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Table of Contents

1 - A Note from Val - Holiday Greetings

2 - Featured Article - Limiting Belief #9: Healing Has to Take Time

3 - Quick Health Tip - Give the Gift of Love

A Note from Val

The highlight of each Christmas in my family is to gather together at my parents' house for the holiday week. We eat, visit, shop, play cards, talk, eat (did I already say that?!?) and exchange lots of gifts. We catch up before going months without seeing each other again so it's a special time. It's something we all look forward to and treasure.

One of my Christmas weaknesses is sending cards. Thank heavens for the internet. My favorite holiday 'cards' are those interactive animated Christmas cards. I couldn't decide which one to send you, so here are two. The first is keeping with the spirit of Christmas. The second is just for fun. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

Angel Card

Snowman Card

Featured Article - Limiting Wellness Belief: Healing Has to Take Time

We've all been taught to expect that healing takes time.  Not only does it take time, but depending on your condition it takes a prescribed amount of time.   For the most part, it appears this is true. We expect a cold to last for a week or two.  Broken bones are in a cast for a set amount of time.

So imagine my surprise when my son Sean broke 'the rules' with his own healing.

When Sean was fourteen he had jaw surgery to correct his bite.  The doctor stressed to us that it would take six to nine months for full healing.  Until then, it was extremely important to be careful and limit activities. continue reading...

Quick Health Tip - Give the Gift of Love

During the holiday season it's easy to get caught up in the shop, cook, decorate, and rush mode. We get all stressed and lose sight of 'the reason for the season.

With the sudden, rather serious illness of my beloved French Bulldog, Louis, (a vaccine reaction?)I am again reminded what holidays and life are all about.

Sometimes in the hussle to do all the nice things we want to do for our loved ones we forget to give them the one thing they, and we, want most - quality time together.

What does this have to do with health? Everything. Developing relationships and spending quality time with loved ones is one of the most healing things you can do for them and yourself. It reduces stress, and adds quality and years to your life.

If your important relationships are strained then do what it takes to heal them. Forgive and find reasons to be grateful for those you love. Build bridges instead of walls. This is just my belief, but I believe that all our pride, wounds and ego die when we do. What remains and lives on is the love we share. Enjoy the gift of love this year.

Watch for the next issue of Holistic Happenings in a few weeks featuring the 10th and final limiting wellness belief.

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Until then,
Blessings and Healing Energy

Val Silver
Holistic MindBody Wellness Coach


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