EFT Tapping for Emotional Freedom

By Val Silver

The emotional freedom technique, or EFT tapping, is an immensely popular tool for healing damaged emotions, easing pain, shifting limiting beliefs, improving performance, relieving stress and more. 

It is a flexible healing tool that can be tried for just about everything.

EFT is one of my very favorite energy flow techniques. It is flexible, can be tried for just about everything, and quite frankly, it works!

I am often amazed at how free it can make you feel, often in only one session. It's a relief to feel freed of emotional garbage.  I know from my own experience that using eft tapping consistently for myself has helped me release the stress and energetic disruption around situations that trouble me for years.  As my energetic patterns were brought into balance and harmony, feelings of deep inner peace replaced my negative feelings and stress.

It's a total joy for me to also help others move from tears to laughter as they experience a balancing of their energy fields. I love to hear them say,

"I can't believe I'm laughing about this!"

How Does EFT Work? 

The Emotional Freedom Technique was created by Gary Craig as a way to simplify the very effective, but complicated Thought Field Therapy and make it accessible to all. 

This meridian tapping technique is based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), and Nuero-Linguistic Programming.  The combination of tapping on specific points along with verbal statements gently realign the body's energy system and flow without needles. 

The theory behind EFT tapping is that negative emotional experiences lodge in the body and disrupt the flow of energy through the meridians. This creates disharmony and imbalances in the body. The statements keep your mind focused on the incident and its difficult memories while the tapping releases the associated blocked energy. 

When properly applied, the emotional freedom technique affects the energy imbalance by addressing emotions behind physical conditions and negative feelings. It disconnects the tension and discomfort that we attached to the memories, rerealigns the disrupted meridians, and quite often brings relief.

Think of this troublesome emotion like a rock in a stream. The water, or energy still flows, but its natural course is altered or slowed. Because your energy flow is physically changed, symptoms such as nausea or anxiety may appear.

This disruption affects you mentally as well. Emotion attached to the memory of traumatic experiences affects the way you see and experience the world.  When released, you feel a sense of relief. Your body is freed to regain balance and heal itself. 

It is also believed that by tapping when in emotional distress you send a message to your mind and body that you are safe. After all, you would not naturally tap on yourself and make statements when in danger (real or perceived). 

EFT Tapping Points and Sequence

This illustration shows the shortcut EFT tapping points on the face and upper body.

Other points on the sides of the fingernails, inside of the wrists and ankles, and under the breasts may also be used.

The set up statements are said while tapping the karate chop points on the outside of the hand under the little finger or by rubbing the sore spots on the upper chest.

Don't worry that you are tapping in a negative statement. You are simply acknowledging your current reality. Your subconscious mind knows this. With tapping, you release the emotional charge around that event so that it is no longer your emotional reality.

emotional freedom technique

The following short video demonstrates my interpretation of the original EFT basic recipe as taught by Gary Craig.  If you tap along, you must agree to take full responsibility for yourself. You may just follow along to get a feel for the process or you may choose a minor or moderately disturbing memory. Do not choose a severe trauma, which may require professional assistance and more help than this demo provides. 

Note: Some emotional issues require persistence before noticing a change. It also helps to use a more spontaneous individualized flow of words once you get comfortable with the basics.  

Can You Do EFT Tapping for Yourself?

The beauty of the EFT technique is that you can use it on yourself and get really good results, even if you are just learning.  Make a long list of troubling memories from childhood through adulthood. If you think of it, write it down, no matter how trivial. Then take each memory at a time and tap on it. Gary calls this the Personal Peace Procedure. Recurring dreams provide fodder for EFT tapping as do particular songs that bring you down. Tap along as you sing or listen.

If you get stuck on a memory and can't bring it down to zero after several attempts, there are probably aspects you aren't addressing. It is difficult to see our own blind spots. This is when working with a practitioner can be helpful. I've been amazed how even when tapping along with a video I release around statements I would have never thought of. 

Even experienced EFT practitioners sometimes need a 'tune-up' or a helping hand. Getting help is not a sign of weakness or being flawed. It's a sign that you are empowered and are taking responsibility for your healing. 

Our affiliates at the Tapping Solution offer you three free resources. Learn how relieve stress, identify your disempowering beliefs and how to shift them to more positive beliefs using the emotional freedom technique. Choose one or all.

Research Support for the Emotional Freedom Technique

Thanks to research studies conducted with PTSD in war veterans, Emotional Freedom Techniques has been making its way into the mainstream. It is even gaining acceptance from the conventional medical community.

Research into EFT tapping has been extending into other other areas as well. It shown positive results for anxiety, improving athletic performance, depression, phobias, pain, addiction and weight loss.

A study conducted at Bond University in Australia demonstrated that tapping reduced addiction and food craving by rewiring neural pathways in the brain over a four week period. A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner was used to confirm that brain centers associated with cravings were no longer activated. 

See the full list of studies and their results here.

Advances in EFT

As EFT tapping evolves, experienced practitioners develop new ways to put their own spin on the process.

  • Some practitioners have developed elaborate scripts for specific issues. Although EFT tapping is meant to be individualized, scripts can be useful when working by yourself.
  • The popular Choices Method developed by Dr. Carrington was one of the first additions to basic EFT. After significantly reducing the energetic charge around an negative emotion, positive and negative statements are alternated followed by a round of [positive statements. For example, "Even though I am afraid of heights, I choose to feel comfortable on the 3rd floor of the building."
  • The tapping process has been simplified even more by a few practitioners. Fewer tapping points work as does holding the points or visualizing them. 
  • Other methods of EFT tapping, like Matrix Reimprinting are more complicated. A part of this technique is imaging your adult self or another resource person going into the memory and tapping on your younger self before the trauma occurs. Others incorporate inner child work. 

Holistic energy healing methods combine well with EFT, as do other techniques for releasing emotions.

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