Brain Entrainment for Wellness

By Val Silver

Brain entrainment technologies puts the natural phenomenon of brainwave entrainment to work for you. You experience shifts in your brain's electrical pulses throughout the day.

Waking, sleeping, studying,  trancing as you drive, being in animated conversation all change your brain's electrical activity. It also responds to stimuli from the environment.  Listening to the tick-tock of the clock or rhythmic, repeated drumbeats, you've experienced entrainment and its accompanying shift in consciousness.

Hypnosis and meditation are common practiced ways of affecting brainwaves to change your thoughts and help you relax.  In recent years, medical professionals, therapists, self-help gurus and educators have put technology to use to accomplish purposeful changes in brainwaves.

Brain entrainment technology has proven itself helpful for a wide variety of uses. Research shows that it facilitates relaxation, the release of negative thinking patterns, faster recovering and better academic functions. Binaural beats has been shown to increase IQ, sharpen focus and thinking skills, improve problem solving and creativity, and improve energy and motivation.

With regular use, you can experience the benefits of deep meditation in a fraction of the time it would take you if you were practicing on your own. Experienced meditators practice for many years before being able to reach the deep, slow wave frequencies that binaural beats naturally induce.

This Brain Evolution System graphic illustrates the change in brain waves after using the audio for only 15 minutes. Notice how much calmer and relaxed the waves are in such a short time. 

brain entrainment

How Does Brain Entrainment Work?

Brainwave entrainment programs work because the electric cycles of the brain match up, or entrain with consistent repeating audible beats or visible flashes of light much the same way pendulums synchronize in a clock shop.

This technology works in one of three ways.

Isochronic, or rhythmic entrainment, uses a single manually spaced tone that turns on and off rapidly in a specific pattern. This newer form of brain entrainment does not require headphones and has stronger impact on the brain than binaural beats.

Binaural beats cause your brain waves to cycle at a desired frequency by playing a different sound frequency into each ear through a set of stereo headphones. You normally don't hear these beats, just the music or white noise that overlays them.

The concept behind binaural beats is rather brilliant. Yes, your brain will synchronize to a regular beat, whether audible or visual, if you perceive it. The problem is, sounds below 20 Hz are inaudible to most people. To get to alpha, you need to be 14Hz or lower. Theta tops out at 8 Hz, far below human hearing range.

binaural beats

This technology gets around that difficulty.

As this Brain Ev graphic illustrates, a frequency of 400 Hz may be played into the left ear while the right side receives 410 Hz.

Your brain processes both sound frequencies, but only the difference of 10 Hz is heard.

Even though your brain perceives this 10 Hz sound, it is not an actual sound at all. It is an electrical signal created as your brain processes each tone from the left and right ear separately.

Your brainwaves synchronize, or entrain, to the phantom 10 Hz alpha frequency as the signal is continuously processed over time. 

As both sides of the brain work in unison, the high functioning brain state of hemispheric synchronization or whole brain sync can occur. 

By varying the difference between the two frequencies being channeled through the headphones, the program can induce your brainwaves to slow to alpha, theta and possibly into delta waves. 

Some programs, such as the Insight program include a progression through these three brainwave frequencies on one CD. Other programs like Holosync and the Brain Evolution System include several CD's that you progress through over a specified period of time. Eventually, you can induce a desired brain frequency at will, much like experienced meditators do.

Monaural beats work in much the same way except they use a single speaker to bring two frequencies together to create an audible pulse.

The Brain Evolution System

 brain evolution system

Brain EV is a six level brainwave meditation program that can help you enjoy less stress,better mood and more focus in 30 minutes a day.

The Brain Evolution System uses a unique combination of rhythmic isochronic tones, binaural beats and temporal brainwave entrainment that stretches and compresses sound to facilitate the ebb and flow of brainwave rates.

This brain entrainment process matches the dynamic shifting quality of natural processing just like regular brainwaves do. It helps the brain accurately follow the intended frequencies of the entrainment program for optimum results.

Learn more about the Brain Evolution System, and download your free fifteen minute audio sample here.

Not ready or interested in a long-term program? Give Brain Salon a try. This collection of six-30 minute brainwave entrainment recordings is designed to help you relax, sleep, and enjoy more energy, creativity and focus right away. No headphones required. 

Note: Consult a physician before using brain entrainment technology if you are pregnant, are wearing a pacemaker, are prone to seizures or photosensitivity, and if you are under the influence of medication or drugs.

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