Earth Energy Healing 

"Mother, hold this one."

These earth energy healing words were taught me in an advanced therapeutic touch intensive. As someone who feels at peace when connected to the earth, this prayer resonated with me. I whisper this request to Mother Earth when centering myself or as part of offering healing to someone else. 

Earth energy healing is threefold. One type is energy we draw from the earth for ourselves or to help others. We also naturally connect or ground to the earth through our electrical system. In return for what the earth does for us, we can also offer healing energy to her from the cosmos. 

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Healing ourselves with earth energy

Grounding helps us tap into the earth for healing. There are two types-the intent to connect to earth energy through the feet for healing ourselves and others and earthing to connect to the earth's electrical system.

Earth Energy Grounding Exercise

Try this earth energy healing technique if you are feeling stressed, spaced out, anxious or have a headache. It is good for times when you are too much in your head or have built up too much energy. Once you are familiar with the process, it only takes a few seconds to feel a shift.

  1. Stand (or sit if you can't stand) naturally with feet on moist earth. Take a moment to notice how you feel. Do you feel like your head is heavier than the lower half of your body?  Test this by asking "Could someone easily push or pull me over? Would it be easy to move me from this spot?  If the answer to either question is yes, this is a good exercise for you. If not, try it anyway. What happens may surprise you.
  2. Now close your eyes and bring your attention to your feet. Imagine big strong roots growing down from your feet. Extend these roots deep into the earth, even to its core.
  3. Imagine your energy extending down these roots. Feel the energy cord between you and the earth. Focus on the roots anchoring you to the core. This step is part of the body mind centering prayer. Once you are familiar with the process, it is the only step you need to do.
  4. Notice: How do you feel now? Would it be as easy to push or pull you over? Do you feel centered, connected and grounded?

Mindfulness-based stress reduction exercises also help you ground.

Earth Energy Healing Exercise

This earth energy healing exercise shows you how to draw up energy from the earth.

  1. Start with the exercise above. 
  2. Visualize drawing up energy from your grounded feet into your heart center. You don't have to see it. Sense it, feel it, imagine it, intend it. Whatever works for you. Don't try to force the energy, that just restricts it. 
  3. Raise your hands, palms up. Visualize cosmic energy coming into your crown chakra and hand chakras (chakras are energy centers).  Bring it into your heart area. 
  4. Let the earth and cosmic energies mingle at the heart center. If you wish, you may ask the energy to flow to areas of need. Again, don't force. The intelligent energy will go where most needed.

Another way to do this is to lean against a tree (or put your hands on it) and receive healing energy from the tree. Ask the tree to share some of the energy  it draws from the earth, as well as the energy it draws from the sun to help you heal.

Tip: Whether you are drawing energy directly from the earth, or from its crystals, plants or trees, have an attitude of receiving, not taking. Try this little experiment. Say, I take. Sense how that feels in your mind and body. Then say, I receive, and sense that. Very different, yes? 


Just like the electrical system of your house, you ground your electrical system to the earth through your bare skin. When you stand with your feet on the earth or touch a living tree with your hands, you ground automatically. This is called earthing or grounding.

In the days before rubber-soled shoes and earthen floors, we were always connected to the earth through our bare feet or leather soled sandals. Earth energy healing was a natural, part of our lives. This kept the flow of healthy negative ions coming in and any build up of positive ions and its accompanying toxins flowing out.

For health, grounding needs to be part of your daily life. Stay grounded as much as possible, especially when ill. The only possible caution I am aware of is that if you are on blood thinners your blood may thin more.  For the rest of us this is a good thing.

Do yourself a favor and let the healing earth take built-up static electricity and toxic gasses from your body. If bare ground or wet grass is unavailable, put your hands on a tree. Touch it with your bare skin, even with just one finger. You can also touch a metal pole secured in the earth or stand on unsealed concrete. If you can get into an ocean, even better. The wet sand combined with the minerals in the water and a rich quantity of negative ions are just what the body needs. Waterfalls and other moving bodies of water are also good.

For earthing indoors, specially designed grounding mats and bed sheets are available. 

Use an earthing mat if you are touching plugged in electronics for long periods of time. Electronics pass a lot of voltage and positive ions into your body. When you are grounded, it will pass right through you into the earth.

Offer healing to Mother Earth

earth energy healing

Mother Earth feeds and shelters us, yet we abuse and neglect her terribly in return. Offer her healing energy, gratitude and love as a way of showing your appreciation. This is the other meaning of earth energy healing. You receive and you offer. 

  1. Begin with the body mind centering prayer or other grounding technique.
  2. Take a moment to feel sincere, heart-felt gratitude for the healing earth.  
  3. Receive energy from the cosmos. Let it gather in your heart, then offer it to the earth through your hands with thanks and love.  If you cannot bend or if you connected with a tree, offer the energy to the tree. It will share with the earth through its grounded roots. 

You cannot do earth energy healing wrong. Your intention is more important than your technique.

Have no worries that you will lose energy as you give to the earth. As long as you share this gift from a place of love, you always receive more than you give, even as you are giving it.

Here is my request of Mother Earth for your healing. Let the words sink in.

"Mother, hold this one."

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By Val Silver

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