ZPoint for Personal Peace

By Val Silver

 ZPoint for personal peace was developed by Grant Connolly in 1999 as a simple, powerful healing tool for clearing your resistance to receiving the well-being that is your divine right.

The zero point process is a meditative technique that approaches healing and self empowerment from a spiritual perspective. It affirms that you are not broken, but have just forgotten who you really are.

ZPoint allows you to release stress and painful negative emotions such as guilt, shame, blame, fears, and unpleasant past memories. It is designed to clear all the ways you are in conflict with yourself and others. It helps you release all the ways you focus on what you don't want, and therefore get more of.

It helps you find the truth of a situation and make peace with it without dredging up or reliving painful memories or limiting beliefs.  Many people find a measure of relief right away.

The ZPoint Process

There are only a few simple steps in the z point process.

First, you install a healing program, or instructions into your subconscious mind. You only read it the first time you use the process. It isn't necessary to repeat it ever again, although you can if you want to. 

You also need to choose a cue word to activate the program and signal your consciousness to do the clearing. For the sake of simplicity, choose the cue word, "YES" or another meaningful, easy to remember word that signifies release to you. 

This healing program, or subconscious cleaning program, is quoted directly from Grant Connolly. Relax and read the following instruction into your subconscious mind. 

You do not need to analyze the words, remember them, or even consciously understand them.  Just allow the words to seep into your subconscious without interference from your conscious mind. 

z point

Once you have installed the healing program, you begin with identifying the 'characteristic feeling'. 

The characteristic feeling is energetically connected to all the assumptions and beliefs you have created around this situation or relationship. Perhaps you feel anger, sadness, grief or resentment, to name a few.

This feeling represents all the feelings associated with the thought, person or memory you are choosing to release. Check in with your body and notice what and how it feels. What is the sensation? Where is it?

As you focus on the feeling around a thought or memory, repeat your cue word like a mantra as you say specific statements. Continue this process until the characteristic feeling is gone.

Make the statements and then repeat your cue word until you make the next statement. Do not add an ending to the statement, just finish it by repeating "yes, yes, yes...". Your subconscious mind will fill in the blank for you while releasing all reasons without conscious awareness on your part.

There are quite a few statements. Here are a few of them. 

I clear all the ways I feel this feeling.

I clear all the ways I feel this feeling because…

I clear all the ways I feel this feeling whenever…

I clear all the ways I may feel this feeling if…

There is imagery used as well as the clearing statements. In a newer version of the zero point process, you imagine casting all your beliefs and feelings about a situation into a healing circle of light and counting down from 10 to 1 while saying your cue word. 

When you complete the process, take a deep breath or two. Check in with your feeling. Drink a glass of water after this and other energy healing work.

You can do the z point process yourself, although I find it much more relaxing and effective when I can follow along with a guided audio. Grant has such a soothing voice and you do not have to interrupt your flow to read or remember what to say.

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