Healthy Detox Your Life Tips for Body, Mind and Home

By Val Silver

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Feeling overwhelmed, cluttered and not your best self? These healthy detox your life tips will help you have a fresh start. Clearing toxins and clutter from mind, body and home is more important than ever in today's stressful, chemical world. 

For optimum holistic health, it is important to routinely cleanse your life of trash and toxins from your inner and outer environments. When junk is kept to a minimum, your entire being is free to function better. You will have more vitality for pursuing what is important to you.

How to Detoxify Your Life

For long term positive effects, use a three-pronged approach to detox your life, inside and out. Remove and limit toxins, junk and clutter coming into your mind, home and body.

  • Support for your natural detoxification systems. 
  • Bring nurturing, healing thoughts, sounds and substances into your inner and outer environments.

As surely as toxins affect your body, negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviors poison your mental health by creating unhappiness and stress.  

Realize that as a whole being, a toxic body affects your mental states just as surely as a distressed mind compromises your physical health. That is why detoxing your life needs to be a routine part of living a healthy lifestyle.

Detoxify your home and environment

Did you know that your home can be several times more polluted than the air outside. Much of that pollution comes from out-gassing carpets, furniture and building materials.

Environmental poisons also come from pesticides, herbicides, mold, and chemicals. You bring them into your home on non-organic fabric, chemical cleaning products and personal products, on your shoes and on your food.

All these poisons adversely affect your cells and make you susceptible to disease.  They can be inhaled and absorbed through your skin.

Cleansing your home of toxins and clutter is good for mental and physical health. It is impossible to avoid the thousands of chemical toxins in our modern world, but you can limit exposure in your home and personal environment.

We all need to do our part to minimize an already bad problem if we want to get healthy and stay healthy. Our very survival depends on it. 

The following video on "Spring Cleansing for a Healthy Home" was delivered as a live training in my Midlifers on a Mission Facebook Community.  In this training, I share three tips for sprucing up your home so it shares the bright, fresh energy of spring inside and out.

Tips for healthy home cleansing:

Make a commitment to practice eco-friendly living habits that fit in with your lifestyle. Even small changes add up to a big difference. The great thing about cleansing personal environment is that you can accomplish a great deal by making swaps instead of just having to develop new habits. For example:

  • Purchase non-toxic household cleaners instead of your old toxic varieties.
  • Replace cookware coated with chemicals with safe cookware.
  • Refuse to poison your yard (and ultimately your air and water supply) to kill a few weeds. Keep pets and children off yards with chemicals.
  • Air out your home often, especially when renovating or bringing in new furniture, which takes years to out gas. Indoor pollution in airtight homes is much worse than outdoors.
  • Detox your life of anything in your personal space that harms your body and mind. This includes foods, chemicals, TV shows, music, and substances. Replace them with nurturing and supportive images and substances.
  • De-clutter your home and personal spaces. Donate or sell what is still useful. Clutter creates an undercurrent of stress.
  • Bring at least a few things you love and enjoy looking at in your space. This may include pillows in your favorite colors or pictures of loved ones.
  • Make spring and fall cleaning and de-cluttering a personal or family ritual.

Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for doing a healthy home detox.  

healthy home detox, spring cleaning list

Natural Body Detox

Do you have to jump on the body cleanse bandwagon? In a word, no. Does your body need to detoxify? Yes. Does it need your help? Yes and no. It needs you to provide the material it needs to get the job done, and to keep its job manageable. Then the body can handle cleansing on its own.

What you put in your body accidentally and on purpose makes detoxification a necessity. It has to detox from bad foods, alcohol, drugs, heavy metals, chemicals, medications, and metabolic wastes. 

There are several ways to detoxify your body and different reasons for doing so. 

  • The body has natural body detoxification channels that store or eliminate toxins. You naturally and continuously detoxify your body through your lungs, skin, liver and organs of elimination. One of the very best ways to support your physical health is to reduce incoming toxins and provide nutritional support so these systems can do their jobs. It is easier to keep toxins out of your body than to get them out.
  • Avoid putting chemical products on your body. Keep them out of your personal space.  
  • An added bonus of limiting chemicals might be weight loss. New research shows that xenoestrogens, found in soft plastics and many other products are obesogens that cause weight gain while making it more difficult to lose weight. This is because your body safely stores them in your fat cells.
  • Eat healthy organic food, limit unnecessary drug use, and quit smoking to limit chemicals you ingest. Also limit GMO foods, unhealthy fats and animal products.
  • Healthy colon cleanses and herbal cleanses for specific organ systems may help you detoxify your body by supporting and stimulating organs of elimination.

