Three Chakra Balancing Meditations

By Val Silver

Chakra balancing meditation and healing with chakras has has its roots in age-old energy healing wisdom.

The idea is that you want to make sure they are fully open and spinning properly so the right amount of energy is flowing in and out of them. Because these energy vortexes affect your organs, body systems, and mental states, it benefits you to keep them functioning optimally. 

During a chakra balancing meditation, you visualize or sense your energy centers in order to clear and balance chakras for mind body healing and wellness. 

Usually, you focus on bringing in specific colors or sounds to each area. You may also visualize spinning or cleaning each vortex.  This can be done just with your mind, or add to the visualization by using your hands and your breath.

It sounds complicated, but once you become familiar with the seven chakra and their colors and tones, doing a basic chakra clearing and balance is quick and easy. There are many lovely guided chakra meditations available, such as the lovely one you can experience on this page. You will also find directions for a heart chakra and a chakra color meditation you can do on your own.

7 chakra

Chakra Meditation Techniques

Use chakra balancing meditations to help you visualize or sense your energy centers in order to balance and heal them.

  •  Until you are comfortable with the process of bring down colors and sounds, it is easier to follow a given sequence or use a guided chakra meditation. Eventually, you can modify and enhance it to suit your needs. For example, when you bring the color in, you might visualize or sense your energy centers as spinning wheels or fans.
  • Do a chakra cleaning if you sense that an energy center is not spinning properly or needs cleaning.  Visualize 'a little you' scrubbing the spokes or blades with a brush and/or spinning it faster if it is a bit slow. Some people like to visualize them as little fans with spinning blades. Always spin the energy clockwise as seen when facing the body.
  • Alternately, move your hand in a clockwise direction a few inches above your body. That means if you start at the top of the clock, you move your hand to the left first. If you are meditating to heal a specific organ or gland, visualize the chakra energy healing that part.
  • Practice each chakra balancing meditation slowly and with intention to get a feel for the energy as you learn. Begin with the video before doing the written meditations.  After a few times, you can complete the entire sequence very quickly. 

Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation 

This relaxing chakra balancing meditation titled "Chakra Meditation Balancing and Healing" shows you the placement of your seven energy centers along with corresponding colors, musical notes, chants and affirmations. Feel free to chant along once you learn them.

Chakra Color Meditation

Step 1 - Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine that your feet are grounded to the earth.

Step 2 - Now visualize or sense a large ball of bright white light above your head. All of the colored light you are going to bring down comes from this light ball.

Step 3 - Visualize or sense red as the primary color of the light ball. Take a slow full breath and bring this red light through the top of your head all the way down your spine to the base between your legs. Let the entire area fill with red. Don't worry if you fill it too much. Adjust your image or discharge the excess through your legs into the earth.

Step 4 - Repeat step three for each of the 7 chakra centers, changing the ball to the color of the next chakra. If you need to discharge excess energy from the upper chakras, release it into the universe.

  • Chakra two is an inch or two below the navel- orange.
  • Chakra three is the abdominal area above the navel- yellow.
  • Fill the heart center with the green of emeralds or spring grass.
  • Bring the color of sky blue into the throat center.
  • Midnight blue or indigo fills the area of the third eye or brow center just above the eybrows.
  • The crown chakra at the top of the head receives violet light.
  • Let this violet light overflow and fill your aura. Or imagine golden light coming down to fill the aura or a swirling of all these colors. Experiment and do what feels best for you.

Step Five - Breathe slowly for a few seconds before opening your eyes.

When you are comfortable with this chakra balancing meditation, you can speed it up by visualizing the ball of light above your head and then imagining each colored light coming down and and filling their areas quickly in turn.

Heart Chakra Meditation

heart chakra meditation

Here is a lovely and simple heart chakra balancing meditation. This is a very soothing and calming practice.

The heart center unifies all the other centers and is the transition chakra from the material or physical world to the spiritual. It has the strongest biomagnetic energy of all. 

Step 1 - Place your hands gently on the center your chest, one on top of the other, near your heart.

Step 2 - Close your eyes and take one or two breaths with your hands still.

Step 3 - Then begin circling very slowly in a clockwise direction. If you start at the top of the clock you will move to the left side of yourself first.

Keep your attention inward, focusing on your breath and your hands as they gently move the skin in this area. Do not try to control your breath. Pace your rotations so each one takes around two breaths. You may feel this area heating up. This can be deeply meditative and soothing. Continue for at least a few rotations.

Step 4 - It is also nice to end by stilling your hands and bringing in love to yourself from the universe on the in-breath and breathing out negativity on the out-breath.

Likewise, you can send love out to the universe on the out-breath. There is no right or wrong here, just what works best for you at the moment.

Chakra clearing and balance meditations are lovely to do outdoors in combination with earth energy healing. Sun energy contains the full spectrum of colors so you can balance chakras by bringing colored light energy down from the sun.

Just like many forms of energy healing, meditation is good for your health. Routinely practice chakra balancing meditation to keep your system in good shape. Give extra support to your weaker centers or those you would like to strengthen.  Keeping your energy centers clear and in balance will help you enjoy a greater overall sense of well-being and health.

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