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July Holistic Happenings-How to dial down stress and choose your own
July 11, 2016

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Table of Contents

1- Greetings from Val
2- Article: How to Dial Down Your Stress
3- Event: Choose your own learning adventure

Greetings from Val

Happy hot July!

I had a feeling this was going to be a hot summer and so far it hasn't disappointed. Now if I could just figure out how to slow it down...

This summer, I've committed to easing off the pressure I put on myself to accomplish things. Sometimes I pile so much on my summer plate that I stress myself right out worse than when I'm working. Lesson learned.

To help with that intention, I start each day with a short meditation to calm and orient myself. Part of the process is muscle testing my 'to-do' list. Sometimes I find this a little frustrating because some things I think should get on the agenda get a "No". Even if I check twice. But when I tick through the list with ease and energy instead of the usual draining push energy, I know I'm on the right track and it's actually fun instead of stressful.

How to Dial Down Your Stress

Debt, arguments, too much work, screaming kids, clutter - ahh! These are just a few reasons we are stressed to the max.

Modern life, which is supposed to be easier and safer than living in a cave, has its own price to pay. That price is stress, or as I like to say, dis-stress, which manifests as irritability, fears, anger, the blues, and overwhelm. As if that weren’t enough, it eventually manifests as symptoms and disease in our body, especially when chronic or severe.

The stress response is a good thing. It is meant to mobilize us into action so we can run away from the saber-toothed tiger nipping at our heels. But today, we respond as if the smallest annoyance is that tiger. We tend to overreact to situations and even small slights, perceived or real, as if we are being personally attacked. It's common to trigger the stress response 10-20 times a day, instead of a few times in a lifetime.

That kind of perpetual stress comes at a price to body, mind and relationships. The body’s natural ability to heal is put on hold until the crisis is over and hormones re-balance. For some of us, that time rarely if ever comes. Dis-stress has become an entrenched habit with a literal mind of its own.

In order to break this destructive cycle, you have to reprogram your brain. This entails slowing it down, interrupting the pattern, and shifting to better feeling thoughts and behaviors. As you do this over and over and over you create new patterns of responding. That's what I'm doing with my morning ritual, even though my old brain program wants me to just charge ahead with my day.

There are lots of ways to dial down your stress levels. If you are suffering from long-term or severe mental stress, read: the three-pronged approach to stress relief on this page. It will help you ease your stress load and protect your health.

For quick and easy ways to reduce in-the-moment stress, check out these 25+ tips.

Do you have a stress busting favorite? Share it with us. And check out our reader favorite-talking to the trees, along with other tips from fellow members. Located at the end of the 25 tips article.

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Choose Your Own Learning Adventure

You know those children’s books where you can choose what adventure you want to go on?

In case you don’t, there are options to create your own story. The first few pages of the book give you the story line. At the end of the passage, you reach a decision point about what you want to do next and jump to that page. “If you want to smack the zombie, turn to page 13. If you want to run away, turn to page 11…” Want another adventure? Read the book again, and change your decision.

Anyways, these books are a ton of fun and kids loves them!

The folks at NeuroGym had the bright idea to borrow that concept and created a “Choose Your Own Adventure” page for you.

Here’s how it works: Visit this page and choose a topic that’s holding you back or keeping you stressed.

Pick from:
-Winning the Game of Fear
-Winning the Game of Money
-Winning the Game of Weight Loss

Then the virtual training programs with John Assaraf show you how to use the latest brain-based methods to break free and retrain your brain so you can achieve your goals. Enjoy!

Choose your adventure here

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Until next time,
Wishing you a wonderful day filled with happiness and healing of mind, body and spirit.

Val Silver

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