Emotional and Mental Detox

mental detox

When you detoxify your life, make cleansing your mind an important and ongoing part of the process. 

How can you tell if you need mental cleansing? Observe your overall thoughts, actions, financial management and relationships. Are they conducive to living and enjoying a healthy, happy life?  

A toxic mind may be cluttered with negativity, angry thoughts that spill out as angry words, annoyances, guilt and stress. It might lead you to overspend on stuff you don't need and can't afford, cause low self-worth, or lead you to health-harming behaviors. It may churn and instigate conflict with others.

Mental and emotional toxicity build up as you react and make choices about what happens in your relationships, your job and your lifestyle. Your health, eating habits, lifestyle choices, and finances all affect you emotionally and mentally.

So do your negative self talk habits.

Detox your life with these emotional and mental detoxing tips:

  • Take control of your mental and emotional health. Take full responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, responses and reactions. This is the first step in shifting them.
  • Bring in more of what uplifts you in your life. Listen to uplifting music, surround yourself with positive people, make time for what makes you happy, look for the silver lining in the clouds.
  • Zap tolerations - those clutter piles, dirty windows, unspoken needs, unsatisfying relationships and everything else you put up. Tolerations drain your energy, steal your joy, and keep you stressed. Challenge yourself to zap a few changeable annoyances and see how good you feel. 

The short wellness assessment can help you detox your life and zap health tolerations by highlighting which areas of mind, body, spirit health need the most attention and how to address those concerns. Get the quiz and more as free "Thank You!" gifts when you join Val's email community. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Spiritual Detox

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There is an overlap between mental and spiritual detox. What you choose to call it or which category you put grudge holding, resentment, guilt, shame, and other emotions in is not important. What does matter is that you release emotions that create a toxic environment in your mind and spirit. 

An example of spiritual toxicity is trying to force yourself to believe and live according to religious teachings that don't align with your true beliefs. Likewise, when your ego beliefs are not aligned with spiritual truth, that is unhealthy. These beliefs and their resulting behaviors are epidemic and easy to spot. They result in causing harm to yourself and other human and non-human beings. 

I believe it is on the level of spiritual cleansing and nurturing that the statement, "Heal yourself and you heal the world" is made manifest. 

Spiritual ways to detoxify your life:

  • Tend to your spiritual health and well-being. Learn and discern spiritual truth and aim to live by it. This may or may not have anything to do with religion. That is up to you.
  •  Forgiveness is a most important way to detox your life. It heals and frees your spirit and your whole being. Tune in the next time you feel resentment or bitterness. Notice how it poisons your mind, body and spirit. Let the past go.
  • Practice the  ho'oponopono prayer when you find yourself in judgment and lack of acceptance of self, others and circumstances. 
  • Cultivate inner peace with the help of the personal peace process. Then you are much less reactive and affected by toxic situations. 
  • Release what keeps your spirit small, limited, separate, and in pain. Humans survive and thrive best when they live in connection with each other and the natural world. Release what hinders those connections and foster the emotions, thoughts, and actions that make meaningful relationships stronger.

Habits that detoxify your life in mind, body, spirit and home are part of a holistic health plan that  takes commitment, knowledge and discipline. It is not about perfection, but moving in a more positive direction.

Begin by asking yourself, "What is my greatest source of toxicity?" Do an inventory of your inner and outer spaces.  What would you like to upgrade first?

In addition, it may be helpful to dedicate certain times of the year, such as spring to evaluate where and how you need to detox your life and take steps to make it happen.

Keep in mind that the best way to detox your life and promote holistic health and healing is to avoid inner and outer toxins whenever possible.

The next best way to detoxify your life is to fill your mind, body, spirit and home with what nurtures you. When you fill up with the good, it pushes out the bad and takes its place.

Support healthy detoxing by filling your body with nutritious, clean food. Fill your mind and spirit with a steady diet of positive, nurturing thoughts. Keep your home and environment clean, healthy, orderly, and pleasing to your senses. 

When you cleanse your life of what does not serve the highest good of you and others, and you bring in what nurtures and heals, the payoff is a healthier, happier life for yourself and all whose lives you touch.

Detox Your Life page updated 12/2020

For Educational Purposes Only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult with your health provider before using natural remedies and/or complementary therapies if you are pregnant, nursing, or you are being treated for a medical condition. Be aware that certain herbs and supplements interact with medications.

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