Conscious Mind Power

By Val Silver

Thanks to conscious mind power, you have the ability to think, learn, compare, analyze and make plans. The conscious mind is the thinking mind. It identifies incoming information from the environment through your senses. Consciousness make it possible for you to dream and imagine a better life.  It helps you decide what you want, how you are going to do it, and when. It is with conscious will power that you begin to make it happen.

You use your aware thinking mind, to:

  • compare and contrast
  • set expectations
  • analyze and predict consequences
  • pay attention to sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and feelings coming from the outside world, and from inside your physical body
  • analyze situations and incoming information.  
  • make decisions based on the information you perceive and your analysis of it.

What is the Conscious Mind?

The conscious mind is the part of the brain that is aware of the outside world what is going on inside you. It is the sentient, subjective part of the mind that can experience and have a sense of self. 

The prefrontal cortex directly behind your forehead is associated with consciousness. It is responsible for executive functions including decision making, planning your thoughts and actions, adjusting social behavior, and expressing your personality. 

A common misperception is that the conscious mind is the primary controller of thoughts, beliefs, and actions, while the subconscious busies itself with automatic functions like breathing and digesting food.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Although conscious mind powers are vitally important to our survival and well-being, it is the unconscious parts of the brain that run the show most of the time. The conscious mind is only in charge of what you do and why five percent of the time or less. 

Brain wave frequencies normally associated with waking consciousness and its functions are beta waves (38-15 Hz) and gamma waves (40-100 Hz).  Gamma waves are important for learning and processing information. Beta waves help us think consciously and logically and focus on our tasks. 

Slower alpha waves bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious. 

Children younger than five years old have even fewer brain waves associated with consciousness than adults. 

Children function mostly from the much slower subconscious theta and delta brainwaves associated with trance, hypnosis and sleep. That is why they are so easy to influence and are often so reactive and unreasonable. 

Limits of the Conscious Mind

The conscious mind cannot subdue your powerful unconscious programming for long. It takes a lot of brainpower energy to override habits and programming. That is why change goes great for a few weeks. Then you start slipping back into old habits.

As soon as you let up on conscious control, your much more powerful subconscious takes over again. You may have lapses in will power after a few weeks of effort. Or feeling stressed may claim your reserves. There is only so much will power available at a given time.  This is one reason why you grab for the chips and abandon your new diet when something else requiring will power comes along. 

Lapsing into old patterns is not your fault. Your brain is simply carrying out what it knows. This programming is much like the software on a computer. And just like that software, you can change it by using the power of your conscious mind. Deciding on the changes, initiating them, and using willpower to make them happen until they becomes automatic is the role of the conscious mind.

Manifesting with Conscious Mind Power

conscious mind power

Do you want to create vibrant health, a trim body, financial abundance, or the ideal mate? Then you are using conscious mind power. This is the level of mind used for wishing and imagining what you want. You use it to study and learn and decide on the most useful course of action to achieve your goal. It takes consciousness to decide on next steps, to course correct, and to get back on track when you go back to old subconscious habits.

Conscious mind power keeps you motivated and focused on what you want, not on the negatives you do not want. This is especially important during the first few days and weeks of developing new thoughts and behaviors.

For example, if your goal is to get to your ideal weight, you used the conscious mind to set that goal and imagine what it will be like to achieve it. You use it to decide which diet to go on, and when and how you will exercise. Then you use your will power to change your eating habits and go to the gym. Perhaps you plug into a guided meditation or hypnosis program.

Every day you have to override your subconscious habits to follow this new routine until you make it a habit.

The best way to shift your beliefs and make lasting changes in your thoughts and behavior is to get your conscious mind and subconscious mind work together. Together they will help you achieve your realistic goals and dreams.

It is a good idea to put conscious mind power to work reprogram your subconscious mind while you are enthused and motivated to make changes. Then, you will not have to rely on conscious efforts as much. Your subconscious will take over and run your new thoughts and habits.

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