/or lemon to a cup of vodka or rubbing alcohol. Put in a dark glass bottle or (second best) hard plastic spray bottle. Spritz on doorknobs, counter tops and other hard surfaces. Wipe and let dry. Note: Certain EOs may not be safe around cats and small animals.

9- Repair holey screens to keep bacteria and parasite-carrying mosquitoes out of your home. What else (inside and out) needs to be repaired or maintained?

10 - Use non-toxic cleaning products. Grandma may not have known the dangers of enticing chemical cleaners, but we do. Safer products are available locally and on-line. Or make your own.

Find hints and video for making your own products here. And check youtube and pinterest.

Spring Cleaning Upgrades

Spring cleaning isn’t just about scrubbing, polishing and throwing away. It’s about changing things up a bit. Getting a new perspective. Bringing in new energies.

Think back to your meditation. It's time to get your notes and make a few upgrades.

Here are some ideas:
*Frame and place photos of your loved ones and/or favorite places where you will enjoy seeing them.
*Bring in a pop of color to a drab space - Ie: a bright pillow cover for the couch, a wall-hanging, throw rug, poster, potted plant (if you will take care of it).
*Create a vision board highlighting your health and life goals and put in a prominent place.
*Purchase an article of clothing or accessory you’ll love seeing when you open your closet (and love wearing).
*Create a space on a windowsill, shelf, or table with a few things you love - pictures, trinkets, crystals, a dried flower, a statuette, a seashell.
*Rearrange furniture or knickknacks or pillows.
*Repurpose items.

Notice how each addition or change makes you feel. Notice where you need less or more. Tune into your space and you will be surprised what it tells you.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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Until next time,
Wishing you a wonderful day filled with happiness and healing of mind, body and spirit.

Val Silver

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