Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

by Val

Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality by Donna Eden has become a classic book for those wanting to use energy healing techniques and exercises for themselves and their loved ones.

This book contains a variety of energy exercises for everyday well-being and specific concerns.

There are plenty of illustrations to demonstrate the techniques, although some are more complicated. For these, you may benefit from watching a video or Donna's DVD.

The book starts by explaining how to talk to your energy body. There is a simple five-minute daily routine you can practice in the morning to unscramble your energies and help it function optimally.

Donna also includes information and techniques for managing pain, supporting yourself in times of illness, changing habits, easing stress and so much more. There is even an exercise for turning a baby in utero!

What makes this book unique is that you can do most of these energy practices for yourself and you are influencing your health and well-being directly through your energy system. As Donna points out, in energy medicine, energy is the medicine used to heal and treat dis-ease. Troubled energy systems are the patient.

You may recognize some of the practices in this book if you are familiar with meridian and energy therapies. Many of the techniques in the original book are based on Touch for Health and Brain Gym.

If you're interested in keeping your energy system running smoothly you'd benefit from this book. Donna gives specific routines for starting and ending the day, as well as what you can do if you have pain and other concerns.

Some of the exercises are so easy you can do them anytime. Others are a bit complicated and do require a helper, but most you can do easily yourself.

When I start feeling a bit under the weather I do a few thymus thumps by making a loose fist and tapping on my sternum a few times. If I'm feeling a bit scrambled or ill at ease, I rub or tap the K-27 points (in the hollows right under your collarbone on both sides of the 'u'of your throat).

If you want to incorporate energy medicine into your life, this book is a must.

Donna must be on the right track because she is one of the most exuberant teachers I've ever seen! Try a sampling of her techniques shared in this video.

See the meridian therapy page for more ways to promote the health of your mind and body through your meridian system.

Which exercise is your favorite?

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