ALS Question

by David
(Paris, Idaho)

I have ALS, do you have any success against this condition which seems to be a total mystery to medical science?

Val's Response

Hi David,

I do not have any personal experience working with ALS.

After receiving your question, I did a little research and found some interesting information which is summarized below.

As you alluded to in your question, 10% of ALS cases are hereditary and 90% of cases have no definitive cause. However, there is some evidence that environmental toxins or radiation may play a role in the disease process.

There is also evidence, that even though ALS is called a motor neuron condition, that the motor nerve cell degeneration and death is caused by two types ofcells that support motor nerves.

Astrocytes, cells that are part of the nervous system support system, do not supply enough lactate to the motoneurons, nor do they take up glutamate properly.

It is suspected that rogue proteins cause immune system cells located in the spinal cord and brain to alter their function. Instead of supporting motor nerves, these microglia cells develop toxic functions instead. Inflammation results.

Ironically, early in ALS, T cells and microglia protect the nerve cells and slow disease progression, but as the malfunction continues, they begin to attack them, which accelerates the condition.


Conventional treatment relies on the drug Riluzole to slow the progression of ALS and other drugs to control symptoms. Physical therapy may be prescribed to strengthen muscles. A nutritionist may advise patients about optimal nutrition tips to supply extra calories healthfully.

Lithium is also shown to slow disease progression. Antioxidants do not appear to have any effect.

Here are a few other suggestions you may want to talk over with your doctor:

Because ALS sounds like an auto-immune problem, (although it doesn't appear to be classified as one) it may be a good idea to get checked for

Food allergies and sensitivities
Toxicity - heavy metals, etc.

To support your health:

Eat an optimal clean diet. Eat organic as much as possible.

Include anti-inflammatory foods, beverages and herbs as part of your diet.

Keep dis-stress to an absolute minimum. Healing happens when you are relaxed, not stressed.

Shore up your mental, emotional and spiritual health as much as possible. Forgive the past and make peace with it. Offer gratitude even if you don't feel it. Release any memories, thoughts and beliefs that are causing energy drains, consciously or below the surface.

Was there a traumatic event in your life prior to the onset of your ALS? According to meta-medicine, events that were unexpected and dramatic for which you had no strategy and caused you to feel isolated cause a change in the brain that lead to health problems. Was there an event that felt paralyzing? If so, use a releasing technique to let it go.

You may also find EFT and other energy flow techniques helpful for managing symptoms and your feelings about your condition. Be persistent.

Believe and have hope. There are no guarantees, yet there is always hope. Trust your innate ability to heal and give your mind and body every advantage and opportunity to do that.

See these related pages:

How to Get Healthy
Mind Body Medicine
Human biofields and the five levels of healing These videos are a must watch for anyone facing illness.

I wish you the best, David, and please keep us posted.

Members: If you have suggestions or words of encouragement for David, please share them in the comments below.

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