Bio Energy Healing and Laying on Hands

By Val Silver

Bio energy healing and laying on hands have been used to ease suffering and heal the sick for thousands of years. Subtle energy healing channels universal energy from one person to another to help restore balance to the energetic field that makes up our bodies and surrounds them.

Stories of Jesus and the disciples laying on hands to heal are woven throughout the scriptures. Sacred texts of other traditions speak of miraculous healing as well.

Hands-on healing is natural and instinctual. When we, or someone we love, is hurting, we touch or hug or hold them. When we feel pain, we put our hands on the pain. A hug and a kiss from Mom where the "boo-boo" hurts has changed many a child's tears to smiles. 

For a time, knowledge about hands on healing, laying on hands, subtle energy healing and pranic healing seemed lost in parts of the modern world. Thanks to renewed interest in metaphysical and natural healing, it has again become popular.

Jesus healing laying on hands

Is Bio Energy Healing for Real?

Although healing with subtle energy has gained much acceptance and a significant following, many people question it's validity. It is recognized as a type of complementary alternative medicine (CAM) but is still held in question by modern medicine. At best, they consider the success of energy therapeutics a result of the mind healing placebo effect. 

No doubt, as with any modality  including modern medical interventions, the mind sometimes does the healing. But from my own experience, I know there's more to it than that.

The first time I witnessed an undeniable healing was right after I learned Therapeutic Touch. I was still a skeptic. My son didn't see me smoothing the aura over his arm. This experience with my son took me from skeptic to believer.  It also showed me that for subtle energy healing to work, belief is not required by facilitator or the one receiving the energy. 

Why results like this happen sometimes, and not others, remains a mystery. 

Subtle Energy Healing Techniques

The great number of bioenergy healing techniques make it confusing and overwhelming to choose from among them. Reiki is the most popular technique in the west, but Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Reconnective Healing, and others also have their following. 

While all these techniques work with either channeling energy or moving energy,  the methods are different and the desired experience and outcomes may also be different. 

  • Some types of energy healing direct subtle energy into a specific part of the body. Others offer it to the person's entire energy field.
  • Energy healers may wave their hands or hold them still. They may move around the body or direct energy into only one area. They may assess or scan the field, or find it unnecessary.
  • Reiki is one of the bioenergy techniques that require you to get an attunement from a master, but many do not.
  • Some methods are complicated with many techniques to learn. Others are simple. 
  • A recipient may exhibit physical responses such as fluttering eyelids and uncontrolled body movements during a healing. They may not even know it is happening. 
  • You may feel the energy as you give and receive it, or you may not. It works, regardless.
  • Some techniques direct energy to address imbalances in the physical body. Others focus on issues in the aura or in the chakras. Some healers offer energy to a person's field with the intention of letting the energy go where it is most needed.
  • Experienced healers often know several bio-energy healing techniques. Which ones they use at a given time depends on their preference, the client's specific needs, or how they feel guided throughout the session.  

All types of energy healing appear to get spectacular results at times. Many energy healers claim to have had their technique revealed by a higher source. Who is right? Which is best? Truly, I don't know. Maybe they all are.

What helps most is to remember that many bio-energy healing techniques access universal or cosmic energy and help correct imbalances the biofield in and out of the body. What varies are the techniques. 

Tips for Learning and Experiencing Bioenergy Healing

From my experience there is much to be gained from learning and experiencing different types of energy healing techniques from different teachers and practitioners. However, trying to experience them all too soon would be overwhelming and counterproductive.

If you are new to bio energy healing, a good place to start is by reading about the universal principles of energy healing. Understanding these fundamental principles will help you become a more effective healer. 

Then, move on to learn and experience essential simple techniques for healing yourself and others.  Approach this experience with a sense of curiosity, wonder and play. Know you are working with energy everything is energy. Expect only that the energy will go where and how it is most needed by your field.

As you discover techniques that intrigue you or resonate with you, explore them further. Book sessions with certified practitioners so you can experience them for yourself. Take a class or workshop to learn even more. 

Understand that practitioners often work with a variety of modalities. Choose which type of energy work you want or allow them to intuit which techniques would most benefit you. Ask questions. Different levels of the human biofield respond best to specific healing techniques and remedies.

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