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Dec 2018 Newsletter, Inner Freedom, Holiday Kindness, Holiday Recipes, Enlightenment Fest
February 04, 2019

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Table of Contents

1- Greetings from Val
2- Inner Freedom
3- Holiday Kindness
4- Holiday Recipes
5- Enlightenment Fest

Greetings from Val

Hello and Happy December!

Where has the year gone? Have you ever noticed that the older you get the faster time flies? When I retired from teaching I wondered if it would feel that time would slow down. Not a chance - they seem to zoom along faster than ever! Makes me realize how precious our sojourn on Earth is and to make the most of it.

Inner Freedom

I am having a great time coaching and getting to know three awesome players in the Inner Freedom Method. We are making insightful discoveries together about how social fears keep us from going for our heart’s desires. It is such a joy to hear how they are now making strides instead of holding themselves back with self-imposed obstacles.

This is something we all do. When we reach the edge of our comfort zones, we resist, distract ourselves, or procrastinate. Our bodies buzz with sensations and we tell stories about why we really need to do something, anything else.

Mostly, this pattern arises out of the greatest fear we humans have - the fear of not belonging. The needs to belong and play it safe are hardwired in our brains. Most of our safety nets were put in place during childhood. We were told to be careful, stay in line, be quiet, be a good boy or girl, etc. Sometimes, when we stepped outside the box things went alright. Yay, that felt great! Other times, we got in trouble or got hurt or saw someone else stumble while doing the same thing. See, I told you so :(

In the old days, groupthink and adhering to cultural norms were how we survived. If we thought for ourselves or tried something new we risked being ostracized or expelled from the tribe-an almost certain death sentence. In today’s world, this still happens. The fear is the same but the punishment is different. We may get unfriended, laughed at, humiliated, rejected or ignored.

So when we want to step up, play big, or say something outside the comfort zone, we avoid it entirely, procrastinate, or force ourselves. We wrestle with dueling parts - the self that yearns to make a difference, to achieve, to explore, create and the self who loves the safety of the status quo. Better safe than sorry, right?

The push and pull from these opposing drives manifest as unpleasant sensations in the body and thoughts in the mind. Unless we have support structures in place, playing it safe usually wins, especially after willpower wears out. No one is immune.

So, what can we do? The first key to expanding your comfort zone is awareness of what is going on in your mind and body at the critical moment when you resist taking action. With judgment-free awareness, notice your thoughts and the sensations in your body. This is not self-sabotage. It is your brain keeping you safe.

There are several other steps to the IF method. It is not something you can do for yourself because we have blind spots about ourselves and the method is conversational. I’m always amazed by what I learn and experience while being coached in Inner Freedom. The process helps to make peace with the fearful parts and expand comfort zones with less fear and a greater sense of excitement and joy.

What you can do next-not part of the method but it helps change and expand your energy-is to thank your body and brain for keeping you safe. State what it is you intend to do or say. Then take a few deep breaths and carry on.

Read coaching client testimonials here.

Holiday Kindness

Did you know that empathy and compassion are hard-wired into your brain? Yup, humans and many mammals evolved to care about each other. It's another way we stack the deck in favor of our survival. The holidays (holy days) are a great time to connect with this part of yourself, uplift the energy wutgub and around you, and have fun doing it.

Your mission this December, should you choose to accept it, is to spread cheer and goodwill. Do at least one planned and/or spontaneous act of kindness for yourself AND someone else every day. This kindness can be as simple as bringing a bag of treats or cat litter to the shelter, placing a stranded earthworm back on the soil, smiling at a harried cashier, or letting someone ahead of you in line. For yourself, you might carve out 5 extra minutes of guilt-free quiet time, go to yoga class, or look in the mirror and say, "I love you."

For extra fun, involve your family or colleagues in this mission. Children love this. One really nice idea I read about (not sure where) is for each person to place a piece of straw in a crib for every genuine act of kindness and compassion they do. On Christmas, you put a baby representing Jesus on the straw. If cradles aren't your thing, you can put ornaments on a tree, stars on a calendar, pennies in a jar, an anonymous record of actions on a poster board...

Read about Acts of Kindness on-site

"We're all part of One, and One is part of all. Be prosperous, be generous, be kind, be compassionate." -Yogi Bhajan

Food for thought: What does it mean to you that we are all part of One? How can/does living this truth help you heal yourself and the world?

Holiday Recipes

Grinch Kabobs, Saucy Reindeer, Banana Snowmen - 20 super-easy healthy holiday snacks to make for kids of all ages.

Find the recipes here.

Speaking of recipes, here’s an environmentally safe recipe for disinfecting your kitchen, bathroom, anywhere in your home. Just spray on and let sit for at least 10 minutes. For favorite holiday scents, use cinnamon and cloves, or pine with orange or bay laurel. Make extra to give as gifts with a pretty tag or recipe card attached. This recipe fills a 16 oz. spray bottle.

1/3 cup white vinegar

1/3 cup vodka (excellent germ killer)

1 cup water (boiled and cooled or distilled)

15 drops essential oil. Use one oil or your favorite combination. Many EOs have anti-bacterial properties. Pine is divine antibacterial that smells like Christmas trees. Cinnamon and cloves smell like you've been baking all day. Lavender with lemon (or lemongrass) smells lovely. Lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, and orange are effective against 20+ strains of bacteria. The following are effective against strains of bacteria, fungus, and viruses: cinnamon, cloves, thyme, oregano, sage, tea tree, palmarosa, bay laurel, and neroli.

Use a funnel to add ingredients to the bottle. You may want to mix the essential oils with the vodka first so they combine better. Shake before using. Note: cats are especially sensitive to essential oils so keep your cats away while you spray.

Enlightenment Fest

Change your energy, change your world. Discover how every alteration in your thoughts affects your energy. This is not about using your mind to change behaviors. It is much easier. It is about using your mind to influence your energy so the behavior automatically changes. The same holds true for all aspects of your life.

This is part of what you will experience during the upcoming Enlightenment Fest. You can listen to the program free of charge.

Sign up (event is past-link removed)

Here is your schedule for the six days:

The sessions are On-Demand, which means you can listen to any of them any time you want during the periods they are available. Your new sessions will be available every morning at 10:00 a.m. US Central Time.

Day 1 – Monday – December 3, 2018-Conscious awareness in the present moment

Day 2 – Tuesday – December 4, 2018-Intention and feedback

Day 3 – Wednesday – December 5, 2018-Overcoming limitation

Day 4 – Thursday – December 6, 2018-Trust and surrender

Day 5 – Friday – December 7, 2018-Changing the paradigm

Day 6 – Saturday – December 8, 2018-Benevolent intelligence

The language in these meditations is exquisite. The music, created to dance with each word, adds a rare dimension that is missing in other meditations. Please take time to experience this joy for yourself.

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Until next time,
Wishing you a wonderful day filled with happiness and healing of mind, body and spirit.

Val Silver

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