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Table of Contents

1- My Un-Valentine's Day

2- Site Updates - Love Heals

3- Feature Article- What are your barriers to love?

4- Special Event - 2010 Tapping World Summit

5- Additional Resources - Members Area

My Un-Valentine's Day

On Saturday, my husband came to me with a big smile on his face and asked, "Do you know what day it is tomorrow? I didn't hesitate with my reply. "Yes, it's Valentine's day," I said.

Well, at this he broke into a fit of laughter. That's when I knew that he had something else in mind. He was excited because it was the day of the Daytona 500. It was obvious that hearts and flowers (I would've been excited about some good dark chocolate!) was even on his radar.

Fortunately, I don't put too much emphasis on this holiday so he lucked out and we went ahead with a very Saturday together.

Oh, and Sunday's race? The track kept breaking apart and there were long delays. So the nice dinner I made was delivered to the Lazy Boy (perfect name don't you think?) in the living room. Maybe next year...

Site Update - Love Heals

Instead of focusing on romance (or the race) for Valentine's Day, I spent the day posting three new pages on the website. They are all about the healing power of love.

There is ample scientific evidence that love heals. Deep connections with others and loving touches, even with your pet, cause your pituitary gland to release the love hormone oxytocin.

Self-love (not talking about the ego) and daily self-care are also important ways to enjoy the healing and expansive power of love.

Why Love Heals
How Love Heals: The Love Hormone Oxytocin
How to Love Yourself

Feature Article - What Are Your Barriers to Love?

Your task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. A Course In Miracles

Reading this quote elicited a loud “AMEN” from my spirit. In a flash it was revealed to me that to seek and find the barriers to Love within myself, and to dissolve them, was the main goal of my last few years of energy healing and spiritual work. I could see how...continue reading on blog

Special Event -Tapping World Summit

If topics like "Build Thriving and Loving Relationships" and "Unlocking your hidden power: How your identity shapes your reality" sound exciting to you, then you will want to attend the Fr.ee 2010 On-line Tapping World Summit beginning February 21st.

Enjoy 20 presentations over a 10 day period. Replays are available for 24 hours after the scheduled time.

When you sign up you'll also get five audios that you can immediately listen to or download with Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Bruce Lipton, Carol Look and Nick Ortner, each of them talking about EFT and Tapping in different ways.

Again, just to clarify since so many people have asked this question, it is 100% f.r.e.e. to attend the online event and listen to all the calls during the 10 days of the event.

If you want to own the calls and MP3's or have the CD's of the event, plus the transcripts and the workbook there is a small charge for that, but it is completely optional.

Plus, I don't know of any event or product where you can sample the entire product before deciding if you want to own it.

I hope you attend:

Additional Resources-Members Area

I hope you've taken a look at the new Members Area.

Videos, audios, articles and ebooks by leading edge holistic mindbody teachers and healers are available to you free of charge. Learn about the latest findings in mindbody healing and easy energy healing techniques to help you on your healing journey.

Until next time - may you be greatly blessed.

Val Silver
EFT and Wellness Coach

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